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  1. jweeyh

    Singapore. Can someone please ID this Swallow or Swift?

    Shot this Swallow at an open field in Singapore
  2. jweeyh

    Birds of Kerala, India

    Please ID these birds from Kerala. India Shot at Periyar National Park Thank you JWee
  3. jweeyh

    Please ID this Bittern

    Can someone please ID this Bittern. Is it Yellow or Cinnamon Bittern? Thanks Jwee
  4. jweeyh

    Looks like miniature Bird of Paradise. Can someone ID it please

    Looks like miniature Bird of Paradise but planted in a hanging pot. ID please Thanks jwee
  5. jweeyh

    Catipillar ID please

    Can someone ID this weird but adorable caterpillar. Found in the forest, Singapore Thanks
  6. jweeyh

    ID Please

    This Weird but adorable creature Is this an Insect or a Caterpillar? Thanks
  7. jweeyh

    Identification needed

    Can someone ID this interesting fly? Shot it today in the afternoon and was fascinated by the glowing head. Thanking you in anticipation.
  8. jweeyh

    Cans someone please ID this creature.

    Can someone please ID this creature? Looks like a Stick insect but jumps like a Lizard Shot in a Rain forest yesterday Location: Singapore
  9. jweeyh

    Canary or Seedeater

    Can someone please ID this bird. Is it Yellow-fronted Canary or Yellow-rumped Seedeater Thanks
  10. jweeyh

    ID please. Shrike in Singapore

    Is this a male Tiger shrike (Lanius tigrinus) or Brown shrike (Lanius cristatus) Shrike is a migratory species Location: Singapore Date taken: 17 April 2018
  11. jweeyh

    Kookaburra ID

    Is this Blue winged kookaburra or Laughing kookaburra? Please ID Shot at Mount Coot-tha. Brisbane. Sept 2017 Thank you. Cheers jwee
  12. jweeyh

    ID please

    Shot this birds at Oxley Creek. Brisbane on Sept 2017 Can someone please ID it. Thank you Cheers jwee
  13. jweeyh

    ID please

    Shot this bird at Brisbane on Sept 2017 Can someone please ID it Cheers
  14. jweeyh

    Butterfly ID please

    Location: Forest fringes in Singapore
  15. jweeyh

    ID please

    Can someone please ID this Insect. Thanks jw
  16. jweeyh

    Can someone please ID this African bird

    Is this the Black widow finch (Vidua funereal) or a hybtid? Thanks
  17. jweeyh

    Robber fly

    Can someone do explain what is the hook for at the rear of this Robber fly? Taken in Singapore Thanks
  18. jweeyh

    Ant-Mimicking Jumping Spider

    Just to share...
  19. jweeyh

    Weird but adorable insect

    Can some one please ID this weird but adorable insect. Shot in Singapore beside a drain at the fringe of a forested area. Looks like a Stick insect. Thanks
  20. jweeyh

    Spider. ID please

    Hi, Shot this Orb spider in Singapore mangrove area. Can someone please ID it? Is it the Red tent spider or Tree stump Orb spider? Thanking you in anticipation. Cheers
  21. jweeyh

    Birds shot in Japan. ID please

    Just back from Kyushu, Japan and these are the most common birds around. I am not sure about their names, can some ID it please. These birds can be found at Hotel open space and parking lots. Cheers and thanks
  22. jweeyh

    Blue-winged Pitta

    This passage migrant, Blue-winged Pitta flew to Singapore about 3 months ago and up to today still refused to fly home up north.
  23. jweeyh

    Damselfly ID

    Can someone please ID this Damselfly I shot in the forest of a nature reserve. Thanks
  24. jweeyh

    Tiger Shrike or Brown Shrike. ID please.

    Hi, Can someone please ID these 2 birds, are they similar to each other? Are they Tiger Shriek (Linius tigrinus) or Brown Shriek (Lanius cristatus)? They are passage migrants that pass through Singapore yearly. Location: Wooded area. Cheers and thanks.
  25. jweeyh

    ID please. Is this an Oriental Reed-warbler?

    Hi can someone please ID this bird, is it an Oriental Reed-warbler? Cheers and thanks