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  1. Alex_sk

    BBC Horizon: Predators in Your Backyard 8/3/2011

    BBC Horizon programme on Tuesday 8/3/2011 "Across the world scientists are releasing predators, nature's ultimate killers, close to where people live. In Florida, a new population of panthers, feared as ambush predators, have been released near to the busy town of Naples. In the Italian Alps...
  2. Alex_sk

    BBC Radio 4: Saving Species

    A big, new series starting on BBC Radio 4 tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11am and repeated on Thursdays at 9pm: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00rt8nn Some more info on here: http://www.open2.net/savingspecies/about_saving_species.html
  3. Alex_sk

    Springwatch 2010

    Just seen the dates for Springwach 2010 on Simon King's website: http://www.simonkingwildlife.com/events/index.php Alex
  4. Alex_sk

    Hawfinches/Crossbills at Bedgebury Pinetum

    Hi everyone I am hoping to go to Bedgebury Pinetum one day soon and try to see the roosting finch flocks and maybe Crossbills (which have been reported on the forest's website - 20 apparently!): http://www.bedgeburypinetum.org.uk/ I have heard that there is a good spot to set up my scope and...
  5. Alex_sk

    Crimson Wing

    After the success of March of the Penguins, a new documentary film by Disney has been released in cinemas about the Lesser Flamingos of Lake Natron in Tanzania: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8tKgBHFSVQ&feature=related...
  6. Alex_sk

    Autumnwatch 2009

    A new series and new format!! It starts on 2nd October and will be broadcast once a week on Fridays until the 20th November. http://www.simonkingwildlife.com/events/index.php Alex
  7. Alex_sk

    Film Four: 'The Hide' on 16/2/2009

    A feature film on Film Four on Monday at 11pm. It is a film of a play by Tim Whitnall that featured on Radio 4 a while back. http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=77403 http://www.kent.gov.uk/filmoffice/film-focus/the-hide-2009 Synopsis and photos: http://www.alisonfm.com/page6.htm...
  8. Alex_sk

    Black Redstarts at East India Dock NR?

    Hi I am hoping to visit the East India Dock NR in the near future and am very much hoping to glimpse a Black Redstart when I am there. After reading about the reserve, I understand that they prefer a site that is adjacent to the reserve. I was wondering if someone could give me directions to...
  9. Alex_sk

    Moth ID please

    Hi Could anyone please help me ID this moth please? It flew through an open window back on 22nd October. Thanks! Alex
  10. Alex_sk

    Possible avian pox?

    It appears that when I was on holiday in Mallorca I may have identified a bird suffering from what appears to be avian pox: http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=126405 I saw it in the orchard on the corner of Llenaire Road on 1/10/08. Thought I'd post it here to let local birders know...
  11. Alex_sk

    Insects in Mallorca

    I was just wondering if someone could please help me ID these insects I saw in Mallorca a few weeks ago. I saw the beetles in the Bocquer Valley. I saw the crickets/grasshoppers in at the S'Albufera nature reserve. There was also some noisy insects building mudcup nests in one of the...
  12. Alex_sk

    Mallorca Bird report - September/early October 2008

    Hi all Have now returned from my holiday in Mallorca. Had a wondeful time and saw lots of birds and other wildlife. Shall be posting my report here in the next few days... Alex
  13. Alex_sk

    Beak Growth?

    Hi Whilst on holiday in Mallorca recently, I noticed this spotted flycatcher with a growth on its beak. Other than that it seemed to be in good health and was feeding OK. Was wondering though what this growth might have been and if it'll get worse? Any ideas? Thanks Alex
  14. Alex_sk

    Moth ID help

    Hi I have a few moths that I would appreciate help in IDing. - The 1st moth had a distinct green tinge to it. - The 3rd moth had a distintive black band around it's middle. - I think the 5th moth is either a Apple or Orchard Ermine. Thanks for any help. Alex
  15. Alex_sk

    Scops Owl in Puerto Pollensa?

    Hi everyone I am going on my first birding trip to Mallorca in late September. Just wondering if anyone can tell me where I might get a glimpse of a Scops Owl in the resort I am staying in - Puerto Pollensa? I have heard reports that there is one that hangs around the Guarda Civil building...
  16. Alex_sk

    Pacific Abyss

    A new series called Pacific Abyss started on BBC1 last night. You can watch last night's episode on BBC iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00cvb3p/ Kate Humble sets sail on a 2,000 mile adventure across the Pacific with a team of top natural history filmmakers and deep water...
  17. Alex_sk

    WWT Slimbridge on Castle in the Country

    John Craven visits Slimbridge. On BBC iplayer for the next few days: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00cyskt/
  18. Alex_sk

    Jimmy and the Wild Honey Hunters

    Sounds like it could be interesting. It's on BBC 1 tonight at 8.00pm and will be on BBC iplayer: Jimmy Doherty, of Jimmy's Farm and Jimmy's Farming Hero's, is a pig farmer from Suffolk, and a keen amateur naturalist with a passion for bees and honey. He keeps bees and has always been blown...
  19. Alex_sk

    Nymph case ID

    Hi Just wondering if someone could please help me ID this dragonfly nymph case that I found in a hide at Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve? I haven't got a clue what species it could be but would be interested in finding out! Thanks Alex
  20. Alex_sk

    Micro ID

    Hi Just wondering if someone could help me ID these micros please? Have already read the micro ID 'sticky' thread but still a little unsure..... Is the second one a Brown House moth (Hofmannophila pseudospretella) or Bryotropha domestica? Thanks Alex
  21. Alex_sk

    Lost Land of the Jaguar

    A three part series starting on BBC1 tonight at 8.00pm: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/tvradio/programmes/jaguar/ Will be available on BBC iPlayer.
  22. Alex_sk

    BBC: Born To Be Wild episode on butterflies & moths

    Hi There is a programme as part of a series called Born To Be Wild on both BBC4 and BBC iPlayer that may be of interest: Butterflies Series on amateur naturalists focuses on those immersed in the strange and colourful world of butterflies and moths. Changes in the numbers of these creatures...
  23. Alex_sk

    TV Diaries....

    Hi everyone Sorry for the recent lack of TV diaries. I though that Ann was doing them now she has returned from holiday, but I guess she must still be busy. I shall carry on from next week until she returns! Alex
  24. Alex_sk

    Moth ID help and question

    Hello I was wondering if someone could please help me ID these moths I caught in my trap on Monday evening? I am new to trapping and so still learning! I think the last one is an Uncertain (how appropriate!) but am not sure as it holds it's wings differently to how it is illustrated in my...
  25. Alex_sk

    BBC4 & IPlayer: Born To Be Wild

    A new series in which UK amateur naturalists explain their passions. Includes programmes on mammals and bugs: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00cj59l/comingup