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  1. vipersgarden

    Terrapin England

    yes, Trachemys scripta elegans. you can see a bit of red on the head
  2. vipersgarden

    Italian lizards - ID help

    Hi, the dark one is a common wall lizard, Podarcis muralis, ssp. nigriventris, the other is an Italian wall lizard, Podarcis siculus campestris
  3. vipersgarden

    Snake, Sesriem Canyon, Namibia (Namib Naukluft) - August 2017

    It looks like a very young individual and I am quite sure it is a Psammophis, and mossambicus is the only unicolored down there.
  4. vipersgarden

    Snake, Sesriem Canyon, Namibia (Namib Naukluft) - August 2017

    It is a Sand Racer, Psammophis sp., maybe P. mossambicus
  5. vipersgarden

    Lizard Id, West Georgia

    looks like Darevskia derjugini
  6. vipersgarden

    requesting tortoise id please Romania

    in Testudo hermanni the rib-plates (Lateralia) have a solid dark lower border, while in Testudo graeca the Lateralia look like, having a star pattern from the center of each plate
  7. vipersgarden

    requesting tortoise id please Romania

    it is very good, that things are illegal now. But in June 2009 I found these three turtles in a souvenir shop on the Croatian island of Krk. After calling a friend in the university the turtles have been confiscated and the shop has been closed. Turtles already here at the ministry in Rijeka
  8. vipersgarden

    requesting tortoise id please Romania

    yes, there are some differences to look for without handling the tortoise: 1) the dark markings on the Carapax plates have a - but not very distinctive - star appearance (you can see it on your pictures) 2) the scales on the front feed are quite large (much more than in hermanni) 3) the...
  9. vipersgarden

    requesting tortoise id please Romania

    Hello! Both are Testudo graeca ibera - spur tight tortoise or Moorish tortoise. The character with the divided Supracaudal plate works only in lets say 80 %, depends on the population. In graeca single, in hermanni (Greek tortoise) divided. It is good, not to handle tortoises, especially during...
  10. vipersgarden

    Local Terrapin NE.London?

    Terror-pin, the best name I've heard for this alĂ­en. And yes, seems to be one of the Graptemys kohnii/pseudogeographica complex (in "old" individuals, the saw-back gets less and less)
  11. vipersgarden

    Herp ID questions, SW Spain, 06/2019

    yes, all are Psammodromus algirus. the snake is scalaris. but the corrent genus is Zamenis since 3 or more years now. The correct spelling of Edwards Psammodromus is P. edwarsianus - without a 2nd d
  12. vipersgarden

    Iberian Marsh Frog? Portugal

    yes, only perezi in Portugal
  13. vipersgarden

    Two from Egypt 40km inland of Marsa Alam

    you are right left: fan footed gecko, Ptyodactylus hasselquistii, right: Bosc's fringe toed lizard, Acanthodactylus boskianus
  14. vipersgarden

    Aging Adder

    yes John, it is a male for sure :) but dont give to much on the vipers colour. even females may be silvery grey. On the pictures you see two females and one male. At the male's picture I have marked where the tail begins. The bump at the beginning of the tail are the pockets for the hemipenes.
  15. vipersgarden

    Aging Adder

    In young adders it is more easy to check the "nose"shields for sexing. In males, the borders of the rostrale and the nasals have a strong contrasting border, while in females the shields are unicolored.
  16. vipersgarden

    Lizard ID help, Corsica

    you have got both :) left: Podarcis siculus right: Podarcis tiliguerta
  17. vipersgarden

    Bulgarian snake ID please!

    Hi, it is the only snake with smooth scales, no blotches and this size in your area :) in contrast to Zamenis longissimus, every scale has a light longitudinal stripe, giving the snake a thin-striped appearance.
  18. vipersgarden

    Bulgarian snake ID please!

    Large (Caspian) Whipsnake, Dolichophis caspius
  19. vipersgarden

    Young austrian toad ID

    quite sure, it is Bufo bufo, Metamorphlings of the common toad also have indistinct markings. and from distribution nothing else is possible
  20. vipersgarden

    Lizards, Spanish pyrenees

    the 2 left: Zootoca vivipara right: looks like Podarcis muralis
  21. vipersgarden

    Lizard, Gobi desert

    Prynocephalus versicolor too :)
  22. vipersgarden


    yes, it is Phrynocephalus versicolor
  23. vipersgarden

    Greek lizards id

    Hello, both are juvenile, respect. subadult Lacerta v. viridis (green lizard). Not ssp. meridionalis - doesnt occur in Europe :) http://vipersgarden.at/ARdb/species.php?cat=2&subcat=42&subcat3=Lacerta+viridis
  24. vipersgarden

    Frog and Newt IDs, SW Germany, June 2018

    The frog is a frog, NO natterjeck toad (Epidalea calamita). It is a water or green frog, Pelophylax sp., probably Pelophylax klepton esculentus or ridibundus. The newt should be helveticus, but not or sure sorry.
  25. vipersgarden

    Frog ID - Russia

    if you are from St. Petersburg, as writtenin your uswer details, it looks like temporaria (short snout, in arvalis it should be longer and more pointed)