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  1. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    Have been wondering if there were any Stonechats around - will keep an eye out for them. I've not been out much lately and haven't seen a great deal even when I have. I had a look around this afternoon. The headland was quiet, although there were a few more seabirds moving around that there...
  2. Andrew Whitehouse

    Wader ID Algarve February

    Looks fine for Greenshank. I don't think any of the photos give a clear impression of the bill, as it's either sticking into the water, partially open or not sideways on. In any case, it's not right for anything else.
  3. Andrew Whitehouse

    Panama - finch?

    Streaked Saltator
  4. Andrew Whitehouse

    Uganda / Sandpiper

    Wood Sandpiper
  5. Andrew Whitehouse

    Bad Photo Horned Grebe and Bufflehead? Connecticut USA 2/24/24

    I'd hesitate to be 100% certain on the grebe but the neck length isn't a problem at all for a Horned with its neck outstretched...
  6. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    A pleasant but cool day today, with much lighter winds than we've had for a while. I looked around St Fittick's in the morning. Things were generally quiet but there were six Stock Doves, two Redwings, a Mistle Thrush, and a Redpoll. Four Water Rails were heard and one of them was seen quite...
  7. Andrew Whitehouse

    Spring Migrants for NE Scotland 2024

    Maybe depends what you mean by migrants. I would say things like Pink-footed Geese, Black-headed Gull and Common Gull are all moving now. In terms of land birds, there are maybe things like thrushes and Chaffinches moving a bit.
  8. Andrew Whitehouse

    Help to identify the bird

    Think it's Laced Woodpecker.
  9. Andrew Whitehouse

    Spring Migrants for NE Scotland 2024

    The first back are usually Lesser Black-backed Gulls, which may already be appearing. Will look out for them this weekend.
  10. Andrew Whitehouse

    Aberdeenshire bird sightings and hotspots

    We do already have a thread for Aberdeenshire sightings here: https://www.birdforum.net/threads/wild-in-aberdeen-city-and-shire.147663/ Also, there's this thread for all your Girdle Ness needs: https://www.birdforum.net/threads/birds-fae-torry.97045/page-255#post-4598050 Good to hear there are...
  11. Andrew Whitehouse

    What bird is this?

    Welcome to BirdForum. That looks like a female Purple Sunbird to me.
  12. Andrew Whitehouse

    Bewick's Swans in Scotland

    I guess it might, although most of our Whoopers come from Iceland and there aren't many places to 'short stop' between Iceland and Britain, unlike with Bewick's coming from Russia where they have the whole of northern Europe they could potentially use. Here's the BTO page for Whoopers, which...
  13. Andrew Whitehouse

    Bewick's Swans in Scotland

    When I was young the rule of thumb was that Bewick's predominated in the south of Britain and Whoopers in the north. That was sort of true then but I think these days Bewick's don't really predominate anywhere. The reasons behind them becoming rarer are perhaps to do with it being too mild these...
  14. Andrew Whitehouse

    Field guide for Yucat√°n?

    The van Perlo guide to Brazil is definitely better than the Souza guide, so I suppose it's the best bird guide to the whole of Brazil. I would use Merlin in preference to both, or the regional Brazilian guides where relevant.
  15. Andrew Whitehouse

    Shore lark Aberdeen 2024

    Haven't heard anything about it on the local networks. I don't recognise the name of the observer either, although that's not to dismiss it. Would be quite an unusual record, although you would think a fairly hard bird to misidentify.
  16. Andrew Whitehouse

    Spotted Flycatcher?

    Yes, a Spotted Flycatcher.
  17. Andrew Whitehouse

    Cuckoo in February?

    Although there have been a few cold snaps, it's been predominantly very mild in Britain and I suspect over much of Europe. There are very good explanations for early Cuckoos, however, so I think it's vastly more likely to be Collared Dove. Cuckoos generally arrive around mid-April, so this would...
  18. Andrew Whitehouse

    Best Bird App for Indonesia?

    There's a separate Merlin pack for Sumatra, so that would be the best one to use.
  19. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    I also spoke to someone today who had seen a Short-eared Owl recently. Maybe it's the same one I saw earlier in the month. It was very mild and pleasant here today. Plenty of birds were singing, particularly the Skylarks, which were getting very territorial around the golf course. The most...
  20. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    My first proper birding here for a couple of weeks today, in grey and cool weather. In the morning, I headed to St Fittick's. On the way, I was pleased to hear a Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming along Victoria Road. Around the marsh, there were ten Teal, a Water Rail, two Goldcrests, a Redwing...
  21. Andrew Whitehouse

    Which hawk is this?

    Seems like an immature Red-shouldered Hawk to me.
  22. Andrew Whitehouse

    Peru: Cuzco & Manu Rd. June or July 24

  23. Andrew Whitehouse

    Iceland / Gull

    It's a juvenile Black-headed Gull.
  24. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    I don't know! Magpies and other crows often seem to gather in larger groups for what I suspect are social reasons. I've seen large groups gathered where one bird is attacked by the others, as if some sort of 'punishment' is going on. I think corvids are pretty complex socially. I know with some...
  25. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    Didn't see too much today, although still 11 Common Scoter, seven Long-tailed Ducks and six Teal. The Bottlenose Dolphins are conspicuous at the moment, and were jumping around to good effect.