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  1. TwoBoy

    Comment by 'TwoBoy' in media 'Grey Heron (Juvenile)'

    I am not sure how far from water is normal and maybe someone else can comment accurately.
  2. TwoBoy

    Canvas Prints

    Help please. I want to sell "Canvas" prints of African wildlife and birds. They are approximately 40cm high by 60cm wide and are very suitable for framing. What should I charge for them? UK and Europe. What should I charge for them? Rest of World. To the selling price I would have to add...
  3. TwoBoy

    Comment by 'TwoBoy' in media 'Burchell's Starling'

    I go along with both of you - changed
  4. African Hoopoe

    African Hoopoe

    Measurements: Length 25-27 cm; wing (26 male) 132-140-145, (13 female) 128-135-140; tail (39) 84-100; tarsus (39) 16,5-21; culmen (39) 42-56. Weight (2 male) 47,7-63,6 g, (2 female) 54,5-56,1 g, (19 unsexed) 46-56,8-67,7 g. Bare Parts: Iris brown; bill dark horn, base paler; legs and feet...
  5. TwoBoy

    Review by 'TwoBoy' on item 'BG-E2 Battery Grip for EOS 20D'

    I must have received the latest version - no problems to date whatsoever. Used in temp. ranges -5 to +40 degrees C. So far so good.
  6. TwoBoy

    10D Image Sensor cleaning

    Looks to me that you really need to know what you are doing to fiddle like this. Maybe its for the Pros but I wont risk it - call me chicken! Surely it's time for the camera manufacturers to give us cleaning kits which they guarantee will work and not do damage. Why must we buy 3rd party kits...
  7. TwoBoy

    10D Image Sensor cleaning

    I use one of the rubber ENEMA BULBS as recommended by the repair guy at Canon - it holds about 150cc of air and has a nozzle about 3-4 inches long. It gives a good blow when you squeeze it and does not do any damage and seems very effective. Never touch or try to wipe your sensor with a brush or...
  8. TwoBoy

    Another x2 question or two

    For what it is worth I do not think that technically it is a bright idea to start taping things up. As with any PRECISION item the tolerances are very close. To insert FOREIGN OBJECTS is looking for trouble, especially with warranty and you may still wreck a very expensive lens. Keep to the 1.4x...
  9. TwoBoy

    Review by 'TwoBoy' on item 'BG-E2 Battery Grip for EOS 20D'

    This grip is made specially for the 20D. I have big hands so I find this an indispensable piece of equipment. I use mainly heavy L lenses so it acts very much as a counterbalance and makes hand holding long IS lenses easier. I notice the difference and it really makes life much easier. The...
  10. TwoBoy

    BG-E2 Battery Grip for EOS 20D

    Adedicated battery grip for the Canon EOS 20D Digital SLR
  11. TwoBoy

    Comment by 'TwoBoy' in media 'New Holland Honeyeater'

    You seem to get very colourful birds in Oz - ours just don't seem to have the same degree of colour.
  12. TwoBoy

    Comment by 'TwoBoy' in media 'Rainbow Lorikeet'

    Really beautiful bird - wish we got them here in the RSA.
  13. TwoBoy

    Best Birding Guide for South Africa? (trying again...)

    The SASOL Guide is excellent. The Roberts CD set even better but it means a PC or PDA. There are also quite a lot of beginners books like What's that Bird by Kenneth Newman.
  14. TwoBoy

    Satara Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa

    Trip Report 1-5/10/2004 Satara is probably one of the best rest camps in the Kruger Park as it satisfies all tastes. The area currently has 7 prides of lions which translates into a lot of game or they would not be there. This in turn means birds - vultures etc. There are a wide variety of...
  15. TwoBoy

    Review by 'TwoBoy' on item 'The SASOL Larger Illustrated Guide to Birds of Southern Africa'

    For a beginner like myself this book is very user friendly as the layout makes it very easy to follow. Highly recommended as a ready reference guide and well-priced for what you get. Overseas visitors to Southern Africa will really like this book.
  16. TwoBoy

    Comment by 'TwoBoy' in media 'Great Blue Heron'

    Very nice, lots of good detail here. You are lucky to be able to get so close.
  17. TwoBoy

    Comment by 'TwoBoy' in media 'Fiscal Flycatcher'

    Yes, we are lucky in this regard and probably get about 50 to 60 species during the year, perhaps even more. I just did not try recording them before now. I am slowly trying to build a garden database now. They kick up such a racket before sunrise (4-5 am) its quite hard to get a decent nights...
  18. Fiscal Flycatcher

    Fiscal Flycatcher

    Small; black and white; belly pale greyish; white wingstripe and spot; bill slim; tail black with 2 rectangular white windows. Arid scrub and dry savanna of S Africa. Common resident. Measurements: Length 17-20 cm; wing (24 male) 91-95,6-98, (8 female) 87-89,8-93; tail (32) 73-89; tarsus (32)...
  19. TwoBoy

    Comment by 'TwoBoy' in media 'Olive Thrush'

    Picture changed 21/10/2004 for better one.
  20. Cape White-eye

    Cape White-eye

    Very small; eye-ring white; crown and upper-parts green; throat and under-tail yellow-green; rest of under-parts (chest to belly) variable either grey (S and SW, with muddy wash in far SW) or green to yellowish-green (N and NE). Orange River White-eye, with which sometimes considered...
  21. Crested Barbet

    Crested Barbet

    Measurements: Length 23-24 cm; wing (73 male) 97-103,1-112, (32 female) 95-102-107; tail (71 male) 80,5-87,1-97, (32 female) 79,5-85,8-94; tarsus (33 male) 26,1-28,6-30,7, (22 female) 22,6-27,8-29,9; culmen (33 male) 22,3-27,3-30,5, (22 female) 22,7-26-30,8. Weight (33 male) 69-78,3-87 g, (23...
  22. TwoBoy

    Canon 100-400 mm IS Lens with Extender?

    I don't know who came up with the taping trick - to my mind if you put something between contacts you have to force something - why damage a lens? I only use the 1.4x, I think the 2x would degrade the sharpness and slow it down too much. Doug
  23. TwoBoy

    Canon 100-400 mm IS Lens with Extender?

    Hi Ingrid But a vey good compromise - ignore the dust on the sensor issue - you would generate a lot more dust in the body by changing primes all the time. It lives on my one body and in a year I have had to use the blower just once for speck of dust that could have come from anywhere. Canon...
  24. Common Sandpiper

    Common Sandpiper

    Measurements: Length about 19 cm; wing (15 male) 107-111,5-115, (12 female) 109-112,5-116; tail (10 male) 52-55,6-58, (10 female) 54-55,5-56; tarsus (36) 22-23,6-25; culmen (33) 22-24,8-27. Weight (24) 34-44-56 g. Bare Parts: Iris brown; bill brown, base greenish; legs and feet greenish grey...
  25. TwoBoy

    Comment by 'TwoBoy' in media 'Olive Thrush'

    Very common in well wooded gardens here - I guess we have 12-16 of them here most of the time. They tend to keep to the well shaded area and are very active when the mulberries and privets are fruiting. All year round residents, become quite tame when used to people.