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  1. mickporter

    Swarovski 80 HD vs. Zeiss Diascope 85

    I would advise you to go to a dealer and let him put you both scopes side by side for you to test. I tried both the Zeiss and Swarovski together intending to buy the Swaro, but found to my eyes the Zeiss was much brighter and suited me. My friend hates the Zeiss with its fiddley focusing and...
  2. mickporter

    Farne Islands

    I have just returned from my trip. It was absolutly fabulous!! I visited the islands twice. First a full day trip on the two islands. On Staples Island, the Razorbills and Gillimots were still there. Thousands of puffins all carrying sand eels, busy feeding young. Hundreds of Shags, kittiwakes...
  3. mickporter

    Farne Islands, UK

    I have just returned from a week at Seahouses.... I spent two days on the Farnes..... was just in time to see the Razorbills and Gillimots before they left this week. Thousands of puffins, Common, Artic, and Sandwich terns still there. One pair of Roseate terns showing well feeding young...
  4. mickporter

    Digiscoping please help

    Those pictures look pretty good to me, so I don't think you are rubbish!! I think maybe if you are using the Andy Bright settings you may find that he says somewhere that they may provide slightly unsharp pictures. He says he prefers to increase the sharpening on the computer in photoshop or...
  5. mickporter

    Image quality help

    Hehehe yes I agree, my camera is probably a dinosaur now, but at the time it was state of the art. It does, and I do take multiple piccys, although at a high quality setting which I prefer, it is slow and I often miss shots while it saves the last. I think the popularity of these camera's is...
  6. mickporter

    Image quality help

    I mean that 'in my experience', using a camera without a cable release is invariably doomed to failure more often than not. I know lots of guys who like you take pictures by pressing the camera against the eyepiece. Some of them take really good pics, which look great on the camera screen, but...
  7. mickporter

    Image quality help

    Frank congratulations on your perseverance. I don't own your brand of camera so I cannot help much with settings etc. But what I want to comment on or at least reinforce: Is the need to focus the scope as well as the camera. Don't attempt to take pictures with the camera hand held, you are...
  8. mickporter

    Farne Islands

    Cheers guys I feel a lot more confident now. One last question is it too late for puffins? or may there still be some there?? All my years birdwatching I have never seen a puffin!!
  9. mickporter

    Is it worth it?

    Like any new skill, digiscoping takes some getting used to. Fairly static birds can be easy providing the camera is set correctly and everything is focused in. The difficulties come because birds are usually not very obliging and refuse to keep still. Things come very much more difficult then...
  10. mickporter

    Farne Islands

    Mabe a daft question, but: I am off on holiday in a week to Northumberland, and wife permitting I am planning a full day on the Farne Islands. Should I travel light with just binns etc. Or should I / or do I need, to take the extra weight and carry a scope?? I don't want to make things...
  11. mickporter

    Opticron Magnifying stand

    I saw an opticron magnifying stand in a local dealers recently. It combines with a small monocular which can be got in varying magnifications to make a sort of field microscope. I wondered if anyone has had any experience in using one for observation of moths or other insects. I tested one in...
  12. mickporter

    Nikon 4500 RAW mode

    Someone tells me that the Nikon 4500 can be made to shoot in a RAW mode by using a patch. Presumably this tells the camera not to use any image compression or alterations etc.... Has anyone used this patch, and if so where can I find it??
  13. mickporter

    Adapters Help

    Ken if the camera lens is the same size as the Finepix 602 which I think it is, then no. The lens has a 55mm internal thread, and cannot be stopped down to suit a scope eyepiece. You will either need a universal adaptor such as the Zeiss one or I think Nikon make one. Even then you will have a...
  14. mickporter

    Help! Advice on Field scopes Wanted please!

    Its much much better to go somewhere where they will allow you to spend some time looking through lots of choices.... Somewhere that you can actually use the scope and watch a few birds. Scope vary enomously, and many have cult followings. I own a Zeiss and would certainly recommend that one...
  15. mickporter

    How do you organise photos?

    Adobe have a program called photoshop album, for which you can download a free demo version. This is supposidly very good for organising and storing photos.... maybe worth a looksee
  16. mickporter

    Advice required please

    On what basis do you make this assumption??? Have you got the opticron kit? This is really not a very helpful reply!! The opticron kit at InFocus costs £399 which includes a 5 Mpixel Samsung camera, cradle, eyepiece adaptor which opticron say will fit most eyepieces!! (Although it will...
  17. mickporter

    Car window mount - are they any good?

    My friend was afraid of the opticron window mount causing a strain on the glass of his window and breaking it, so his wife made him a large bean type bag which works fine. He puts it on the door with window down and his scope just rests on it. I am waiting for her to make me one!!!
  18. mickporter

    copy rights

    Some software actually embeds your details into the picture, either visible or hidden. That way no one can clone it out and claim your picture.... I am not sure of name but a search of web will find a few methods!! Andy Bright may know, he sells pictures and must protect them somehow.....
  19. mickporter

    Advice required please

    Take a look at the opticron kit. It is sold with camera, adaptor and all you need to digiscope (except for a scope of course!!) You are not too far from InFocus which is inside Martin Mere (you don't need to pay an entry fee if just visiting the shop), you will find the guy there more than...
  20. mickporter

    My First Digiscoping Pictures, The Sun Came Out!,

    Just one last question which may seem daft. When focusing on a bird or whatever through the telescope, is it ok to rough focus on the object, half press the camera button to allow the camera to focus itself, and then fine focus the scope while keeping the button half pressed?? Sometimes I find...
  21. mickporter

    coolpix 4500

    InFocus at Martin Mere have 4500's in stock, presumably other branches also have them. No idea of prices.......
  22. mickporter

    My First Digiscoping Pictures, The Sun Came Out!,

    I tried the new settings John, and voila had much much better results. Normally I get one reasonable shot out of around ten taken. I generally take a few shots continuously to ensure I get at least one decent pose from the bird. But normally just two or three pictures will be in focus or...
  23. mickporter

    Pheasant, Mere Sands Wood, Lancashire

    Yes thats right sadly I believe it was shot. I suppose if this one is a Japanese Pheasant then it must be an escapee and may well suffer the same fate.... Unless someone claims it. It seems to spend its time chasing around the Water Rail as it comes to the feeding table. Maybe it has an identity...
  24. mickporter

    Pheasant, Mere Sands Wood, Lancashire

    For some while now at Mere Sands Wood there is a Male Pheasant which is almost totally green apart from a red wattle on its face. Whereas normally they have a metallic green neck, and a golden brown plumage, this one is green all over. Is this normal?? Some discussion took place today in...
  25. mickporter

    My First Digiscoping Pictures, The Sun Came Out!,

    Thanks John, I have checked my settings and will give it another whiz tomorrow. I think my fixed aperture setting may have been one I have just altered, I will find out. Maybe some of my problems come from light and reflections, as lots of my pictures are taken of ducks or from hides where I...