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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. J

    Noctuid sp? NEast London

    One was caught near me last night. It has been mild for the time of year.
  2. J

    Noctuid sp? NEast London

    Clouded Drab, I think.
  3. J

    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2024 edition)

    For the UK list I think we can add Hen Harrier, Marsh Harrier, Common Crane and Bittern. All at Hickling.
  4. J

    Dewick's Plusia

    Norfolk Moths say they are believed to be breeding in the county. I had two on 4thSep. There have been 62 moths from 39 records in Norfolk this year according to their Web site. There have been records from April to October in previous years.
  5. J

    What is 'control gear'?

    Mercury vapour lamps will require the control gear to start the lamp as Mono says. If you switch one on without the control gear the lamp will fail instantly, probably blowing a fuse or tripping a circuit breaker. You would be wasting your money. The tungsten lamp you say you used before is...
  6. J

    Norfolk birding

    Two adults and two young yesterday. The warden said two adults were on view from the East hide earlier but they had gone by the time we arrived at midday.
  7. J

    Which Spring migrants have you seen?

    Pied Flycatcher at Nagshead RSPB this morning. Pleased to see it as its our last day here before we head home..
  8. J

    NEast London Wainscot sp?

    Webb's status has been changed from Nb to common, the book is out of date. They are spreading Northwards and inland. I got my first on Monday morning. I've only a small garden pond surrounded by arable fields.
  9. J

    NEast London Wainscot sp?

    Maybe Webb's Wainscot?
  10. J

    Id requested for this caterpillar please.

    Dark Tussock seem the best match in the book. It's found mostly in Scotland and on the South coast. Very local though.
  11. J

    Mallorca 2022

    We've had them at Son Real in the past Stew, a few years ago now though. good luck with the search. Lew & Carol Lawes
  12. J

    Swifts arrived in my birdbox but just sleep there at night..no nest?

    These will be a pair of young adults prospecting for a nest site and pair bonding. They may use the box for a few nights or several and probably mate in the box too. They will not be breeding or nest building this year, but maybe next. If you haven't already got a shaped nest cup in the box it...
  13. J

    The annual 'whose got Swifts' thread

    We spent last week on the Suffolk coast and there were plenty there feeding over the reedbeds. At home the pair in the next box have added a lot of feathers to the nest. When it rains they rarely leave the nest box. Just stay put until it stops.
  14. J

    The annual 'whose got Swifts' thread

    Saw a couple at Redgrave and Lopham Fen on the 28th and another at North Point Pools, Wells Next the Sea yesterday. At home the first one arrived at 1155am on the 4th, it was wet and very windy and the bird did three circuits of the garden before entering the nest box with a camera fitted. It...
  15. J

    April Moths 2021

    I let my trap run until 4:30, it was a little damp by then and a lot colder. Covered the trap and went back to bed. By 7:45 it was snowing so I checked the trap contents indoors. Small Quaker 7, Common Quaker 5, Early Grey 2, Brindled Beauty 2, Hebrew Character 3, Clouded Drab 2, Oak Beauty 1...
  16. J

    March Moths (or moths in March) 2021

    I've only had one, that was July 2013. I hope to see another one day, any day will do.
  17. J

    March Moths (or moths in March) 2021

    Pine Beauty really is Beautiful, always nice to get a new one. Last night here was warmer but it ended windy. I got more moths but less variety and less quality. Nothing new for year. Common Quaker 28 Small Quaker 25 Double-striped Pug 3 Early Grey 2 Hebrew Character 5 Early Thorn Clouded Drab...
  18. J

    March Moths (or moths in March) 2021

    27/3 A windy night, trapped close to the house for some shelter. Hebrew Character 1 Common Quaker 3 Early Grey 1 Clouded Drab 1 Chestnut 1 Last Night 30/3 Much better for some warmer weather. Hebrew Character 10 Early Grey 4 Common and Small Quaker 15 of each. Clouded Drab 2 Small Eggar 1 NFG...
  19. J

    March Moths (or moths in March) 2021

    We were promised a warmer night last night but we got 1°. Nothing new but over 40 moths for the first time this year. Small Quaker 15, Common Quaker 6, Twin-spotted Quaker 6, Hebrew Character 6, Clouded Drab 4, Early Grey 3, March Moth and Oak Beauty 1 of each. The only Micro was another...
  20. J

    March Moths (or moths in March) 2021

    I've only trapped three times this month. I don't bother when it stays cold, just one night when the temperature stayed above 5°. Moths so far, 1/3 A Many-plumed Moth on the window. 9/3 Small Quaker 6 Oak Beauty 2...
  21. J

    February Moths 2021

    Windy again and raining this morning at 6:30 when I closed down. 6 March Moth and a Sring Usher outside the trap. Inside were 2 Chestnut, Common and Small Quaker, Dotted Chestnut and 2 Tortricodes alternella NFG.
  22. J

    February Moths 2021

    11/2 Agonopterix alstromeriana 15/2 Agonopterix heracliana 21/2 White-shouldered House Moth All the above found indoors on windows. Last night in the trap March Moth 2 Chestnut Hebrew Character 3 Very windy last night and down to 6 degrees, I was surprised to get as many. Much the same...
  23. J

    February Moths 2021

    Much colder than the forecast last night but still worth trying.This mornings catch, Oak Beauty, Dark Chestnut, Spring Usher and 3 Pale Brindled Beauties.
  24. J

    January Moths 2021

    I put the trap out for my first attempt last night. Before bed I'd got 3 Pale Brindled Beauties and a Winter Moth, all outside the trap. This morning a Chestnut and a Common Quaker inside the trap was all there was.
  25. J

    Bird species seen just the once in your yard/garden.

    It perched on a dead branch at the top of our large Horse Chestnut Tree. It had coloured rings on one leg and I couldn't find any recording schemes for colour ringed Black kites at the time, May 2016. There had also been several reports not too far away in the Breckland area of Nofrolk of an...