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  1. marek_walford

    Canary Islands logistics

    Hi I'm planning a trip for May 2018. The plan is to do Tenerife and Feutureventura and clean up the endemics. We hoped to ferry between islands but there doesn't seem to be many options for taking a car and leaving it on a different island (plan is to fly into Tenerife and fly out of...
  2. marek_walford

    Mystery bird - UK

    Hi, Seen today in the UK. Calling continually (MP3 sound clip attached). Extremely elusive! Despite calling constantly it took over 2 hours to get a view of the bird high up in poplars (hence the terrible photos looking up at it). Any ideas? Cheers, Marek
  3. marek_walford

    Lost screw

    Hi, I have a 400mm f5.6 and one of the tiny screws has gone missing. Does anybody know where i could get a replacement? Thanks, Marek
  4. marek_walford

    UK Bird Race rules request

    Hi, Does anybody have a copy of the UK Bird Race rules? I think Birdwatch magazine runs the UK competition these days. If anybody could scan a copy of the rules I'd be very grateful. Many thanks, Marek
  5. marek_walford

    40D f5.6 400mm 1.4x converter

    Hi, I've been using a f5.6 400mm and 1.4 converter (pins taped) with a 20D relatively successfully. However, having switched the body for a 40D I'm having exposure problems, i.e. seems to over expose by 1 stop. I'm beginning to wonder if the tape trick just doesn't work very well with the 40D...
  6. marek_walford

    Ring-necked Duck or hybrid

    What do you think of these photos? http://www.berksbirds.co.uk/photos.asp Is it a female Ring-necked Duck or a hybrid? I've got an idea but would be very interested in others comments. Thanks.
  7. marek_walford

    Hybrid duck?

    Got some ideas what this might be but would welcome some suggestions.
  8. marek_walford

    Hoorah! Another gull...

    Hi there, Any opinions on the attached pics (from an id point). Taken in the UK in March. Cheers
  9. marek_walford

    Kumlien's Gull on Surfbirds

    Hi all, There's some photos on Surfbirds of a Kumlien's Gull at Sandbach Flashes, Cheshire. Never seen Kumlien's myself but it doesn't look structurally like an Iceland to me. Can anybody tell me why it isn't a Herring Gull with faded primaries?
  10. marek_walford

    Saker? on Scilly Oct 05

    This bird was seen on most islands during October. I photographed it on St. Agnes on the 12th. Some thought it was a Saker while some thought it was just a juvenile peregrine. Any thoughts? http://www.flickr.com/photos/marekwalford/sets/1071021/ You can see the bird is ringed on the right leg.
  11. marek_walford

    Gotham Chiffchaff

    I know Gotham is a fictional city but I presume it's supposed to be in the USA, so why during the burnt out house scene towards the end of the film is a Chiffchaff singing?!!! BTW, great film!
  12. marek_walford

    April Fool

    I was just thinking "I bet somebody has posted a dodgy pic on Surfbirds by now..." and guess what? http://www.surfbirds.com/cgi-bin/gallery/display.cgi?gallery=gallery12
  13. marek_walford

    Good price on Kycera SL400R

    Hilton Photographic http://www.hiltonphoto.co.uk/products/details/126.html £167.99 + £3 P&P Comes with a 128mb Dane-elec card The details say "Attachment for digiscoping" but they mean that one is available; it doesn't come with the plastic disk that the Contax cameras do. Excellent...
  14. marek_walford

    Aythya duck

    Hi, Any thoughts on the id of this duck? http://www.berksbirds.co.uk/show_photo.asp?photo_id=993 http://www.berksbirds.co.uk/show_photo.asp?photo_id=992 http://www.berksbirds.co.uk/show_photo.asp?photo_id=991 http://www.berksbirds.co.uk/show_photo.asp?photo_id=990...
  15. marek_walford

    ACRE (Association of County Recorders and Editors)

    Does anybody know if ACRE (Association of County Recorders and Editors) have a website or if any information about their aims etc. is avilable on the web? Many thanks
  16. marek_walford

    Curlew sp. at Minsmere

    Surprised nobody has posted on this yet but there are photos on Surfbirds.com (http://www.surfbirds.com/cgi-bin/gallery/display.cgi?gallery=gallery9) of a Curlew sp. at Minsmere yesterday. Looks interesting. Can't comment any more as I really know very little about Curlews other than the bog...
  17. marek_walford

    Which Manfrotto tripod?

    Hi all, More or less decided on the Swarovski ATS80HD and 30xWA but can't decide on the tripod! I don't want a very heavy setup but I want something pretty sturdy for digiscoping. The options... 055 - very heavy but undeniably stable 190 - not too heavy but not sure how stable? 443 - carbon...
  18. marek_walford

    Manfrotto 190 tripod & new 701RC head

    I was going to get the Manfrotto 190 with the 128RC head but am now much more keen on the new 701RC head. My question is, are the Manfrotto 190 tripod and the 701RC head up to the job of supporting the Swarovski ATS80HD scope + Coolpix? If I'm going to spend a small fortune on a lightweight...
  19. marek_walford

    Cirl Buntings near Exminster

    Hi there, A couple of years ago a mate and I went to Bowling Green Marsh to twitch the Ibis. While I was there a guy in the hide drove us to a Cirl Bunting site not very far away. I remember it being a grassy field with a hedge right next to a road. It was apparently Devon's only reliable site...
  20. marek_walford

    Buying new scope for birding & digiscoping

    I'm looking into replacing my Kowa TS-611 scope 20x and Velbon Sherpa 450 (PH-157Q) tripod. I'm looking at the top end of the market and particularly like the Swaro ATS80-HD. I'll be birding (obviously) and digiscoping (Coolpix 990). Having used a small Kowa I'm very keen to have a light-ish...
  21. marek_walford

    Latin name for Rosella Rainbow Parakeet

    Hi there, I'm currently compiling the escapes section of the county bird report and have a report of a "Rosella Rainbow Parakeet". I'm trying to find the latin name of this species but can't even find the english name anywhere! Any ideas?
  22. marek_walford

    Lesser Scaup or aythya hybrid

    Hi, Can anybody help with the id of the following bird photographed at Marlow, Bucks, UK last week? There is very divided opinion as to whether it's a Lesser Scaup or a hybrid. http://mysite.freeserve.com/bucksbirds/mysite/Pictures/Aythya.htm I didn't see the bird myself so can't answer any...
  23. marek_walford

    Charging batteries in Costa Rica

    Hi, I'm going to Costa Rica soon and will be taking my digiscoping kit with me. I have a Coolpix 990 (i.e. AA-type NimH rechargeables). I have a charger with a standard UK plug. Anybody have any idea what electrcity sockets they have and what do I need to plug my standard UK plug in? Many thanks.
  24. marek_walford

    Gull id.

    Hi, Any comments on the id of this gull taken in the UK on 10th Jan 2004?
  25. marek_walford

    Broken Coolpix shutter button

    Hi, My shutter button no longer operates in "focus lock mode". i.e. I can't half press it to lock focus. If I press the shutter button it fires immediately. I don't really want to send it to Nikon so does anybody know if there is an easy way to fix it or whether somewhere in the south can fix...