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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. has530

    Ultralight tripod/head for a 400 g (14 oz) scope

    Thanks for the tip, yes swivel is the biggest challenge. I see if I can give something like this a try.
  2. has530

    Vixen @Six 6x18: quirky and surprising pocket binocular

    After reading your post I knew I had to try them! They arrived last night and having had the chance to try them out under the night sky and today in the sunlight I have to say I am quite impressed! They are incredibly lightweight and compact, give an overall pleasing image, and very fun. I agree...
  3. has530

    Seeking advice on tripod for Kowa TSN99-A

    If price is really not a concern then I would go with the Gitzo GT5533LS. It’s super stable while not outrageously heavy so carrying up to a km should be doable. More info on some good tripod testing can be found here.
  4. has530

    Ultralight tripod/head for a 400 g (14 oz) scope

    I have a monopod I’ve used with my Celestron hummingbird and I find I max out of tolerable viewing around 30x and it takes some getting used to how to hold it. It has a rubber spike which pulls off to reveal a metal spike and I find it most stable with the metal spike in soft ground like grass...
  5. has530

    Seeking advice on tripod for Kowa TSN99-A

    How far do you need to carry it to your viewing locations? Weight and leg diameter are the two things I have found most helpful for stability in wind but are also the two things that make tripods less portable.
  6. has530

    Can I get 150$ USD for this

    No. You may be able to get $20.
  7. has530

    Poll: will you buy Swarovski AX Visio?

    I like the idea and would buy one but not anywhere near that price. Give me $500 binoculars with a $500 bridge camera and the same mobile connective abilities for $1000 and then I would be interested for travel where I might not know what I am looking at immediately.
  8. has530

    Bay Area/Sac - Northern CA Dealer Suggestions

    My experiences at all 3 of those stores have been pretty good. They will have the full vortex lineup, full Leupold lineup, some Swaro and Zeiss, some bushnell, some athlon, and occasionally some celestron/meopta/sig sauer.
  9. has530

    Bay Area/Sac - Northern CA Dealer Suggestions

    There’s a bass pro shop in Roseville with an optics counter and a huge Cabela’s with an optics counter just west of Reno. The sportsman’s warehouse in Fairfield also has an optics counter.
  10. has530

    What determines the field of view for the same magnification and objective lens?

    Yes I was just being lazy/careless when I said diameter. You could replace r with d/2 but it is easier to write as r (and diameter is the convention when talking about field stop width).
  11. has530

    What determines the field of view for the same magnification and objective lens?

    Whoops yes I edited it now. fo is the focal length of the objective.
  12. has530

    What determines the field of view for the same magnification and objective lens?

    There are two kinds of field of view, true and apparent (tFOV & aFOV). tFOV is what angle of the real world the binocular shows you while aFOV is how wide the image circle looks when you look through the binoculars. While there are some intricacies in converting between aFOV and tFOV (simple vs...
  13. has530

    SVBONY SV202, a Bad Sample?

    I recently got a TMB planetary 9mm eyepiece to try on my Celestron hummingbird spotting scope and it shows this exact same ring reflection. Maybe I will take it apart and see if I can figure out where it's coming from.
  14. has530

    Binocular Sightings

    Got in one last Christmas Bird Count in my hometown with my mother today and had a fun variety of optics in our little group. I had my canon 15x50 IS, Zeiss VP 8x25, and Athlon Ares spotter. The others had Leica Trinovid 10x25 in green, Vortex Razor 10x42, Vortex Viper 8x42, and Kowa YF 8x30...
  15. has530

    Sky Rover 8x30 ED first (underwhelming) impressions

    I suppose I should count myself lucky then. I have the sky rover 6x30 and both sides seem to have axially symmetric aberrations and are identical to each other. I do think the edge sharpness is a little lackluster for having a <60 deg AFOV but other than that no real complaints optically.
  16. has530

    Update my Leupold Yosemite to Kowa?

    Maybe slightly better coatings but any difference will be exceedingly marginal. Yes you would get new accessories but I would try writing to leupold to ask if they stock any. I would guess they’ll send you some caps for free.
  17. has530

    8-16x40 XL Zoom...One Binocular to Rule Them All?

    I got them on a tripod today and measured the AFOV using this method and got 41* @ 8x, 47* @ 12x, and 53* @ 16x. Much more in line with what you measured and showing roughly linear increase in AFOV with magnification (glad to see we can make agreeable measurements!). I think the initial...
  18. has530

    Canon 18x50 IS and partial lunar eclipse.

    I can usually make out one belt with my 15x50 IS but with the stabilization on it isn’t pretty with the CA induced by the stabilizing system.
  19. has530

    Kowa 8x25 SV vs. BD Brief Comparison

    I doubt it. The extra 3mm of aperture gathers 30% more light and I doubt either of the 25mm options have transmission under 70% with full multi coatings and silvered prisms. However the 8x22 does have a far wider FOV and is more compact and seems like a very nice product. I’ve never tried one as...
  20. has530

    Binocular Sightings

    Just today I saw an older couple with a 7x42 Dialyt and 7x42 Trinovid BA. Probably two of the best made binoculars ever proving that they can last a lifetime.
  21. has530

    looking for Bino Rec

    The Leica is undoubtedly the nicest but I am skeptical it is worth that price. At that price I would consider a nikon monarch HG, Zeiss conquest HD (can usually be had for not much more on sale new), or fujinon HC. I think the oberwerk SE is a good option for much less.
  22. has530

    looking for Bino Rec

    If you are just nearsighted and have no other need for glasses you won't technically need to wear them to use binoculars provided they have enough focus past infinity to accommodate your vision. That being said, if you prefer to keep the glasses on you should be sure the binoculars have at least...
  23. has530

    SIG SAUER Zulu10 HDX binoculars?

    Looks an awful lot like the vortex UHD, second clone of them I’ve seen after sightrons (only available in Japan).
  24. has530

    8-16x40 XL Zoom...One Binocular to Rule Them All?

    My method likely overestimated by a bit. I used a tape measure 15 feet away to measure true field of view and then multiplied by magnification using the simple formula to get afov. My measured FOVs were 5.2° @8x, 5° @10x, and 4.0/4.1° @15x. Using the tangent formula comes out to 40°, 47°, and...
  25. has530

    8-16x40 XL Zoom...One Binocular to Rule Them All?

    Here they are second from the right along with my Canon 15x50, Meopta Meostar 8x32, Bushnell Legend M 8x42, Zeiss VP 8x25, (zoom XL), and Sears Discoverer 7x50 10° (picture posted in "what binos did you use today" thread) I am headed out birding now but can weigh them when I come back. They...