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  1. Tockman

    Are your Blue Tits very active?

    Hi All, I cleaned my camera box out this w/end, closely watched by a couple of B/T's since then they've never left it alone,they are in and out all day long, checking every part of it, I just hope that this unseasonable weather we're having at the moment hasn't made them think that it's time...
  2. Tockman

    580EX Speedlite, Info Please!

    Hi, I'm using a 350D with a Sigma 170-500mm lens,usually at 500mm,and considering purchasing the 580EX speeedlite(for the dark and gloomy days ahead!) any info/comments or pic's taken using this,or similar setup much appreciated...
  3. Tockman

    First Moth Pic. ID please.

    Hi Guys, Very few birds around today,so decided to search for Butterflies & Moths instead, this one came along within minutes, ID anyone please! I used my old Panasonic Lumix FZ20 for this shot but had to get in quite close (3- 4") can anyone recommend a Macro Lens for my Canon 350d that would...
  4. Tockman

    Is this a Siskin?

    Hi Guys, A new visitor on the feeders today, is it a Siskin?
  5. Tockman

    Nest Box Entrance Hole?

    Hi Guys. What's the best diameter to make a nest box entrance hole? I made a box last year with a 1" diameter hole, to attract blue tits etc,they did start to build a nest, and then abandoned it, I then found great tits trying to squeeze in! (no way) If I make the hole large enough for the...
  6. Tockman

    Baby Sparrows in January!

    Took this photo today, Bolton, Lancs, UK. Spring must have started early this year!!
  7. Tockman

    Help choosing a lens please.

    Hi Guys, I'm a bit confused about zoom lenses and focal lengths. I'm presently using a Panasonic Lumix FZ20 (12x optical zoom, 36-432. 35mm equiv) would 432 be the total zoom? I'm hoping to buy a Canon EOS 350D soon, but which lens? I need more reach, ideally to capture small...
  8. Tockman

    I.D. Please.

    Hi Guys, This is my first moth? photo, anybody ID please? Thanks, Alan
  9. Tockman

    Help Please! No Flash on Lumix FZ20

    Hi Guys, I'm having a few probs with the flash on my Lumix FZ20. A new icon has appeared that looks like (external flash connected ) even though I haven't got one, I've tried everything but reset to get rid of it. Only Exposure & Auto Bracket modes are displayed when pressing the 4...
  10. Tockman

    Buying a Tcon17.

    Hi Guys, Where in the UK, would you suggest I buy a Tcon17 tele-converter and adapter, to fit my Lumix FZ20? I know some members have bought from Pemaraal, any info/etc on buying from the US, much appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, Alan
  11. Tockman

    Beetle ID Please

    Hi Guys, Can anyone ID this bug please, it crash landed on "The nearest and Dearest" today, nearly gave her an heart attack! It's about 15 mm long, and ugly with it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks , Alan.
  12. Tockman

    Panasonic Lumix FZ20

    Hi Guys, Anyone out there using a Panasonic Lumix FZ20 ? Leica Lens/12x optical/4x digital, equivalent to 36-432 mm! Mega OIS (image stabilized) 5.0M. all for £398, sounds to good to be true! Any info/views, much appreciated. Thanks, Alan.
  13. Tockman

    Speedy Blue Tit!

    Hi Guys, The fastest viewing of a bird box ever yesterday! I secured this robin box loosely with one screw,then popped back indoors to check it's position etc, and to make sure I could see it ok from the bedroom window, I couldn't believe it when I looked out, a blue tit already...
  14. Tockman

    My First Goldfinch.

    A Goldfinch at last! over 2 years of trying to attract one, hours of disappointment, and pounds of stale Niger seed, you guys said be patient, and you were right! Out of the blue yesterday, there it was, pecking away, it's returned several times now,so I'm hoping it's going to stay a while...
  15. Tockman

    Nikon.DSC Files.

    Hi Guys, Anybody know how to open DSC files, and what they contain? this file always appears when I use my card reader to transfer pic's from a memory card, to PC. (usually only a few kbs) I think it's camera info. Any ideas?
  16. Tockman

    CP4500+Eagle Eye Zoom?

    Hi Guys, Has anyone out there used a Eagle Eye x5 Telephoto Lens, with a Nikon CP4500? Any info much appreciated, Re; Vignetting/Quality etc. or is there a better alternative to make a 15/20x zoom. My scope has a 30x eyepiece which can be a little too powerful at times,( 20x...
  17. Tockman

    Digital Photo Printers

    Hi, Has anyone out there got, or used one of the new digital picture printers? eg. Lexmark P6250, sells for approx £149.99. looks a bit to simple to be true! brochure says pop in your memory card, and seconds later your professional looking photo's are ready, Question.... Is it so simple...
  18. Tockman

    Black& White Bird!

    Hi All, An unusual visitor called last week, a Black and White bird! I've seen them with just a white spot or two on the wings, but never one like this! anyone else seen one? Apologies for poor quality photo, taken with digital video camera in snapshot mode, just happened to be handy at...
  19. Tockman

    Nestbox Cameras

    Hi, Can anyone help with info on ready made nestboxes complete with video camera, e.g Black&White V Colour, wireless, Picture Quality, Suppliers etc. Any tips/info much appreciated. Thanks, Alan.
  20. Tockman

    Is this a Chaffinch?

    Hi, Can anyone help with ID of attached pic, suspect possibly a fat chaffinch! but not 100% sure. Have only just started digiscoping,hence lack of knowledge on species, Hope someone can help. Thanks, Alan. B (:
  21. Tockman

    Am I expecting to much?

    Hi, I'm new at Digiscoping,just bought my first scope last week a (S/H Swaro ST80 HD) I was hoping for sharper pics than this. Attached Coal Tit even had a touch up in PSP, but still not as sharp as I'd like. I turned a sleeve to fit camera to scope,and used a cable release, although camera...
  22. Tockman

    Which Scope?

    Hi, I'm a new member who's keen to start Digiscoping, I have a Pentax Optio 3.2 megapixels Camera,(No filter threads) and would like some advise on which scope to buy. 1. Which Make. 2. How much would I have to spend for a scope with good optics,I believe the cheaper ones are only good for...
  23. Tockman

    Hello,From Bolton,Lancs,England.

    Hi, Just a quick line to say Hello, Joined B/F last week, and this is my first post. I Live a stones throw away from Belmont Moors,Bolton,UK. We get a good selection of birds here, from Goldcrest to Sparrow Hawks. Looking forward to speaking with fellow birders soon.