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  1. Simon S

    Nikon 7x35 EII such a thing?

    I am looking at buying what is supposedly a Nikon 7x35eII but I am not convinced there is such a thing? Anyone know any better? Thanks for your help.
  2. Simon S

    Porro or Roof ? Your choice.

    All things being equal, optics, build, weather protection, what would your preference be? And a brief description why?
  3. Simon S

    Nikon 8x30EII or 8x32SE which is best?

    Well I know that answer but that is my personal opinion. The two models are both superb, superb build quality and optical performance. But they both offer different merits. The Se offers a perfectly flat image due to its field flatterer lenses, and a slightly (very slightly) narrower view. The...
  4. Simon S

    Opticron/Mirador the connection?

    I have a few Mirador binoculars in my collection and decided to purchase a Mirador 75mm scope a years ago. Somewhat disappointed by its lacklustre view I started looking for a lower magnification eyepiece. I have since found out that the Opticron classic range looks identical, and I can't help...
  5. Simon S

    Nikon ED78? eyepice recomendation

    I have just bought a second hand Nikon ED 78 scope, and I think it is an early model with a zoom eyepiece. The quality of the image is great, and very sharp, but I would love to great a wide angle eyepiece with a magnification of around 50X. Can I fit an adaptor to take a third party eyepiece...
  6. Simon S

    My review on some of the great 6-8x30's

    I have posted a review of the Nikon Porro's through the years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QJJINUPXa4
  7. Simon S

    Has anyone any news on user Orbitaljump?

    Because I have not heard from him for a year or so...
  8. Simon S

    Vintage and Classic Binoculars

    I recommend we start a new thread for those who love old binoculars. Maybe someone would like to start?
  9. Simon S

    What was the first binocular you owned?

    I remember mine, a 7x50 I think, Japanese porro from the 70's, and possibly a Prinz branded model. Seemed great at the time, I remember my grandfather being blown away as he had never looked through a "prism" binocular before that. I would love to hear others stories too.
  10. Simon S

    Swift brochure

    Last year I contacted Swift regarding the upload of an old Swift catalogue I bought from the internet. They had no problems with this and indeed requested I emailed a copy to them selves. I am looking for more catalogues from different manufactures to do the same, but here is the Swift range...
  11. Simon S

    Please help identify WWII 7x50 company

    Hi, I am looking for information on an optics company that made binoculars for our armed forces in what I think was Nottingham during the 1930's and 40's. The name of the company is ambiguous but several suggestions are Nottingham Industries Ltd ,Nottingham Light industries and even Northern...
  12. Simon S

    Swift Apollo MK2

    Just bought a mint pair of Swift Apollo mk2's and was wondering if anyone has used a pair. I have the Mk1's which are OK performance wise but these are a 96 model.
  13. Simon S

    Falcon Identification.

    Please could someone id this bird for me please. Spotted in North Cornwall while on holiday.
  14. Simon S

    Yet another Audubon offspring!

    I have just purchaced a pair of Swift Supreme binoculars and was wondering if anyone had any info on them? They are 10x50s and 420 ft at 1000 yards. I would imagine them to have high index prisms and a quality similar to the early Audubons?
  15. Simon S

    Swarovski Habicht 8x30W Binoculars

    Being a keen collector of Porro binoculars I am thinking of buying a pair of Swarovski Habicht 8x30W Binoculars for my birthday. What is the performance of this model compared with other models in the range? Has anyone got a pair?
  16. Simon S

    Upgrade to Swift satelitte 20x80's

    Here's a question for someone. I own a pair of Satellite 20x80's and a a scrap pair of Audubon's with good prisms. The Satellite's use inferior BK7 prisms but the Audubon's do not! Can you see where this is going? :t::king:
  17. Simon S

    Dating Old Ross Binoculars

    I am looking for information regarding the age of some old Ross binoculars I cave collected through there serial numbers. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  18. Simon S

    How many binoculars do you own?

    I know am not alone here I know in owning a huge collection of binoculars. So how many do you own? Don't be embarrassed, I own over 90 pairs:t::king:|8.|
  19. Simon S

    Swift Derby

    I have just bought a pair of swift Derby 7.5 X42 binoculars from E**y and was wondering if anyone knew anything about there performance etc?
  20. Simon S

    Information on an old pair of Tascos No.118

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these old 7 x 35 Tascos from what looks like the 70's. Some Tasco's of this era where quite good? Anyone owned a pair?
  21. Simon S

    Where are all the Sort eared Owls hiding?

    There seems to be a distinct lack of Short eared Owls in the South of England this year. I have heard no reports from Rodmell and Shorham? Anyone seen any?
  22. Simon S

    Evening Walk

    I have just come home from an evening stroll via a disused farm. It was pitch black and hard to see anything without the aid of a torch. I entered an old barn to find what looked like a Kestrel or pigeon circling the inside of the barn. As I left I herd the call of what I thought was a Barn...
  23. Simon S

    Swift Auduborn Type 4b diopter

    I am restoring a pair on Swift Audubon's that have the plastic ring that screws to the diopter with 3 set screws. Has anyone here got a scrap pair or this part they would like to sell. I have followed up a lead from some of the people on the forum but to no avail. Simon.
  24. Simon S

    Looking for a cheap pair of good Bins?

    Well by a pair of Tento 7 x 35's Bak4 prisms, built to last (Like a Lada) and light weight. The view through my pair is very good indeed, and is a great starting binocular. I paid £ 15 for mine on ebay, so keep your eyes peeled. Simon
  25. Simon S

    Review Zeiss Jenoptem and Russian BNU4

    25 years ago I bought a pair of binoculars from a camera shop in Kingston South London for around £25 pounds. I did a comparison in the shop with a pair of Swifts and decided the oily smelling Russian BNU4 8X30’s where superior in there image quality and build. Five years ago I gave them away to...