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  1. Neil-T

    Nikon 1 J5

    Hi all, a bit of help required please. I have just bought a new J5 so that I can take record shots of birds at distance with my New 200-500 Nikon lens and my Nikon 600mm f/4 VRl. I already have the FT1 adapter but when I put either of the above 2 lenses on the camera a message is displayed...
  2. Neil-T

    Remove lens hood

    Hi, hope someone can help me. I have just bought the WonderPana filter system for my Nikon fit Tokina 16-28 ATX Pro FX f/2.8 and want to remove the lens hood to fit the filter system. I watched a video on YouTube on how to remove it from the smaller DX lens and was wondering if it's the same for...
  3. Neil-T

    Remove lens hood

    Hi, hope someone can help me. I have just bought the WonderPana filter system for my Nikon fit Tokina 16-28 ATX Pro FX f/2.8 and want to remove the lens hood to fit the filter system. I watched a video on YouTube on how to remove it from the smaller DX lens and was wondering if it's the same...
  4. Neil-T

    Recommend a lens

    A bit off topic from birds, but I am getting into landscape photography and just wanted to know if anyone here also dies it. I need a fast lens, f/2.8 to go with my Nikon D810. Doesn't have to be a Nikkor lens, I will consider a third party. Thanks. Neil.
  5. Neil-T

    Common/Mealy Redpoll

    Had another Common/Mealy Redpoll visiting the garden for the last few days. The second one since December 2013.. Still getting upwards of 50 birds in at times. It seems to favour feeding on the ground, but I have seen it on the feeder. Managed to get some pictures through the window which I can...
  6. Neil-T

    V-1 NEF files and CS4

    Following on from my previous request for help, I fear I must request a little more information as regarding CS4 not reading my Nikon V-1 NEF files. I have a D300 and always shoot RAW and CS4 has no problem reading them, so why then, when I take pictures in RAW with the V-1, CS4 wont read them...
  7. Neil-T


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I use CS4 which until recently has been fine. I always. Shoot raw NEF with my V1 and D300. When transferring files to my computer they look like this. DSC_4457.NEF and photoshop reads them ok. I took some on Christmas Day with the V1 and the files now look...
  8. Neil-T

    Found ring.

    Was out taking some pictures of Dragonflies when I came across a large silver BTO ring, looks like its from a large duck or goose. The number is 5255934. Would be interesting which species. Neil.
  9. Neil-T

    Nikon V1

    I am interested in buying the V1 camera and FT1 adaptor. Where do guys think is the best place to get it from. Neil.
  10. Neil-T

    Micro lens

    Hi all, I have just bought a Nikkor/Nikon 200mm Micro lens, I have not had a lot of chances to use it as yet, but did have a play with it in the garden the other day. Does anyone else here use this lens for Macro shots? also doubles as a 200 short telephoto. This photo was taken at f/20 and...
  11. Neil-T

    Price enquiry please.

    Hi Guys and Gals, Due to unforseen circumstances I am selling all my Photography gear. My question is: How much am I expected to get for my Nikon D300 in good to excellent conditon with just the odd (well 2 really) small marks. It's 40,000 actuations and comes with all the bits as when new...
  12. Neil-T

    Possible Iberian Chiffchaff

    I had this bird the other day on a friends private land, initially thought it was just a standard Chiffchaff until I noticed the song. The song I heard from this bird is the same as an Iberian Chiffchaff I went to see at Potteric Carr in 2009. It also has the extended supercilium forward of the...
  13. Neil-T

    Redpoll ID

    I am getting lots of Redpolls in at the moment, varied sizes and very varied colouration on some of them. Some have very pale underbodies, and some, like this one is very grey looking and slightly larger than standard Lesser.
  14. Neil-T

    Ringed Lesser Redpoll

    Can anyone help me with this ringed Redpoll which has been visiting my garden for the last few days. I managed to get some pictures of the ringed bird. From what I can see the numbers are: Image 1. 432 Image 2. 951 Image 3. 186 If I can find out where the number starts I could submit the...
  15. Neil-T

    MB-D10 and EN-EL4A Battery

    Can someone help me fix my dilemma. I have got the MB-D10 battery grip which takes a standard battery ok. I have just bought a EN-EL4A battery to go into the grip. How do I cover the battery compartment of the grip? Do I have to convert the MB-D10 in some way? (I have looked but can't see...
  16. Neil-T

    Bif D300

    Having not long switched over to Nikon....I am planning a trip to Gigrin farm later in the week. Could someone give me a few basic in camera settings for the D300 for BIF. I know about overexposing the shot, I was just wondering about which AF points and tracking mode etc, etc. I will be...
  17. Neil-T

    Which head

    I have been looking at getting a Gimbal head for my Nikon D300 and Sigma 500mmf/4.5. The ones I have been considering are the. Benro GH-1 and the Induro GHB1 which I think are the same head. The cheapest I can find them with the plate included is £171 (ebay) I am also looking at the Jobu...
  18. Neil-T

    Suitable tripod for my rig.

    Can anyone advise me if the Manfrotto 055mf3 is suitable to take my Nikon D300 with a Sigma 500mmf/4.5 and a manfrotto 393 head. Thanks. Neil.
  19. Neil-T

    CS4 and NEF files

    Hi all, after changing over to Nikon I need to to find out how to edit my NEF files in CS4, firstly, is this possible? if not, then is there any better software (free if possible) for edititing the NEF files, the software provided is very basic and I don't like using it very much. Thanks. Neil.
  20. Neil-T


    I am thinking of getting the Manfrotto 393 to mount my D300/sigma 500mm combo on. Can someone recommend me a good (not too expensive) tripod to mount it all on. Thanks for any advice. Neil.
  21. Neil-T

    Sigma 500mmf/4.5

    I am looking at a Sigma 500mm f/4.5 EX DG model tomorrow to go with my D300 for birding. It is the latest version and the seller is asking 2K for it. Is this around the ball park figure for a secondhand model? or should I try and knock a little off? I am going to take my camera with me and try...
  22. Neil-T

    7D battery problem

    Hi all, I have got a canon 7D and had no problems until now. This morning I put my genuine canon battery in the camera and the camera says that it does not recognise the battery. Anyone else had this problem and know a fix for it. Any help much appreciated. Neil.
  23. Neil-T

    Link name change.

    Can anyone help me out with a small problem. I want to change the name of my blog link (below) to something else, like "staffsbirds2010" can it be done so the new name still points to my blog. Thanks in anticipation. Neil.
  24. Neil-T

    Marmora's Warbler

    Discussion thread for Marmora's Warbler. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  25. Neil-T

    The Uists.

    Anyone who is going to the Uists, including North and South, plus Benbecula and Berneray might find this report interesting. We drove to Oban on the 28th May, arriving early evening. We were cathing the 7.30am ferry to Loch Boisedale, South Uist the next morning. 29th May. Awoke to birdsong...