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  1. SteveC_07

    Need help with identification

    Sirijay, I also think this if a female Sharptailed Grouse. The only other real possibility would be a female Greater Prairie-Chicken, but I'm pretty sure it's a Grouse.
  2. SteveC_07

    Prairie Falcon? - South Dakota, US

    Veagle, Here is a Prairie Falcon I saw this past weekend. (Also a lifer for me). Other than the fact mine has a darker mustache, it might as well be the same bird. I had a great size reference in that an RT Hawk was sitting in the same tree.
  3. SteveC_07

    ID: Katmai NP Alaska

    I've also found that when there are lots of bears around I tend to pay much less attention to the birds.
  4. SteveC_07

    Which Falcon is this?

    Yes. I was pretty sure it was a PF. I know it was too big for Merlin, but was afraid it may have been an immature Peregrine. Somehow I've seen probably 40+ Peregrines in my life, but never a Prairie Falcon. Does anyone know which is more common?
  5. SteveC_07

    Hummers in Guayabamba, Ecuador

    I don't know what these are and they are not showing up in my North American field guides. I just wanted to say that these are very spectacular photos. And, do you know what kind of flower that is in the first photo?
  6. SteveC_07

    Which Falcon is this?

    I think I know what it is, but it would be a lifer for me so I would like your input.
  7. SteveC_07

    What is the oddball in this flock?

    Is that total or just the Aransas group?
  8. SteveC_07

    What is the oddball in this flock?

    These birds are part of what's known as the Aransas flock because they winter at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. This is the only wild, self-sustaining population of Whoopers left. This group had a disastrous year last year - 20 of the birds starved to death because of the severe...
  9. SteveC_07

    What is the oddball in this flock?

    Birdingcraft, I think you'd better get up to Aransas NWR, I don't think the birds will be flying all the way to you.
  10. SteveC_07

    What is the oddball in this flock?

    I was told there were 5 more Whoopers in a marsh north of these that were mixed in with thousands of Sandhill Cranes. I drove up for a look but couldn't find them. I didn't try too hard though, I figured I was getting greedy. Here's an enlarged and cropped picture.
  11. SteveC_07

    What is the oddball in this flock?

    Yes, as excited as I was about the American White Pelican, the thirteen Whooping Cranes kind of made my year.
  12. SteveC_07

    What is the oddball in this flock?

    Actually I don't need any ID help, I just wanted to rub it in. I just got back from Cheyenne Bottoms.
  13. SteveC_07

    woodpeckers tumbler ridge BC Canada

    What about female/juv Williamson's? I looked up Tumbler Ridge and it would be close to normal range. There's a female Williamson's in Kansas right now, so maybe I just have them on the brain.
  14. SteveC_07

    Shrike, NW Pakistan

    According to a birder in China, the Long-Tailed Shrike occurs there, so probably in Pakistan also. Here's a picture. Looks like a pretty good match.
  15. SteveC_07

    What do I have here?

    This is one of two of my feeder birds I believe are male Cassiar's. The other one had no trace of brown on its back whereas this one has a little bit.
  16. SteveC_07

    What do I have here?

    James, I actually read that whole surfbird discussion. It was mind-numbing! I was able to see two birds side by side today in good light. They are virtually identical except one has very noticeable black lores and the other doesn't. The bird I'm really hoping to get a picture of is (I've been...
  17. SteveC_07

    Attracting more birds.

    My birds seem to come and go with no explanation. For the last month I've had only House Sparrows, House Finches, and doves for the most part. But just this week I've had Blue Jays, a Mockingbird, a Downy Woodpecker, White-crowned Sparrows, Chipping Sparrows, Pink-sided Juncos, and Cardinals...
  18. SteveC_07

    dont they ever misjudge?

    This eagle got quite a bit of publicity a few years ago. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/low/americas/1505740.stm
  19. SteveC_07

    What do I have here?

    Phil, Thanks (I think) for that link. Have you read that whole discussion? I'm more confused than ever. David Sibley http://www.sibleyguides.com/sibleyguide.htm even weighed in, but seemingly very little is resolved. Although, this did help explain another Junco I've seen but haven't been able...
  20. SteveC_07

    What do I have here?

    Two or three of these showed up at my feeders yesterday in south central Kansas.
  21. SteveC_07

    David v Goliath

  22. SteveC_07

    Can you identify this bird?

    I can't tell you how amazed I am by this. I looked at your quail and it seems to be very, very similar to our Northern Bobwhite. Now I'm not calling our birds lazy, but you couldn't force one of them to fly across the Channel at gun point. I have a lot of quail on my property, so I'm always...
  23. SteveC_07

    Infrequent garden visitors

    I noticed another very interesting thing a few days ago - All year, until about a month ago, I had lots of Am Goldfinches at my feeders, then they completely disappeared. Two days ago I was birding in an abandoned, overgrown pasture just 200 yards west of my house and there were Goldfinches...
  24. SteveC_07

    Spring Hill, TN (USA) - Need ID for 3 Birds

    Her "hair" is all messed up!
  25. SteveC_07

    Arizona Woodpecker USA

    I'm mad at you too, and I'm not even local!