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  1. nbalblas

    6 day Birding trip Holland for 150-180€

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've posted on birdforum. In the spring of 2017 and 2018 I did 6 days of intensive birding in 6 provinces in Holland to see how many species I could find per province. I did 6 days in the end of May. So, in 2019 I will be doing this again. But this time, I'd like...
  2. nbalblas

    5 more from Alberta

    Sparrows, again, + an Empid #1 might be a Longspur. #4 a Clay-Colored? Thanks for the input!
  3. nbalblas

    South Alberta, August '18

    4 Sparrows, please let me know what you think.
  4. nbalblas

    Cropped sea birds Vancouver Island

    Hope you guys can make some sense of these highly cropped pics. #1/2 Pacific or Common Loons #3/4 either Harlequin duck or Surf Scoter #5 black Scoter?
  5. nbalblas

    Easy ones from Okanagan Valley

    These should be easy peasy, yet I'm still not sure. #1 Willow Flycatcher? #2 Brewers Sparrow? #3 Red Naped Sapsucker (out of YB range, in Williamson Sapsucker protection area) Thanks all!
  6. nbalblas

    Hawk and Empid Okanagan Valley, BC

    The hawk, a Goshawk? Large hawk, Seems to have a white eyebrow. Was in suitable habitat, more foresty than other accipiters. Empid, either a bulky Wood Pewee or a drab Olive sided. Thanks for the input!
  7. nbalblas

    Hummer, Empid and goldeneye in BC

    All taken in Columbia-Shuswap, BC. Hummer, Calliope? Empid, no clue, Wood Peewee? Goldeneye, either one, probably Common. Thank you!
  8. nbalblas

    Goldeneye in Jasper NP

    Saw these two Goldeneye in Jasper NP today at a location where Barrows was reported the day earlier. Are these Barrows or just Commons? Thank you for the thoughts!
  9. nbalblas

    Empid in Banff, CA.

    Looks like a Traill's complex. Due to the geography, habitat and most importantly the sound, I reckoned this to be a Willow Flycatcher. Bird was in the following habit at : see attachment. Credits to Hiking with Barry. Taken in the lower Bow Valley in Southern BC.
  10. nbalblas

    Loggerhead or Northern Shrike?

    This Shrike was seen today 1st of August in Central Alberta. It is a bit early for Northern but this Shrike had a different feel to it then the Loggerheads seen earlier. A plump Shrike, not too shy like most Loggerheads seen. Thanks for the input!
  11. nbalblas

    Sparrows S. Alberta & SSK

    So, what do you guys reckon these are? Pictures 1&2 of same bird. Thanks for the input!
  12. nbalblas

    Hooded or Scott's oriole

    What do you guys think? Taken at chalk bluff park, Uvalde TX Something didn't seem right with this bird being a Hooded, it behaved quite secretive. (Something I'm not used to with hooded)
  13. nbalblas


    TO ALL BIRDERS (planning on) VISITING WG JONES FOREST Do not park at the big lot where the trucks enter but at the Texas A&M office. Our car was burglarized on the big parking lot. A first for the folks at the office but still .....
  14. nbalblas

    Struggling with Sparrows + Hummer TX

    The Sparrows are probably Cassins but hoping for something else. Geography (Falcon Dam), behaviour and Bill might suggest Black chinned for the Hummer?
  15. nbalblas

    Texas estero llano grande

    Any thoughts? Acadian and least maybe?
  16. nbalblas

    Texas SPI 04.05

    Texas SPI & Santa Ana 04.05 Western and least sandpipers? Rough legged for the hawk maybe?
  17. nbalblas

    Some more from Texas. UTC/LTC

    Anyone Empid om Southwest Padre Island and Peeps (all peeps in pics are unkown to me!)
  18. nbalblas

    Flycatcher andere Sparrows in Lagune Atascosa TX 04.05

    E. Wood Peewee and Cassins, or Grasshopper?
  19. nbalblas

    Snake ID Texas Brazoria NWR

    Anyone Who knows this snake's name?
  20. nbalblas

    Peeps @ Brazoria NWR Texas 30.04

    Probably same species, multiple birds.
  21. nbalblas

    UTC Flycatchers & Warbler

    2 Flycatchers species in Texas today + a Warbler. Anyone any thoughts?
  22. nbalblas

    Provincial days April 2018 Holland

    So I've finished my provincial days.(https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=356189) Found 149 species over the course of 6 days. A seventh additional day added White-Tailed Eagle and Kentish Plover. For any questions about species, areas or a guide for a day/week, let me know! The species...
  23. nbalblas

    bird Skull IDs

    I inherited a collection of bird skulls from my late Grandfather. Most of these were tagged, but 2 dozen or so weren't. Maybe you guys can help me ID them? I'll upload <5 at a time. These first two, are they Bewicks and Whooper Swans? (BH-gull for size comparison) And from left to right...
  24. nbalblas

    Sparrowhawk or Goshawk?

    Got this picture from a friend. She and I think a Sparrowhawk but someone from the local bird club thinks Goshawk. What's your take? Thanks!
  25. nbalblas

    Dates for the 6-day trip Holland in April.

    Dates are below! Hey guys! In the spring of 2017 I did 6 days of intensive birding in 6 provinces in Holland to see how many species I could find per province. I did 6 of these days in the end of march and another 6 in the end of May. So, in 2018 I will be doing this again. But this time, I'd...