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  1. malcurtin

    BOU TSC disbanded

    Has Birdlife taxonomy just been updated? If so how would how would latest changes effect a British list if this was chosen by BOU? Heard some stories regarding Shrikes,Redpolls etc but not clear on what would change.
  2. malcurtin

    Paphos revisited....April 11th-18th 2015

    Good report Ken - can I ask if you had any early morning access to the archeological site at Paphos headland as this was a bit of an issue during my visit at Easter last year?
  3. malcurtin

    Birding in Cyprus this spring?

    Try driving up to the mast at Anarita from Aspro Dam there were a couple of pairs just inside the perimeter fence last year that showed very well last year-also good area for Spectacled Warbler and Great Spotted Cuckoo.
  4. malcurtin

    NE Wales birdingwatching

    Thanks for the reply Peugeot
  5. malcurtin

    NE Wales birdingwatching

    Hi can anyone direct me to the best place to view/ access Shotwick boating lake-I have only seen it from the main road which is not really a good place to stop and look from..
  6. malcurtin

    Archeological site Paphos Headland

    Yes they were working on that stretch last time I was there but hadn't reached the corner where I used to sneek through most mornings.Hopefully if you get a ticket you can still get it stamped to allow multiple admissions for birding purposes?
  7. malcurtin

    Archeological site Paphos Headland

    I'm off to holiday in Cyprus for 2 weeks this weekend and was wondering if anyone knows if it is still possible to access the Archeological park early morning through any gaps in fence-I'm guessing not as when I was there 2 years ago they were in the process of renewing the perimeter fencing.
  8. malcurtin

    Cheshire And Wirral Birding: Hills, Lowland and Coast

    Pot Kettle and black come to mind for some reason-o:D
  9. malcurtin

    Zen-Ray Binoculars Giveaways. Ultimate Prize: two pairs of PRIME HD binoculars

    Give us a pair then.. Only just noticed this!
  10. malcurtin

    Hoylake Bird Observatory

    Don't even go there ???????;)
  11. malcurtin

    TWITCHING - Can you afford to go, can you afford NOT to go?

    Only what you would expect from dick small ....
  12. malcurtin

    TWITCHING - Can you afford to go, can you afford NOT to go?

    :C:C You're nice though :C:C:C
  13. malcurtin

    400 In A Year??

    Yes I agree get them Irish euroticks off o:D
  14. malcurtin

    Eyebrowed Thrush in Norolk

    Thanks very much for the reply.Looks like another mega thats got away but as me old mate The Apprentice would say-THERE WILL BE ANOTHER:t:O
  15. malcurtin

    Eyebrowed Thrush in Norolk

    Nothing on RBA regarding this report can anyone shed any light on where BGs got this mornings info? Are we dealing with wrong id such as maybe Redwing or is this a gen record being hushed up-someone must know something?...
  16. malcurtin

    Cyprus 2011

    Will be there myself first two weeks of April stopping close to Paphos headland-family holiday with as much birding as I can get away with;).
  17. malcurtin

    Rock or House Sparrow???

    With only one UK record of Rock Sparrow(seen in North Norfolk by a couple of Britains top birders)you should be realising that your chances of getting one in your garden are as close to zero as makes no difference..sorry mate but once you accept this it will make your bird ID skills much more...
  18. malcurtin

    My word! Honey Buzzards...

    Yes its surprisingly how little interest this has provoked on here-I assume that these are birds migrating from Scandinavia that have been drifted further west than there normal route by the prevailing conditions...Malc
  19. malcurtin

    Three species of marsh tern from the same hide

    Actually Flint is in North Wales and they have done it again today with Sharp Tailed Ruff!;)......Malc
  20. malcurtin


    You say you haven't a clue what it is but the clue is in the picture surely?(ie its a warbler in reeds);)...Malc
  21. malcurtin

    Springwatch 28 May - 15 June

    A brief video featuring the breeding Black Winged Stilts in Cheshire filmed by Paul Hackett will be on springwatch tonight.
  22. malcurtin

    harriers down - RSPB investigation

    Good to see the ginger prince is keeping up the Hewitt family tradition in more ways than one then...........
  23. malcurtin

    harriers down - RSPB investigation

    I see our beloved Prince is now over in Afghanistan where he has been given an even bigger gun to play with-hope the RAF are not operating any Harriers over there just now............
  24. malcurtin

    Southern African Forum

    Spending 2 weeks in SA this Easter starting with a few days around Cape Town followed by Winelands,Swellendam,Wilderness and finishing with a couple of days around Addo.Family holiday but hoping to get plenty of birding in as well,any tips or advice would be appreciated...cheers Malc
  25. malcurtin

    South Africa

    Going at easter and using SASOL Birds of Southern Africa as ID guide and SASOL Southern Africa Birdfinder as site guide...Malc