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  1. TheBirdGarden

    Help with New Laptop Purchase?

    Hi, I am currently eyeing up a new laptop, it would be for Uni and work, and hopefully also photoshop. I need to know however if this would be good enough for photoshop as in, is the screen any good and will it be able to run it. The laptop I am looking is the Lenovo S20-30 The specs are as...
  2. TheBirdGarden


    A word of advice do not leave your DSLR unattended with the lens cap off (although I don't think any of you would be as stupid as me. Luckily I can easily repair it by buying a replacement the culprit? an inquisitive magpie! (the fingerprints are from me practising removing and putting it...
  3. TheBirdGarden

    What should I do?

    I am planning a patch of wildflower meadow in my garden, before doing so I was checking through the tall grass for frogs before mowing. I came across instead these green caterpillars that are rolled up, what should I do with them? are they hibernating or something? I know very little on...
  4. TheBirdGarden

    What Was I? South Wales Garden

    Found this in my garden the other day and only this, no sign of a ball of feathers etc. I would like to know what it was, I am swaying towards a blackbird because of the brown above the leg. If it is possible what could have done this?
  5. TheBirdGarden

    I am hoping someone could help me here

    For the past few years now I have been transforming the garden, planting wildlife flowers, ponds etc. It has been a bit of success, even getting mushrooms to grow and frogs visit the pond. I have an area of the garden which, I do not know what to do with, the problem with it is that the...
  6. TheBirdGarden

    One that I need to know

    Recently there have been a lot of these caterpillar type things that I find in the garden, lemme get into detail. They hand from what I can only describe as a single thread of spide web, they are usually hanging from a tree branch or from the washing line. Like I said they look like...
  7. TheBirdGarden

    Am I editing RAW okay?

    Since I have upgraded to DSLR I want to get into the habit of shooting in RAW, I am a little iffy of doing that at the moment incase I suck at editing them and with no JPEG I lose what could possibly had been a good image. Now my computer screen is not the best so am not sure if I will pick up...
  8. TheBirdGarden

    Would you recommend the Pocket Nature Guide series?

    In September I will hopefully be beginning a Degree in Environmental Conservation Management and some of the modules will be things such as grassland management and ecology. I would need basic identification skills which I already have for birds but nothing else. Would any of you recommend the...
  9. TheBirdGarden

    Butterfly, Llanelli

    Terribly sorry if this is a super easy ID.
  10. TheBirdGarden

    Skylarks Buddy, Llanelli

    My gut says Bearded Tit but I would need confirmation, who is this skylarks friend?
  11. TheBirdGarden

    Butterfly I cannot ID

    I did half of my Garden Bioblitz today, and during a resting period a butterfly fluttered as they do onto the gooseberry bush and then flew away aaaand I couldnt get a picture. But I did draw the pattern I could see on it which I have included here. I cannot find it on the british butterfly ID...
  12. TheBirdGarden

    Possible BOP - Cornwall, England

    This is one for the keen eyed, unfortunately I deleted the original file and all I am left with is the small facebook file of it. This bird was hovering on the cliffside. My immediate instinct was BOP but my instincts have not been so accurate in the past. Sorry for the picture but I have seen...
  13. TheBirdGarden

    First Outing with DSLR

    I wasn't really going for challenge, but more for focus, frame, colours etc. I also could not take many...16 to be exact because my card had only 50mb free...a format solved that when I got home. EXIF Info should still be on them, if you can't find them I will post them. None have been cropped...
  14. TheBirdGarden

    How do you guys determine shutter speed?

    Apologies if this sounds like a stupid question but it is the only thing now that I have not grasped now. When taking photos, what makes you determine what shutter to use? I understand that a higher shutter speed is needed for action shots and a very low one can be used for motion photography...
  15. TheBirdGarden

    Finally Taken the DSLR route

    After years and years of sitting and thinking with the occasional sniff I have taken to the DSLR route. For my first camera I have chosen an Sony A200, why? because I am a simple man with a simple mind when it comes to cameras and this sounded like the camera for me. It will take a while before...
  16. TheBirdGarden

    Something to slideshow photos?

    Have just got an email from jAlbum saying they will no longer be doing a free service (how nice of them) can anyone reccommend a site which will allow me to show my photos like THIS for FREE? This is so people can just look at my photos without needed to sign in (like birdforum) and that I don't...
  17. TheBirdGarden

    Printing Questions

    I need to know something. All my photos are 3072x2304, perfect size to print pretty much right? Now then, the DPI, which i know stands for Dots per inches and 72 is basically used for hosting images on the web....now if I change the size of the dpi on photoshop to 300, will this have any...
  18. TheBirdGarden

    Colourful new bird species discovered in Peru

    A colourful, fruit-eating bird with a black mask, pale belly and scarlet breast - never before described by science - has been discovered and named by Cornell University graduates following an expedition to the remote Peruvian Andes. http://www.wildlifeextra.com/go/news/peru-barbet.html#cr
  19. TheBirdGarden

    Birds and berries to be surveyed

    Gardeners and birdwatchers are being asked to help identify birds' berry-eating habits. http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/19422637
  20. TheBirdGarden

    'Alien mammal' invasion of Europe

    Alien mammals, including mink, wild boar, racoons, shrews and beavers, have invaded Europe to a greater extent than we thought. http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/19474287
  21. TheBirdGarden

    What is this and What is it doing? Fly, Wales

    In the garden this fly seemd odd to me, not only that it was stiff and stuck to the plant leaf (i poked it with a stick because I assumed it was dead) what is it and what is it doing?
  22. TheBirdGarden

    Birds hold 'funerals' for dead

  23. TheBirdGarden

    beetle thing for Id, wales

    Taken today at tradegar park, size of a grown mans thumb, pictures taken on phone, a good example why not to leave your camera at home.
  24. TheBirdGarden

    beetle thing for Id, wales

    Taken today at tradegar park, size of a grown mans thumb, pictures taken on phone, a good example why not to leave your camera at home.
  25. TheBirdGarden

    Cardboard nest for birds who lost home

    Cardboard nest for homeless swallows in Carmarthen http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-west-wales-19373686