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  1. Simon S

    Swift Audubon Mk11

    Is it like this :smoke:
  2. Simon S

    Asahi Pentax 7X50

    Just because its a Pentax don't expect much. As said above the horrid coatings give a green tint to the view, and they are not made by Pentax.
  3. Simon S

    Cheap pair of binoculars for a boat trip

    Tasco offshore? Some have a compass in and seem quite good optically.
  4. Simon S

    Color rendition ability of binoculars

    Yes different binoculars render colour or (Color)|8.|differently to others. I have found that coatings make a shift in colour too, yellow coatings found on 70's Swifts shift the colour temp to a cool tone. Russian binoculars give a yellow view but don't let this worry you to much. You brain will...
  5. Simon S

    Peculiar 7x50

    This sounds like the Lookout model I own. Not great performer but quite usable. I think in the States they go by another name.
  6. Simon S

    Swift Storm King Mark ll 7 x 35 Info Please

    Your absolutely correct. I was confused by the 7x35 and was thinking of the sport king model.
  7. Simon S

    Swift Saratoga Mk. II

    Have a look at my page. The Saratoga MKII is a wide 8x40 with a slightly cool colour rendition and tight eye relief. If the binocular is haze free it will give a spectacularly wide view, not as bright as a modern Porro and soft at the edges. It also uses lower quality prisms that vignette the...
  8. Simon S

    Vintage and Classic Binoculars

    Nice to see this tread is still alive. I have not posted on here for a while, I have stopped by obsessive collecting at last. You must all continue for me though.
  9. Simon S

    Now the SE is no more how long does the EII have ?

    I have the feeling Nikon are edging away from all the Porros. The EII is in my mind a beter binocular than the SE as it has a wider FOV. The SE is brighter and has best edge sharpness but the EII is the Porro king for me.
  10. Simon S

    Hensoldt binos - what have I got here?

    Removing the diopter will result in a shift in focal length. I would leave them as are. A great example good find, far nicer than mine.
  11. Simon S

    Vintage binoculars, what is good?

    BilllC Its great to hear from you. I tried rocking the apple cart only to receive a few warnings from CL admin.3:-).
  12. Simon S

    Vintage binoculars, what is good?

    The worst problem with the Bell and Howell binoculars is the rock in the focus shaft. Results in focus shifting about all the time.
  13. Simon S

    Used SE on ebay, optimistic starting price !

    Well over priced. I saw those too and giggled.
  14. Simon S

    How to reduce field width in an extra-wide

    Fit a washer to the field lens will act as a field stop i'm pretty sure. Or fit some zoom binocular oculars ;-)
  15. Simon S

    Swift Storm King Mark ll 7 x 35 Info Please

    Im confused now. Is the 704 and 748 the same binocular but one the sport king WF? That would explain the confusion i'm having.
  16. Simon S

    Swift Storm King Mark ll 7 x 35 Info Please

    I think you will also find they are the same as the Swift Triton 7x35 1968 j-b26 j-e43 Model 748. I have a Storm king 2 in my collection and sure an original model like yours somewhere.
  17. Simon S

    Individual focusing, why?

    Thanks, a lot of people have used my collection to assure their partners they are sane.
  18. Simon S

    Diopter slack

    That would fix a loose diopter ring. but not low viscosity or migrated damping grease.
  19. Simon S

    Bushnell Rangemaster: Vintage Binocular vs. Modern Birds

    I few years ago I made a Frankenstein Swift Saratoga fitted with Bak4 prisms from an Audubon model. The difference in that the edges of the field were brighter than on a stock model, other than that little changed. See it here....It's still alive...
  20. Simon S

    Vintage and Classic Binoculars

    Sorry for delay in writing back. I would try and find a Binuxit or maybe another 8x30 from Leitz. You may find a Jenoptem prism fits, I have a set if your willing to try.
  21. Simon S

    Bushnell Rangemaster: Vintage Binocular vs. Modern Birds

    Well I have just bought an FPO with Bak4 prisms, will be interesting to compare the other side by side.
  22. Simon S

    Bushnell Rangemaster: Vintage Binocular vs. Modern Birds

    i think you will find the Rangemaster has coatings on all the lenses in the ocular. Mine does indeed appear to have low index prisms, however that is not necessarily a bad thing. Just as a digital camera with a high count pixel sensor sounds good, there are disadvantages. Bk7 prisms are less...
  23. Simon S

    Individual focusing, why?

    Rugged, waterproof and on good models once set not easy to knock.
  24. Simon S

    Best Porro Binoculairs

    I think the best Swift model I have ever looked through is the Model 804 Audubon. In it's FMC guise it is bright and sharp, a really easy binocular to use. I think between my Nikon 8x32 Se and the 8x30 EII's the EII are my preference. Although not quite as bright and without the field flattener...
  25. Simon S

    Bushnell Rangemaster: Vintage Binocular vs. Modern Birds

    Is your Zeiss clean inside? These binoculars gas inside resulting in misty prisms. Worth a check.