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  1. Kevin Mac

    My first list

    That's a good start! That would be 15 lifers for me, maybe 16 depending on the species of wren. And as far as I'm concerned, a "heard only" bird, that is definitively ID is countable. Ok, maybe for a life list thats a bit of a stretch, I still want to see them, but if I die tomorrow they're...
  2. Kevin Mac

    Ball Head for 400mm Canon Lens

    Not much use of ball heads in Bird Forum. I use a Markins ballhead with my spotting scope but it may be a bit pricey for you. Excellent results though.
  3. Kevin Mac

    Please give Never and always birding advice.

    Never get totally liquored up the night before a pelagic trip- then eat soft boiled eggs for breakfast- when you NEVER eat breakfast! Always carry a pair of compact bins with you.
  4. Kevin Mac

    Hi From Vancouver

    Be sure to post some photos on Birdforum!
  5. Kevin Mac


    Or for that much you could look at a Televue, although admittedly I've never looked through one.
  6. Kevin Mac

    Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, eggs and spam!

    Once you get spammed you're toast. My old hotmail account was getting 45+ per day. I switched to yahoo and now it's nothing. Change your handler (is that what they're called?) and I suspect the problem will be solved.
  7. Kevin Mac

    Elite Bushnell Series

    There's nothing wrong with a Bushnell scope. They are great value for the money and are very reliable. I had an old Spacemaster for years. Now I own a Swarovski. The upgrade is great but I'll never regret my original purchase when I couldn't afford the best. The scopes you mentioned are a step...
  8. Kevin Mac

    8,5x or 10x

    Go for the 10x. The swaro's have an excellent field of view so shake shouldn't be a problem. Do you want to pick out important field marks of the bird or do you want to admire the foliage of the trees surrounding it?
  9. Kevin Mac

    Which compact binoculars

    I have a pair of Nikon LXL 10x25s. I originally tried to order a pair of Leica Ultravids but they weren't available. The Nikon's ended up being about $250 cdn cheaper than the Leicas. I am very happy with them- they are bright and have excellent resolution. I am a devout 10x fan but the reduced...
  10. Kevin Mac

    Specific budget, bins vs bins & scope

    Good choice on springing for the best bins you can afford. The scope will come later. My old Bushnell Spacemaster served me well, then 13 years after the kids were born came the Swarovski. You have your priorities in order. Now if you can just get enough money together to get the Zeiss 10x40...
  11. Kevin Mac

    Better case for the 8x32 LX-L?

    Agree! But I don't think the leather case that came with my 10x25 lx's are bad at all.
  12. Kevin Mac

    Are field guides turning birds into border bandits?

    National Geographic Birds of North America. Still the best guide.
  13. Kevin Mac

    Morning Birding and getting paid for it too!

    Yes, getting paid to bird is loads of fun! But I'm really impressed with the recent trend of golf courses becoming "eco-friendly". There were even awards given to a handfull of golf courses last year in Vancouver who made an effort to retain and provide habitat to birds and corridors for mammals.
  14. Kevin Mac

    Operations against illegal spring bird hunting and trapping in Italy

    Thanks for the update- I tend to get very jaded at times about any governments lack of action against theives, poachers etc. It's great to hear your efforts are making a difference. Keep going!! Thank you, Kevin.
  15. Kevin Mac

    Would you consider 6x ?

    All you have to do is look through a pair of 10x for a week. Then try some 7x. If the increase in field of view is like a god send, then buy them. If you miss the extra magnification and ability to ID birds (my personal bias here) then get 10x.
  16. Kevin Mac

    Mid-priced 10x?? experience?

    Should have just bought 10x in the first place. Live and learn.
  17. Kevin Mac

    The Hoverfly Thread

    Wow. So many hover flies. So many bumblebees. One of the groups that really catches my attention are robber flies. I understand they are predatory. Some of them sure look freaky with their front legs hanging down and their somewhat bucked tooth look staring at you as they hover in the middle of...
  18. Kevin Mac

    Scenario For The Ivory-bill's Future

    I always thought you hunted ducks on major flyways, not up on some out of the way channel or bayou.
  19. Kevin Mac

    Ivory Billed Habitat Destroyed Quietly

    Well, nothing like a super endangered animal species to defeat plans like that.
  20. Kevin Mac

    troublesome dog

    I don't know who you must report this to either but report you must. I deal with bylaw enforcement in the park I work at but am often not aware of problems, so I appreciate reports of incidents such as that from the public. No one will tolerate dog behavior like that (aside from the owner). I'm...
  21. Kevin Mac

    Leica 8x20 Ultravids...and then a further question?

    I was ready to buy a pair of Ultravid 10x25 but they got back ordered for weeks. I eventually bought Nikon LXL's for much less ($250 Cdn less). I can't vouch the Nikons are better optically but the price was right and I'm VERY happy with them. As for the big bins, if I had the money I would be...
  22. Kevin Mac

    Favourite Bug

    My recent point of interest is robber flies- I observe them occasionanally buzzing around on forest roads. They seem to be looking for nectar but from what I've read they are quite predatory. When one will hover near you they can freak you out because they look.... freaky in their bee suits...
  23. Kevin Mac

    Yes or no to bread?

    No. Feed seeds- way more nutrition. Imagine people reading this and telling their friends bread is OK, then they feed the birds Wonder bread (shudder!!). In case you don't have Wonder bread in the UK, it's an eternally bleached tasteless grain by-product in the "bread" category that some people...
  24. Kevin Mac

    Empidonax Flycatchers

    Bill shape and width is a good ID feature for Empidonax in the hand.
  25. Kevin Mac

    Meetings are murder

    Don't you hate it when you can't bird? When I got married years ago we had our wedding outdoors overlooking the ocean. My wife warned me before hand that I wasn't to be gazing at birds during the ceremony. Wouldn't you know it, as we're saying our vows out of the corner of my eye I can see large...