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    Panama ID Please

    Took this in Valle Anton Panama. Month - May. Could anyone help me with the ID please.
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    Panama ID Please

    In addition to my earlier post I have 2 more problems out of the approx 1000 (not 100) photographs involved. Can anyone help please.
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    Panama ID Please

    I am revisiting a collection made a few years ago and updating the ID's of about 100 pictures. Most not a problem but cannot find this one. Can you help
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    Here's another one for my Files please

    Taken in the UK April 2013 - not sure where I was at the time! Your ID would be appreciated.
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    ID Please - Spaiin

    Catching up with my bird photo files (Capture One). Found this one from 2009 - can anyone help please.
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    Marsh Tit Behaviour

    I put up a sunflower head in the woods (Bedfordshire) where I have a few feeders. The Marsh Tit is a regular visitor and soon found the seed head. I didn't know that they picked a seed, but it between the feet, extracted the heart and only then ate the food. For me this is interesting.
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    Panama ID help please

    Is this a Russet Backed Oropendola, a Montezuma (or somthing else)? ID appreciated. Took this a whole back, but just gettinground to my cataloging. Thanks
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    Marsh or Coal

    A fleeting glimpse - did not stay long enough for a second shot. Is this a Coal Tit or as one friend thinks - a Marsh Tit. Help much appreciated.
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    GPS - EXIF Recording

    Has any member any experience of the Marrex MX-G10 GPS Receiver which is available on ebay? At around £70, it is by a big big margin cheaper than the official canon version. I have recently been in the wilds of Bulgaria moving about and exif gps is what I would like - but the £220+ for the...
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    100-400mm II

    Just acquired a new 100-400mm IS II. Have used original for several years. Not much opportunity for Bird Photography in the last couple of days but have been trying the lens out on general stuff. It is very good indeed. Just pointed it at the moon last evening - this is a 100% crop. I am...
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    MIddle Spotted Woodpecker - Bulgaria

    Photographed in Bulgarian Mountains November this year. Would like confirmation of Middle Spotted? also am puzzled by the 'lump' over the beak. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Grey Imports/PEX

    I just read a post 'recommending' HDEW as a reliable supplier of canon. It certainly is. However, be aware that later Part Exchange can be a problem. I recently got a quote from WEX for part exchange of my 7D for a 5D3. Made the appointment and took it to Norwich. After a long wait - the...
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    Canon 5D3 cards for video

    I have a 5D3 and 32gb CF cards. I wish to have a card in the SD Slot and be able to switch from stills on the CF and Video on the SD. There are comments on the internt that by having an SD (SDXC) writing to either card is limited to the slower rate of the SD card. Is this true and if so, in...
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    UK ID Help please

    Reveiwing some pictures from last Autumn on the Ythan estuary north of Aberedeen, I noticed the bird in the centre, obviously not one of the surrounding flock. Can anyone help. Thanks
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    ID Please - Bedfordshire March 2013

    Not sure about this one. Any ID help welcome. (Bit worried about the 'fungus?' on the legs. Only seen this on Chaffinches before)
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    Worried about Chiff Chaff

    Took this picture today at Sandy Lodge RSPB. Has this fellow got a disease problem on the leg? Is this going to be a similar problem we had with Chaffinches last year (or was it the year before - I forget).
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    Which Warbler - UK

    Not too good on Warblers! Can you help on this one please. Thanks
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    Florida Sanibel ID Please

    I need help please on this one. Taken in June on Sanibel Island. Thanks in advance.
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    Better Beamer/Flash Extender

    Does anyone know if one can buy a Better Beamer or equivalent in the UK? I have seen one advertised in the USA for one to used with a Metz 54 MZ4-i(which I have). WEX used to do one - it is no longer listed. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Reed Warbler?

    Fairly sure - but would prefer confirmation. Taken Lakenheath, September 2012
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    What Vulture? - Florida

    I had many pictures of the Turkey Vulture with its Red Head, but this one has the plain grey head. Could you help with the proper ID please. Thank s
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    Florida Duck

    Could anyone ID this for me please. Bonito Springs 2012. Thank you
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    Tripod and Head for 7D and 400mm

    I am going to Florida and want to take a 'portable' lightweight tripod which will fit into my normal baggage and fall within a modesst budget;;;. (My Manfrotto kit is far too heavy and bulky) I have been looking at the Velbon REXi L. Has anyone experience of this tripod and if so what head...
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    Problem ID from The Gambia

    Have ID's for most of the birds from a recent Gambia trip. This one I cannot find in my Barlow&Watcher. Is it an immature something? Help please
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    ID please - from Gambia Nov 2011

    Can you help with this one please. Thanks MikeH