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    Butterfly ID help Western Ghats, India

    Request for ID for the following butterflies photographed from Kerala, India... 1st and 2nd butterflies have photographed from Vazhachal Forest Division and third one, likely to be a white / Palni four-ring from Anamudi Shola Hills, Munnar & the last two probably swifts photographed from my...
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    Sandpiper ID, India

    Sandpiper ID (rounded in white border), South India, Coastal areas, last week, this sandpiper was spotted among the large flock of lesser sandplovers & sanderling Sorry for the poor quality image
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    Sandplover, India

    Please help me to identify this sandplover, taken from seashores of southern part of India, last week
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    Bee-eater ID...

    This bee-eater sighted from a wetlands in South India, yesterday, please help me to identify this....
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    ID help, Migratory Bird

    ID help, Bunting ID request.. Thrissur Kole Wetlands, Kerala, India Dec 2015....
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    Raptor ID, India

    Please help me to identify this raptor taken from Western Ghats, Kerala, India during last week....location: Dense Rain Forest, photo captured by my friend and sought my help to identify this bird...I doubt it is Besra (Accipiter virgatus) Thanks & Regards Sajin
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    ID Confirmation - Birds from Kerala, India

    1) Common Hawk Cuckoo or Indian Cuckoo Taken from wooded area near to a forest stream last month 2) Common Tern Juvenile Taken from Wetlands in February 2014 3) Brown Shrike Taken from Wetlands in September 2013
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    Snipe - ID Confirmation

    Pic 1 - Common Snipe or Pin-tailed Snipe Taken at Paddyfields yesterday from South India, Kerala Pic 2 - Common Snipe Taken at Pivot Fields, Dubai @ Npv 2012 Pic 3 - Common Snipe Taken at Al Warsan Lakes, [email protected] 2012
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    Waders, India ID help

    Please confirm/identify the following waders - South India 1) Common Greenshanks - Jan 2014 from a seashore 2) Common Greenshank - Jan 2014 from a wetland 3) Marsh Sandpiper - Jan 2014 from a wetland 4) Greater Sandplover - Jan 2014 from a wetland 5) Lesser Sandplover - Oct 2013 from a...
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    Warbler from South India, ID requested

    Taken today from Kerala, India found this one in a mango tree
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    Birds of South India, ID help requested

    These photographs are taken from South India, wetlands .............. Terns - Whiskered/ Little Tern Wader ???? Warblers???? Plese help me to identify these birds last month
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    Drongo ID from South India

    Taken today from a river-side forest in South India, please help me to identify this drongo, I am confused between Spangled/Hair-crested Drongo or Female of Greater Racket-tailed Drongo.....
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    Orange Minivet & Small Minivet - ID Confirmation, South India

    Taken last week from a forest in South India, please confirm the ID 1) Orange Minivet Male 2) Small Minivet Male Thanking you in advance
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    ID requested from South India

    Raptor ID requested from South India Please help me to identify these raptor taken today from a forest area
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    Birds of South India, ID help requested

    Please help me to identify / confirm the birds captured last weeks of June & first weeks of July 2013
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    Yellow-billed or Jungle Babbler, ID Confirmation requested, South India

    Yellow-billed or Jungle Babbler, ID Confirmation requested, South India
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    ID requested from India

    Hai, Please help me to identify the birds taken from Kerala, South of India 1) Drongo???? 2) Jungle Babbler or Yellow-billed Babbler Thank you in advance
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    Bunting, Middle East

    Taken on Yesterday from a grassfield in the ouskirts of Dubai Ortolan Bunting - ID Confirmation requested Thanking you in advance....
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    Red-throated Pipit, Dubai - ID Confirmation requested

    Taken yesterday from outskirts of Dubai, sorry for the poor quality of picture, looks like red-throated pipit.....
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    Swift or Martin, Middle East

    Last weekend i got this one flying over our building in early morning,i couldn't identify this one....please help me to identify this one... Location: Dubai
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    Isabelline Shrike Complex, Dubai

    Attaching two pictures of Isabelline Shrikes taken on last week in Dubai,near a grass field but shot taken from different locations(definitely two different birds....), quite eager to know they falls in which split - Turkestan/ Daurian
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    Pipit, Dubai

    Taken yesterday from an open grassfield surrounded by trees......... Can anyone help me to identify this Pipit,
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    Great or Intermediate Egret, ID Confirmation, Middle Est

    Please help me to confirm this bird, taken on wetland, Dubai http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/445455/limit/recent
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    Sparrow, Dubai

    Taken on last week in a woods, Dubai. My passion to see a sparrow other than a house sparrow has led me to post this, I don’t know my eyes are cheating me, Is it some Spanish Sparrow or a common house sparrow
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    Waders, Middle East

    These pictures were taken in last October, please help me to identify this one, is it from 'Stint' family.....