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  1. J

    How is your 2020 List Going?

    1 Cackling Goose 2 Canada Goose 3 Northern Shoveler 4 Gadwall 5 American Wigeon 6 Mallard 7 Northern Pintail 8 Green-winged Teal 9 Canvasback 10 Ring-necked Duck 11 Lesser Scaup 12 Bufflehead 13 Common Goldeneye 14 Barrow's Goldeneye 15 Common Merganser 16 California Quail 17...
  2. J

    Herring or yellow-legged gull?

    Gents, adult (or near-adult) Herring Gulls have pale eyes, no? The legs suggest Herring Gull (if I am seeing "pinkish" legs) but everything else suggests California Gull to me... mainly the dark iris and black w/ red markings on yellow bill. Could it be a hybrid... or other? EDIT: 2nd pic to...
  3. J

    Birding Pocket Field Guide

    Field guides are essential gear for the serious birder of course, but the best advice I ever got was to leave the book at home (or in your car). This forces you to study the bird and confirm field marks. Actually reading the introduction pages to the better field guides will tell how to break a...
  4. J

    Tips for Winter Feeding?? Nyjer/Thistle & Suet

    Could be just a matter of the right birds finding your yard. The thistle for example; I think the sock (cheese cloth) is a good approach, and once the Goldfinches find it, you'll wonder how you can afford to keep feeding them! We regularly have 6-10 (or more) Lesser and/or American Goldfinches...
  5. J

    Garden/Yard List 2020

    Jan 1st, started with: 1) Black-capped Chickadee 2) European Starling 3) House Finch 4) Lesser Goldfinch 5) American Goldfinch 6) Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon) 7) Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon's) Jan 4th, added: 8) Canada Goose 9) Downy Woodpecker 10) Northern Flicker (Red-shafted) 11) Ruby-crowned...
  6. J

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Ferruginous Hawk (adult) near Goshen, UT - 05 Jan 2020... on National Bird Day!
  7. National Bird Day

    National Bird Day

    Prairie Falcon
  8. National Bird Day

    National Bird Day

    Evening Grosbeaks
  9. National Bird Day

    National Bird Day

    Cooper's Hawk (imm, F)
  10. J

    Hello from Utah

    Greetings All, My name's Joe and I grew up in PA birding areas from Hawk Mountain, PA to Sandy Hook, NJ... family and I relocated to Utah almost 10 years ago and now spend my free time fly fishing and birding from the Salt Lake Valley to the Rocky Mountain backcountry (about 20 minutes apart...