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  1. J

    Grackles are Murderers?

    Thanks Fritz!
  2. J

    Grackles are Murderers?

    Thank you for the kind welcomes! I hope I don’t make any mistakes. The birds keep me busy. I’m starting to think I’m over feeding them and the starlings and Grackles have decided this is only THEIR food supply! As long as they don’t eat each other!
  3. J

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Mocky and Squawky'

    Thank you KC, Delia and Stan, Im writing in one post because we are only allowed 3. They keep me busy. Do birds over eat? I thought I would make sure they werent hungry but they dont stop eating! These ar just two of the 4 Mockingbirds and 2 Cardinals that come to my window sil for...
  4. Mocky and Squawky

    Mocky and Squawky

    One of these two are very territorial and chases the other off all the time. I throw berries in different directions to allow the other one to eat.
  5. J

    Grackles are Murderers?

    Thank you Delia for the welcome and the possible reason. I guess I understand. I just want them to play nice but that’s not happening! ��
  6. J

    Grackles are Murderers?

    Hi, my name is Judy and I’m new to forums. My husband got me interested in taking our bird feeding to the next level and now we have 3 different feeders and 3 suet cages, 2 water dishes one with a cheap water fountain, plus we give them a ton of bread and seeds on the ground. Oh, also I’ve...