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    Swarovski NL Pure availibity in USA

    Time & Optics in NE Ohio (about 5 min from work), has both 12X an 8X NL's, as well as headrests. They also have the 8x32 Victory SF. I checked out the 8x NL and SF, but not the 12x.
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    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    Haven't seen one, but on Friday the dealer near me said the 10x is going to be a little behind the 8x and 12x. His Swaro rep. was thinking Jan / Feb for the 10x to be released in numbers other than pre-orders. They also had a single Zeiss SF 8x32 for display only (has to go back to Zeiss in...
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    New 8X54 HT "Blem"

    I have long wanted to see the HT 8x54 in person. Midway has another one, and I am sorely tempted. I have an HT 8x42 already, but have wondered many times if the big eye version would offer any noticeable advantages.
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    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    I can see selling a couple of my other bins for an 8x42 NL. If the handling and focus speed / smoothness are as good or better than the Victory HT, and it has the trademark crystalline sharp definition of an SLC / EL, I'm all in to get one. No preorder though, definitely need to see it in...
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    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    It's not about wanting a close focus EL, it's an observation about downgrading " limitless perfection". Kind of funny that technically, even if not noticeable, the SLC will now have a slightly wider FOV and close focus than "the legend" EL.
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    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    I like Swarovski a lot and have an SLC, but the more I think about it the more it seems disappointing and petty to reduce close focus of the EL (if it really is), to force people up to the NL
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    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    List of 3,050 EURO would be over $3,400 as now.
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    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    No doubt... well into top spotting scope prices now. Still, I can't look away now that I've seen them.
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    New Product Introduction Today From Swarovski ?

    Many times I have longed to create a "Frankenbin" by combining my SLC WB view into my Victory HT chassis. At a glance it looks like they've done something like that, and perhaps more (at least by the specs). Nearly cursed out loud when I saw the pics because if they do turn out to be all that...
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    Zeiss USA repair

    If they have to go back to Wetzlar, which I'll bet they do, be prepared for a long wait. My FL's took 15 weeks, and that was before the shutdown. If they can do repair them in here, it would be much shorter. Maybe 3-4 weeks, but that's a guess.
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    Swarovski ATS 80 HD Clones?

    Based on the picture, I'd bet anything it's a Zeiss Gavia Vortex Razor HD clone, all of which I believe are produced by Kamakura. They can be customized within a certain range of options, but all are more or less the same scope. I have a Gavia and it's very good. My sister is a die-hard...
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    Damaged Zeiss Conquest 10x42..

    It looks to me as though only the removable eyepiece is damaged. You should be able to unscrew it from the housing and screw in a new one. Zeiss would likely send one at no charge
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    Ultravid HD+ 7x42 fair used price

    I'm considering the purchase of a used Ultravid HD+ 7x42 and was wondering what others would consider a fair used price. I'm not terribly familiar with this bin and don't see that many used, so I don't really have much of an idea. I checked the serial no. with Leica and confirmed a 2015 date...
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    Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 vs Swarovski EL 10x42

    As others have said, it would definitely be best to try both first, preferably side by side. I own both a Victory HT and Swarovski SLC, and I had the Victory SF 10x42 for about 8 months. Either instrument you're considering is excellent. I've spent countless hours going back and forth...
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    How many Binoculars do you have?

    Five pair total. Mine... SLC WB 8x42. Victory HT 8x42, and Victory FL 7x42. Wife's... Monarch HG 8x42, and Leupold Rogue 8x25 (work / office bin). I have serious binocularosis and am always looking at others, while the wife isn't interested in looking at anything else.
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    New EDG 8x42

    Same case the I found my NIB Victory FL 7x42's. In normal times I work about 5 min away, which means I'm there too much. Where I've bought all my bins and spotter though.
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    New EDG 8x42

    Actually, the EDG I was marked at $1,595. The EDG II for $1,400 is new, but I got to speak with the shop owner today. He said the II's were a warranty replacement for a pair of 1st Gen's they sent for repair. FWIW, he said he could flex on the price of either, but we didn't get to that far...
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    New EDG 8x42

    Just returned from the optics shop... Decided against a trade. Didn't see them yesterday, but they have a mint demo of the same EDG, except it's the 1st Gen with dual bridge. Equally awesome focus, more firm hinge tension, and much better objective covers IMHO. I decided to stand pay until...
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    New EDG 8x42

    Serviceability with Nikon is a concern. Should there be a problem or mishap, I'm not even sure there is much that can be done on them, at least not in the way Swaro, Leica, or Zeiss bins are serviceable.
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    New EDG 8x42

    I had never really looked that closely at the EDG line before, although I've read a bit about them. They were pretty sweet. Focus knob feel has become a bigger issue to me over time. When I bought the SLC's in 2016 I didn't give it much thought because the view was so stellar. I now find...
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    New EDG 8x42

    Visited my favorite optics shop this today and found a brand new EDG 8x42 in the discontinued case marked down to $1399. Beautiful sample with the quickest, most smooth focus knob I've ever felt. Giving hard thought to trading in my SLC WB's. Probably not an overly sensible idea; however...
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    Dust inside Victory FL's

    I think I forgot to note that the dust, etc. is completely invisible looking through either either ocular or objective end with the naked eye, even if looking at a brightly lit wall or sky. It can only be seen when inspecting the barrel interiors with a bright flashlight (something I know is...
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    Dust inside Victory FL's

    My other two bins as well as my wife's Nikon HG's all have a speck of dust or two, but nothing I would consider abnormal. I'm a fuss-budget for sure, but even I don't expect absolute perfection dust-wise... a couple specks doesn't bug me.
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    Dust inside Victory FL's

    Yes, I'm fortunate to have an SLC 8x42 and HT 8x42 as well. It has occurred to me to just put the FL's away for awhile and use the others. After a couple weeks or even a month I can see how I feel. Even if I wanted to sell them now is probably not the time, and if I decide to have them...