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  1. MJB

    Pin-tailed Snipe ?

    Has the OP changed the text as a result of your comment, John? "Ankara 10/2020" I interpret as Turkey in October of that year... MJB
  2. MJB


    Howell & Zufelt 2019 treat Brown Booby as a 3-species superspecies, Brewster's Brown S.[l.] brewsteri with ssp etesiaca, Atlantic Brown S.[l.] leucogaster, and the widespread Indo-Pacific Brown S.[l.] plotus. How much traction plotus has with other taxonomic sources...? At ssp level, I presume...
  3. MJB


    Thank you Melanie! MJB
  4. MJB


    Peter, I don't have access to this paper. Can you tell me if the proposed Sula brewsteri includes ssp etesiaca? MJB
  5. MJB

    Poll - Do you agree or disagree with the AOS's recent decision to abandon the use of eponymous bird names?

    "...peer pressure against being weird..." I take your point, John, but the irony is that successful such peer pressure so often turns that group into being considered weird by everyone else...! MJB
  6. MJB

    Tayforth Birding

    I have to suggest that Spotted Flycatcher in early February is very early for this late migrant, given it usually arrives no earlier than May... Mind you, that would be a nice record if you can get images...! MJB
  7. MJB

    Chinese population of Dusky Eagle Owl - Ketupa coromanda

    It's still marked on the IUCN/BLI maps as resident in that area centred on Nanchang. I suggest you contact BLI Datazone to ask about the age of that data. MJB
  8. MJB

    Birds fae Torry

    I would think that Magpies that breed in Scandinavia would likely gather in groups on their wintering grounds and stopovers before they tackle the final leg of their journey. It's not an uncommon occurrence among migrants that are not especially social in their breeding distribution. MJB
  9. MJB


    True, many multi-syllable words are sufficiently slurred when spoken to lose a syllable in pronunciation. I certainly consider that outrageous has five, simply because I always see the shape of the word in print. That also helps considerably in proof-reading and copy-editing (in terms of noting...
  10. MJB


    Surely violaceous has five syllables? MJB
  11. MJB

    Mallorca 2024

    Every so often, some Tufted Ducks will show areas of white as shown in your image, sometimes much more extensively. This odd plumage characteristic has its own name: 'Scaup-face'... MJB
  12. MJB


    This may be of interest, Jim. Drovetski, SV, R Zink, PGP Ericson and I Fadeev. 2010. A multilocus study of pine grosbeak phylogeography supports the pattern of greater intercontinental divergence in Holarctic boreal forest birds than in birds inhabiting other high-latitude habitats. J. Biogeogr...
  13. MJB

    Summer nature viewing in Scotland?

    That period can be the height of the midge season, and so it would be prudent never to forget your insect repellent...! MJB
  14. MJB

    Taxonomy in-flux updates

    Jim, have you any firm idea on the attribution of the other 16 (+?) subspecies post-split. Most seem obvious, but... MJB
  15. MJB

    Petition to AOS Leadership on the Recent Decision to Change all Eponymous Bird Names

    It was just a shallow name-change correlation of FB becoming Meta and Twitter becoming X with the changing of eponyms: the social media owners are but two sides of the same coin and some may argue deserve to be confused with each other... MJB
  16. MJB

    Petition to AOS Leadership on the Recent Decision to Change all Eponymous Bird Names

    OK, but it is long! He did suggest sharing this post... MJB "Gary Rosenberg [VERY LONG POST] There has been a lot of spirited discussion on Facebook recently regarding the AOS decision to change the English bird names of 150+ species that are named after people (Eponyms). I find it astounding...
  17. MJB

    Petition to AOS Leadership on the Recent Decision to Change all Eponymous Bird Names

    An interesting post on FB (now transmuted into X) from Gary Rosenberg that may affect the petition in a good way: Gary Rosenberg MJB
  18. MJB

    Timing of moa extinction

    Given your interest with Paleontology, Fred, the term CE may well seem modern, but it comes from the Latin equivalent derived by Dionysius Exiguus in 525 CE. The present form of the BCE/CE dating system was introduced in the 17th century and has been used since in scholarly publications read...
  19. MJB

    Greater Sandplover or "lesser", Sharm, Egypt, 14-12-23

    Of course it is Niels! thanks for the correction - I was so locked in to not using 'Siberian' but was interrupted by a phone call with disastrous results! Mea culpa! MJB
  20. MJB

    Greater Sandplover or "lesser", Sharm, Egypt, 14-12-23

    Bear in mind that columbinus, the smallest subspecies of Greater Sandplover Anarhynchus leschenaulti, has for decades been confused with A. a. atrifrons, nominate Siberian Sandplover to the extent that many earlier records in that general area have been expunged because the descriptions were...
  21. MJB

    Birding and football

    0 - 2 at home, with 13 minutes of added-on time played, so far... MJB
  22. MJB

    Woodpeckers causing power outages in Ireland

    Woodpeckers aren't omniscient... I've seen Syrian Woodpeckers land on, and attempt to drum/peck, concrete power poles in Slovakia and Hungary... (The resultant sounds were odd, very odd...) MJB
  23. MJB

    request id Bird of Prey - Egypt

    IOC 14.1 (and earlier versions) cite "Mauritania to Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula". However, the recasting of IUCN maps is probably a long way from coping with the transfer of cirtensis from Buteo rufinus 'ownership' to it being considered an allospecies of B. buteo, and so it is likely that...
  24. MJB

    request id Bird of Prey - Egypt

    There's enough difference in the appearance of feathering at the top of the legs between But but and But ruf for the latter to acquire the nickname of 'Short-trousered Buzzard', at least for birds in Hungary recorded by UK birders! MJB