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  1. RichardBaatsen

    Garden Egret

    Just a quickie. I was sent this pic. Is it a Juvenile Cattle Egret or a Little Egret. I know what I think but can I have a few replies. (and why) Please vote Richard B
  2. RichardBaatsen

    western France Guerande Jack Snipe ?

    Am I missing something. Simple question did the bird bob up and down. If it did its a Jack Snipe.
  3. RichardBaatsen

    Cape May, NJ Waterfowl

    There is also a Surf Scoter in photograph three at the bottom left hand corner
  4. RichardBaatsen

    Harrier Glos

    This is a well marked Harrier in Gloucestershire Is this striking orange bird a well mark Hen Harrier or a Northern Harrier or a Hybrid Pallid x Hen Harrier. I have been counting bars on P10 and P8/P9. I would like to hear comments on this bird. The three pictures are all the same bird. Richard
  5. RichardBaatsen

    Spotted Flycatcher populations

    You really need to look at the records from BBS data that has some statistical gravitas. Hence the need to record your sighting even though they are not part of s survey. Hearsay evidence suggests a continued decline. which is really sad.
  6. RichardBaatsen

    Targets for 2019

    The target has to be two species. I do not mind which two. The score so far is one (Tengmalm's Owl). Target for August will be Fea's Petrel again. I know that it's not going to be a tick as it can not be separated. The Autumn opens up the field some what. Just please do not make it an island...
  7. RichardBaatsen


    I am not a fan of BirdTrack. However as the County Recorder for Gloucestershire I do have a plea. People that have ticked the box to send their records onto the recorder, due to the new privacy laws could they email the recorder to let them know that their records are on Birdtrack. I often have...
  8. RichardBaatsen

    Caterpillar ID

    Just going through photos on my camera. The Caterpillar was taken on the 26th of May in Gloucestershire. Can anyone help me with the ID. Cheers
  9. RichardBaatsen

    UK400 club listing

    Right, here’s the thing I am going to delete my UK400 list from my dbase recording system (Sorry Lee). This decision was taken as it is not widely used now and it is not maintained anymore. I only used it so that I could compare lists based on a level playing field. I now use Bubo and would...
  10. RichardBaatsen

    Is this a Double Dart

    Is this a Double Dart I can't see that it is anything else. Can anyone confirm this. Cheers Richard
  11. RichardBaatsen

    Chamomile Shark

    The Hind wing is Shark and Not Chamomile Shark. Which fits with the flight periods of the two moths. I would love to find a book that detailed these little ID challenges. Many Thanks
  12. RichardBaatsen

    Chamomile Shark

    Thanks for that. I have just popped it in the fridge / Freeze to slow it down so that I can take a pic of the hind wing. Any advance on how long to leave it the fridge / Freeze to allow a pic to be taken... Cheers
  13. RichardBaatsen

    Chamomile Shark

    Is this a Chamomile Shark. As I thought that it was too late to be on the wing. I need my ID confirming Many thanks
  14. RichardBaatsen

    June moths

    Glos 27th Glos 27th June Good night last night. 64 sps and 478 moths. Blackneck Reddish Light Arches Double Square-spot Lychnis Green Oak Tortrix Beautiful Hook-tip Lunar-spotted Pinion Bright-line Brown-eye Brown-line Bright-eye Shoulder-striped Wainscot The Clay Leopard Moth Double-lobed...
  15. RichardBaatsen

    ID Gloucestershire

    Many thanks for that... I need to get myself a good Micro book... Cheers Richard
  16. RichardBaatsen

    ID Gloucestershire

    Can you help with this one it looks like a Mompha of some kind. But I do not have the books to close it our. Many thanks Richard
  17. RichardBaatsen

    Small grey moth

    Can anyone Help (Moth trap Glos) Is this a Grey Tortrix Cnephasia stephensiana did think that they were on the wing at the moment. If not what is it. Many thanks
  18. RichardBaatsen

    Are these both Brindled Pugs (Glos)

    I am confused are these both Brindled Pugs Caught in the trap last night in Gloucestershire. Many thanks
  19. RichardBaatsen

    Glos Moth ID

    Hi All I thought that this one might be a "Brick"... But that is probably way off... Can anyone help; Cheers
  20. RichardBaatsen

    Glos.. Moth

    Hi All Can anyone help with this one. Many thanks Richard
  21. RichardBaatsen

    Which Long Horn (Glos)

    Many thanks for that. It does look like a moth... Cheers
  22. RichardBaatsen

    Which Long Horn (Glos)

    Hi All Which Long Horn is this one !! Many thanks
  23. RichardBaatsen

    Moth ID Glos

    Hi All These three have me stumped can anyone help.. Many thanks
  24. RichardBaatsen

    Dusted Case-bearer - Coleophora adspersella

    Thanks for that I seen what you mean about Coleophora hemerobiella. It's always the small ones that seem to be more interesting.
  25. RichardBaatsen

    Dusted Case-bearer - Coleophora adspersella

    Dusted Case-bearer - Coleophora adspersella Are there any confusion species for Coleophora adspersella Can anyone confirm the ID on this one for me. It looks good for this species. Cheers