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  1. Tom Tarrant

    Crimson-breasted Woodpecker? central Bhutan

    Saw this woodpecker near Trongsa, Bhutan in mid-May 2019, it responded to a Crimson-breasted WP call, the other two (2 and 3) are of another CB WP taken less than 100 kms away in Yongkhola last year. This years one (1 and 4) has much heavier-streaking on the breast and less red on the head. Is...
  2. Tom Tarrant

    Female flycatcher in Sichuan, China

    Took this flycatcher pic along the Longcanggou Mountain road, Sichuan, China in May 2016. We thought at the time that it might be a female Slaty-blue Ficedula tricolor (I believe our guide Summer Wong has seen them here before) but some of the plumage features look inconsistent to me. It appears...
  3. Tom Tarrant

    Birding in Sichuan, China?

    Been birding in Sichuan yet? Why not have a go at our ID-quiz? You might want to go afterwards http://www.aviceda.org/aus/?p=76 (Note: there is a 'bug' which doesn't show the next question after answering one, please just click the 'Next' button if this occurs) Tom
  4. Tom Tarrant

    Nightjar from Abu Dhabi

    My friend Lemuel Cabahug recently (September 2015) photographed this nightjar in Abu Dhabi, he asks....is it European, Egyptian or Syke's? Tom
  5. Tom Tarrant

    Cuckoo from Papua

    Recently saw these images posted from a trip to Papua by Sujan Chaterjee. Originally posted as Fan-tailed Cuckoo (Cacomantis flabelliformis) they may be Chestnut-breasted Cuckoo (Cacomantis castaneiventris) Any comments welcome.....
  6. Tom Tarrant

    Reed Warbler (Bangkok, Thailand)

    Took these two shots on vegetation in a klong (canal) close to Bangkok's new airport, I think it is a Black-browed Reed-Warbler but need confirmation...
  7. Tom Tarrant

    Guiding in SE Queensland

    Anyone planning a trip to the Brisbane area might like to get in touch, please have a look at my 'Guiding' page Tom
  8. Tom Tarrant

    Raptor nesting question

    Wonder if anyone has observed anything similar to this, recently we've noticed that a Square-tailed Kite (a very uncommon bird in Australia and our area) is building a nest and calling persistently as he/she does this. Strangely there doesn't seem to be a second bird in the area, and all we can...
  9. Tom Tarrant

    Darwin, Australia Trip-report 2010

    Have finally finished another 'epic', please visit my Wordpress site at http://www.aviceda.org/wp/?p=220 All comments welcome Tom
  10. Tom Tarrant

    Unusual 'Myiagra' flycatcher in Darwin, Australia

    Saw this male 'Myiagra' flycatcher last weekend near the Royal Darwin Hospital, http://picasaweb.google.com/aviceda/Darwin#5510430706900015810 there are several shots so click 'next' arrow. Put it out on the Birding-Aus Mailing-list and quite a few think Satin (M.cyanoleuca) but I personally...
  11. Tom Tarrant

    Gulf of Carpentaria trip 2010

    Hi all, Have finally completed the trip-report for my recent Gulf expedition, saw around 136 sp including 5 'lifers' (..and it wasn't even a birding-trip!) Please check out the account on http://www.aviceda.org/wp/ Would welcome comments (constructive, please!) Enjoy, Tom
  12. Tom Tarrant

    Papuan species?

    Mehd Halaouate has just sent me numerous images for the ABID taken in Papua, (west of Jayapura) recently. Most are of species that are rarely photographed. (see http://www.aviceda.org/abid/newimages.php) He has identified most but there are three outstanding, one looks like a honeyeater...
  13. Tom Tarrant

    Species Status Link?

    How would we feel about a 'Status' category in 'Contents' linked to the www.arkive.org database? See Blue-capped Kingfisher The link could be in Red Tom
  14. Tom Tarrant

    Whistler, N Queensland

    Recently this image was sent to me and displayed on my ABID http://www.aviceda.org/abid/newimages.php The photographer believes it to be a Grey Whistler, It was taken in Paluma, N.Qld. Any views welcomed. Tom
  15. Tom Tarrant

    Wrong Image

    Just wondered what the procedure is for removing 'incorrect' images. Was just editing http://www.birdforum.net/opus/Malaysian_Plover and the pic appears to be a Trogon! Should I just remove it? Tom
  16. Tom Tarrant

    SE Asian bittern

    Whilst editing Von Schrenk's Bittern on the Opus (http://www.birdforum.net/opus/Schrenck%27s_Bittern) I noticed that the image looks rather like Cinnamon, would anyone like to offer an opinion? I'm only going by literature as I haven't seen Von Schrenk's. Tom
  17. Tom Tarrant

    Schrenck's Bittern

    Discussion thread for Schrenck's Bittern. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  18. Tom Tarrant

    Grey-headed or Ashy Robin?

    Heteromyias cinereifrons or Heteromyias albispecularis? I'm not sure if this should also go in the "Taxonomy Forum" but was editing the Opus entries and they appear to be the same species. Is one an Australian species and the other Papuan? Tom
  19. Tom Tarrant

    Large-billed Scrubwren

    Which is correct? Sericornis magnirostra or magnirostris? Opus has the former, Avibase the latter. Tom
  20. Tom Tarrant

    Green-backed Gerygone

    Which is the correct specific name Gerygone chloronotus or chloronota? I have the former in the Opus and the latter from Avibase. Tom
  21. Tom Tarrant

    juvenile robin or flycatcher, Japan

    Greg Miles recently posted this on Flickr, unfortunately I don't have all the details but it was photographed in Japan. Tom
  22. Tom Tarrant

    Using Wikis

    Hi, Recently I've been adding web-links to the BirdForum Opus (http://www.birdforum.net/opus/Welcome) and realise what a fantastic resource that it is becoming, and enjoying the ease that one can add information. (...Apologies to 'real' birders but I'm about to embark on a rather PC-based...
  23. Tom Tarrant

    Facts or opinions?

    Was just editing the Australian Koel Eudynamys cyanocephala entry and noticed that someone had entered in "Identification" box the following text: this is the current treatment in both Clement's 5th Ed. and SM (2003), however, leading Australian taxonomists tending to relump it with E...
  24. Tom Tarrant

    'Typo' in generic name

    Just found an error with the spelling of "Todiramphus" Kingfishers, couldn't understand why the Search Engine couldn't find it and noticed that there was a typo....all species in the genus seemed to be called "Todirhamphus". Is it possible for Ollie to do a 'Global' search and replace? I've...
  25. Tom Tarrant

    Two raptors NT Australia

    Recently a friend saw these two raptors on a trip through the Northern Territory, personally I think one is a pale Brown Falcon and the other a Black Kite, but he is not so sure....any comments welcome. Tom