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    Holme, Norfolk Last July

    I only started looking at dragonflies last summer and I'm gradually working through my pictures. I think this maybe a Yellow- Winged Darter but would appreciate confirmation. If it's not a positive ID would be appreciated along with the distinguishing features. Taken at Holme Reserve 26 July...
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    Darters in Hunstanton, Norfolk

    Hi I've only recently started taking an interest in dragonflies so would appreciate help identifying this pair. I can't decide whether they are red veined darters or common darters with the pink hydrangea bush giving the impression of red veins. Thoughts and reasons why would be appreciated...
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    Switch from Canon equioment to smaller system

    Hi For the last few years I've being using a Canon 7D and 300 2.8 lens and teleconvertors for my bird photography and have been very happy with the results. Following surgical operations on both hands I am now finding it increasingly difficult to carry and hold this package. As I like the...
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    Canon 300mm f2.8 Firmware Update

    This was posted on 'Canon Rumors' of 19 September. Has anyone had their lens updated yet? If so with what results? "To the Users of the EF300mm f/2.8L IS II USM, EF400mm f/2.8L IS II USM, EF500mm f/4L IS II USM, and EF600mm f/4L IS II USM Interchangeable Lenses for Canon Digital SLR Cameras...
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    Snettisham High Tides

    Hi We're going to Norfolk next week and want to take in Snettisham for the famous roosts. I know that it may not yet the best time of year but hopefully it will still be worthwhile. My question is - How high does the tide have to be to see the birds to their best effect? Thanks Tony
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    ? Warbler. Berkshire

    A couple of rather poor pictures of what I think to be a warbler in our garden this afternoon. A positive ID would be appreciated. Thanks Tony
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    Snettisham Query

    Photographed this at Snettisham this morning. I'm thinking it might be a Redstart but confirmation or other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in anticipation. ony
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    Gull ID - Norfolk

    I'm rubbish at gull ID so I'd appreciate help with this one. Species and age would be appreciated. Thanks Tony
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    Photoshop Elements 11

    I currently use PE10 to process my images and am thinking of upgrading to PE11. Has anyone found the upgrade worthwhile for processing bird photographs? In particular I notice a feature called "Refine Edge" (which I understand has been in the full-blown PS for some time). Has anyone any...
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    Sandwich Terns

    Just got up and pulled the curtains. Looking out on the golf course in front of our holiday home at Hunstanton and there is the usual selection of what at first site appeared to be hundreds of gulls but, looking closer, 131 of them are Sandwich Terns. Probably not that rare in Norfolk but it's...
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    Unidentified at Titchwell

    I know it's probably obvious to most but I can't positively identify this one. Thanks in anticipation. Tony
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    Photo Books

    I'm considering producing a photo book of bird pictures for a local group. I could probably produce something myself but wonder if any members have experience of the commercial companies producing such products in the UK. Looking on the internet there are several options available but all seem...
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    Warbler at Titchwell

    Caught this last week at Titchwell. At first I though it was a Reed Warbler but now I'm not so sure. Is it a Marsh Warbler? Thoughts welcome. Thanks Tony
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    Gipsy Lane, Titchwell

    Does anyone know why Gipsy Lane, Titchwell is currently closed and when it might reopen? Tony
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    ? Willow Warbler in Berkshire

    A Willow Warbler I think but confirmation would be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.
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    Seen at Titchwell, Norfolk

    Seen moving quickly along a ditch. Identification would be appreciated. Thanks Tony
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    Gull ID please. BHG or Med? Berkshire

    Photographed this yesterday. I'd like to think it's a Med. Gull on my local patch so hopefully someone can confirm one way or another. No others shots I'm afraid. Regards Tony
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    Siberian Chiffchaff in Berkshire ?

    Seen today at Dinton Pastures. Confirmation of species would be appreciated. Photographed in a the bottom of a dark ditch so sorry about lack of quality. Tony
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    Samsung Tablet for Viewing Pictures

    I've recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tabley Tab 2 10.1. I've copied a lot of my bird pictures across and am very happy with the results with one exception. I can't seem to find an app which will allow ALL the following three options:- 1. Search by file name - all the pictures have a unique...
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    Swarovski ATX 95 Case

    Has anyone managed to find a stockist for the stay on case for this new scope? Alternatively has anyone found a third party case that fits? It seems that Swarovski have not yet released their own case. Suggestions or thoughts would be welcome. Tony
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    Identification please. Titchwell

    Can't convince myself exactly what this is. Taken at Titchwell last week. Help would be appreciated. Thanks Tony
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    Canon 300mm 2.8

    I've recently bought my new Canon 300mm 2.8 and am delighted with the results so far. A couple of questions that exisiting users may be able to help answer. The standard grip/handle/foot seems a bit short to carry the lens comfortably. Does anyone know of a supplier who produces a longer grip...
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    Canon 300mm + T/C

    I'm about to upgrade from a Sigma 150-500 to a new Canon 300 f2.8 to go with my 7d. I can probably also afford a Canon T/C - but which should I go for? I take a mixture of static and BIF shots and read the T/Cs tend to slow down AF. Is the reduction in speed the same for both or is the 2x...
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    Unidentified warbler at Cley, Norfolk.

    Positive identification of this one photographed last week at Cley would be apprecaited. Thanks. Tony
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    Photoshop Elements 10

    I've been using Elements 10 now for a few months on a self taught basis and I know there are features that I'm not yet using that might be of use. Can anyone recommend a good book to help me further. I'm not really interested in doing anything other than enhancing my bird pictures. What are...