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  1. RichardBaatsen

    Garden Egret

    Just a quickie. I was sent this pic. Is it a Juvenile Cattle Egret or a Little Egret. I know what I think but can I have a few replies. (and why) Please vote Richard B
  2. RichardBaatsen

    Harrier Glos

    This is a well marked Harrier in Gloucestershire Is this striking orange bird a well mark Hen Harrier or a Northern Harrier or a Hybrid Pallid x Hen Harrier. I have been counting bars on P10 and P8/P9. I would like to hear comments on this bird. The three pictures are all the same bird. Richard
  3. RichardBaatsen


    I am not a fan of BirdTrack. However as the County Recorder for Gloucestershire I do have a plea. People that have ticked the box to send their records onto the recorder, due to the new privacy laws could they email the recorder to let them know that their records are on Birdtrack. I often have...
  4. RichardBaatsen

    Caterpillar ID

    Just going through photos on my camera. The Caterpillar was taken on the 26th of May in Gloucestershire. Can anyone help me with the ID. Cheers
  5. RichardBaatsen

    UK400 club listing

    Right, here’s the thing I am going to delete my UK400 list from my dbase recording system (Sorry Lee). This decision was taken as it is not widely used now and it is not maintained anymore. I only used it so that I could compare lists based on a level playing field. I now use Bubo and would...
  6. RichardBaatsen

    Is this a Double Dart

    Is this a Double Dart I can't see that it is anything else. Can anyone confirm this. Cheers Richard
  7. RichardBaatsen

    Chamomile Shark

    Is this a Chamomile Shark. As I thought that it was too late to be on the wing. I need my ID confirming Many thanks
  8. RichardBaatsen

    ID Gloucestershire

    Can you help with this one it looks like a Mompha of some kind. But I do not have the books to close it our. Many thanks Richard
  9. RichardBaatsen

    Small grey moth

    Can anyone Help (Moth trap Glos) Is this a Grey Tortrix Cnephasia stephensiana did think that they were on the wing at the moment. If not what is it. Many thanks
  10. RichardBaatsen

    Are these both Brindled Pugs (Glos)

    I am confused are these both Brindled Pugs Caught in the trap last night in Gloucestershire. Many thanks
  11. RichardBaatsen

    Glos Moth ID

    Hi All I thought that this one might be a "Brick"... But that is probably way off... Can anyone help; Cheers
  12. RichardBaatsen

    Glos.. Moth

    Hi All Can anyone help with this one. Many thanks Richard
  13. RichardBaatsen

    Which Long Horn (Glos)

    Hi All Which Long Horn is this one !! Many thanks
  14. RichardBaatsen

    Moth ID Glos

    Hi All These three have me stumped can anyone help.. Many thanks
  15. RichardBaatsen

    Dusted Case-bearer - Coleophora adspersella

    Dusted Case-bearer - Coleophora adspersella Are there any confusion species for Coleophora adspersella Can anyone confirm the ID on this one for me. It looks good for this species. Cheers
  16. RichardBaatsen

    Glos possible Highflyer

    Hi Is this a May Highflyer. It looks like it should be easy to ID but then again I am still unsure. Many thanks
  17. RichardBaatsen

    Pug ID (GLos)

    Hi All I am no good a Pug ID can anyone help with this on. Could it be an Oak or Plain Pug....... Cheers
  18. RichardBaatsen

    Moth ID Glos

    Hi Any suggestions as to what this moth is.. Many thanks
  19. RichardBaatsen

    Id Glos

    Hi Folks This Grey Moth has me foxed at the moment can anyone help. Catch a nice Maple Prominent and a Lunar Spotted Pinion last night too. Many thanks in advance Richard
  20. RichardBaatsen

    ID Glos

    Hi All I have 4 moths that I need help with. 1/ I am 99% certain that it is a Kent Knot-horn (Which would be a very good moth for Glos) 2/ Fairly confident that its a Seraphim 3/ My best guest is Sandy Carpet 4/ The last no idea... (could just be a warn something) 1/ Kent Knot-horn Pempelia...
  21. RichardBaatsen

    Id Glos

    Hi can anyone help with this one. It has me stumped... Could just be a warn something. This weekend managed 271 moths of 57 species. I have decided that I do not like Minor !! Cheers Richard...
  22. RichardBaatsen

    ID questions from Glos

    I couple f ID questions can anyone help. Have I got the ID of these three moths (probably not) 1/ Grey / Light Grey Tortix 2/ Light Brown Apple Moth 3/ Swammerdamia Pyrella Cheers
  23. RichardBaatsen

    Raptor in Flight Glos UK

    Hi I received the following two photographs headed up Osprey. However I am not really happy with the ID. The pale rump and the contrasting upper wing and the faint hint of a Belly band just do not say Osprey to me What do people think of this bird. both pics are the same bird. Richard
  24. RichardBaatsen

    March : Lead-coloured Drab !

    Ran the moth trap last night 26th. March 5 Common Quaker 2 Small Quaker 1 Hebrew Character 1 Clouded Drab Can any one help on this Drab. See attached photo. Thought that it might be a Lead-coloured Drab. I do not like the outer cross-line which is usually broken, with small brown or blackish...
  25. RichardBaatsen

    BOU Brit List 9th March 2016

    I have just gone through the new BOU British List as issued on the 9th March 2016. There are four groups that have been reordered Plovers, Warblers, Larks and Buntings and there are also name changes. Little Crake Zapornia parva Baillon's Crake Zapornia...