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  1. kahraba

    Myiarchus Flycatchers - Costa Rica

    I believe all these were taken in Parque Nacional Santa Rosa, northwestern Costa Rica, late february 2016. Are they all Nutting's Flycatchers ?
  2. kahraba

    Two raptors - Irazu, Costa Rica

    Prompted by recent threads about Costa Rica, I got back into old pics from february '16. These two raptors were seen at Irazu Volcano. I suspect Tiny Hawk for the second one (photos 2 & 3), whereas for the first one I have very little idea. It was flying quite high overhead.
  3. kahraba

    Marsh warbler ? Neusiedlersee, Austria

    Hello, browsing through old photos I found this one which looks like a good candidate for Acrocephalus palustris to me, although I initially IDed it as reed warbler. What are your thoughts about it ? Neusiedlersee, Austria, august 2018.
  4. kahraba

    Aquila, Etosha Namibia

    Hello all, can this bird be safely identified ? Judging by its dark eye this is probably Wahlberg's Eagle but can Tawny be excluded ? Thank you, Quentin
  5. kahraba

    Coucal, Kwando river, Namibia

    Some good old Senegal Coucal or possibly a Coppery-tailed ? It is probably impossible to identify this bird with such a picture, in any case I don't have enough experience with these. Thanks, Quentin Kwando river, Zambezi, Namibia - 29/04/2019
  6. kahraba

    Purple banded Sunbird ? Kwando river, Namibia

    Hello, another sunbird from my recent trip to Namibia that I am rather unable to identify. The overall dark and green look and the shortish bill could match purple-banded. Any opinions ? Kwando River (Namushasha Lodge), Zambezi, Namibia - 29/04/2019
  7. kahraba

    Weaver ? Kwando river, Namibia

    I spent several minutes watching this bird with the scope and took a few shots but I was unable to identify it. Help anyone ? Namushasha Lodge, Kwando River, Zambezi, Namibia - 29/04/2019
  8. kahraba

    Bat Hawk ? Etosha, Namibia

    Hello, here's one of these very distant shots taken during a safari when there is little time nor possibility to get a closer look at some bird. The overall shape, size, the beak shape and the clear throat point towards Bat Hawk to me. Thank you for your opinions on this one ! Quentin
  9. kahraba

    Sunbird, Etosha NP Namibia

    Here's a quite enigmatic bird to me. A juvenile male quite certainly, it seems to have a full glossy green head. What about this white vent ? Alas, this is the only shot which I have of this bird. Okaukuejo camp in Etosha NP, 22/4/2019.
  10. kahraba

    Grey-backed Cisticola ? Namibia

    Another from Windhoek, 21/4/2019. Is this a Grey-backed Cisticola ? Cheers, Quentin
  11. kahraba

    Southern Red Bishop ? Namibia

    Hello, is this bird a southern red Bishop ? Young or non-breeding male ? Windhoek, Namibia, 20/4/19. Thank you, Quentin
  12. kahraba

    Wheatear, Oman oct 2018

    Hello, I still do not have the faintest clue about this (juvenile ?) Wheatear seen on october 30 in Filim, Oman. Any ideas ? Quentin
  13. kahraba

    Aquilas - Jordan, february

    Hello, here are two aquilas seen over Dana Nature Reserve, Jordan, 26/2/2018. The first one looks like a good candidate for adult GSE to me. As for the second one, it is probably an adult Steppe Eagle (smallish head, mere dark trailing edge, extensive gape). Numerous migrating steppe eagles...
  14. kahraba

    Phylloscopus - Doi Inthanon, Thailand

    Here are three photos, if not of the same individual two or three from the same flock. Taken near the peak of Doi Inthanon, near Chiang Mai. I believe this is White-tailed Leaf-Warbler. Any opinions ?
  15. kahraba

    Prinia - Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Another bird I am having trouble with... Can I make this one a Yellow-Bellied Prinia ?
  16. kahraba

    Brown-streaked Flycatcher ? Bangkok Thailand

    Muscicapa dauurica is my best guess for this flycatcher but I would appreciate any knowledgeable opinion about this bird. Bang Krajao, south of Bangkok, February 6, 2017.
  17. kahraba

    Black-naped Monarch ? Bangkok Thailand

    I took these bad shots in Bang Krajao park south of Bangkok on feb. 6. Is this a female black-naped Monarch ? Obviously none of the blue flycatchers, but the jizz also looks quite different from the drawing in Craig Robson's "Birds of Thailand".
  18. kahraba

    Hawk, Costa Rica Northern pacific coast

    Hi, what are your thoughts about this bird ? Indeed a juvenile but I have basically no clue about the species...
  19. kahraba

    Hawk, Tortuguero CR

    Hello all, another from Costa Rica last month... I feel quite helpless with those new world raptors. Is this a broad-winged hawk ? Thanks !
  20. kahraba

    Warbler, Tortuguero Costa Rica

    Another old world warbler from my recent trip to CR which I am having trouble ID-ing... I lean towards Northern Parula but the lack of yellow wash on the breast puzzles me. Tortuguero, 23/02/2016. Anybody on this one ? ;)
  21. kahraba

    Accipiter sp. Irazu, Costa Rica

    Another small accipiter from my first day in this wonderful country. I don't remember it being so small but I don't see anything that fits the fine gray barring else than Tiny Hawk... tail barring looks wrong for this species, though. Thanks for the help ! Quentin
  22. kahraba

    Bicolored hawk ? Alajuela, Costa Rica

    Hello all, this shot is terrible and it is the only one that I have of this small raptor, seen in Alajuela 21/02/16. Is this a Bicolored Hawk ? Having notably neglected accipitrids in my preparations for this trip, I may have a few more to post for ID in the near future |:|| Quentin
  23. kahraba

    Flycatcher ID, Teotihuacan Mexico

    Hello, here's an old pic I could never properly ID. Is this a Pine Flycatcher ? Thanks, Quentin
  24. kahraba

    Bird song ID in commercial clip

    Hello, here's a commercial clip with what I believe is a female Atlantic Canary in the snow (!) whose song has been replaced with another species' (~0'57"). Please, can anyone identify which this is ? http://cite-musicale-ile-seguin.hauts-de-seine.net/ Quentin PS : I have no business...
  25. kahraba

    Night song - Morocco

    Hello, the following audio file is ME whistling and trying to imitate a singing bird heard near Lalla Takerkoust, Morocco, next to a lake, mid-March, after nightfall : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12973014/night%20song.mp3 It is definitely not the usual Scops Owl song, though it really...