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  1. vermilion flycatcher

    vermilion flycatcher

    Not a great photo but a very difficult bird to find. This one was taken from the back of a moving truck!
  2. Galapagos penguins

    Galapagos penguins

    Very tiny birds but so sweet. These are endemic and are the only ones found around the equator. . In the last 30 years its population has decreased by 50%, to just over 1000, it is an endangered species. The 1982 and 1997 El Ninos were the main problem.
  3. Oriental Pied Hornbill

    Oriental Pied Hornbill

  4. Oriental Pied Hornbill

    Oriental Pied Hornbill

  5. Brahminy kite

    Brahminy kite

  6. LMG

    meadow pipit?

    Thanks for the help. I wasn't thinking juveniles at all! There was a pair, which made me think male, female. I managed to get a dozen good shots through my window, they were very cooperative. They're are first for me, I've seen adults before but not the youngsters. Nice to know they bred...
  7. LMG

    meadow pipit?

    Is this a meadow pipit? I thought it was but the beak seems more bunting-like now! It's got the long back claw so it must be a meadow pipit?
  8. LMG

    Comment by 'LMG' in media 'Bluetit watching a stoat'

    Tanny: I stand to be corrected but I thought a long mouse was a weasel (and I have seen them about too) and a long rat was a stoat. I agree the tail is odd, I thought perhaps it was a youngster. Can anyone put me right?
  9. LMG

    Alarming at a stoat

    Yesterday there were about a dozen garden birds alarming at a stoat. I've posted a photo in the gallery showing a bluetit watching the predator. It was so interesting to watch. Most of the birds were sitting in the tree above the animal. Some were quite daring and got quite close to it. I...
  10. LMG

    Swallow baby

    Three weeks ago I discovered one egg in the swallow nest. A week later, still one egg. Yesterday it hatched! It takes two weeks for the baby to emerge, so the egg probably wasn't incubated for the first week. Perhaps the pair were trying to produce more eggs? We've had loads of swallows...
  11. Bluetit watching a stoat

    Bluetit watching a stoat

    Top left is a bluetit watching a stoat! In fact there were about a dozen birds (great tits, wrens, a robin and a chiffchaff) in the tree watching and alarming at the stoat. Some were babies, probably learning to avoid this predator! It was really interesting to watch.
  12. LMG

    Comment by 'LMG' in media 'A Pair of Puffins'

    Super photo, my favourite birds.
  13. bluetit juvenile

    bluetit juvenile

  14. tawny frogmouth

    tawny frogmouth

    Medium sized night bird well camourflaged, wide bill, weak legs and small feet.
  15. brolga


    Large, long-legged, pale grey crane with bare red skin on head and grey green crown.
  16. LMG

    Comment by 'LMG' in media 'figbird'

    I only know it as a figbird! Have done a Google search and I'm confused between the Viridis and Vieilloti. I think it's the Viridis or Southern Figbird. See what you think, there are several good sites.
  17. Southern cassowary

    Southern cassowary

    An amazing bird, related to the emu, only a few left in the wild. It's 'helmet' is used as a battering ram, when charging through the rainforest!
  18. satin bowerbird

    satin bowerbird

    Likes to collect blue items for it's bower
  19. figbird


  20. LMG

    Comment by 'LMG' in media 'Poor looking darter'

    Queensland, Australia
  21. kookaburra


  22. Poor looking darter

    Poor looking darter

  23. male bullfinch

    male bullfinch

    A pair of bullfinches come every day for a drink from my pond (a large bowl!).
  24. female bullfinch

    female bullfinch