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  1. skatebirder

    Not asking for an ID NEast London.

    I feel as though I've wandered into "ruffled feathers" by mistake.
  2. skatebirder

    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker continued

    I think the time to "change tack" on this subject occurred a long way back in the thread, Deb!
  3. skatebirder

    Pileated woodpecker

    Maybe Scotland is where all the Ivory Billed Woodpeckers have been hiding all along.
  4. skatebirder

    Joint BF Lockdown Listing - Autumn 2020

    Well, if we've started, here are a few from this afternoon in Southampton: Grey Heron Long-tailed Tit Goldcrest Firecrest Common Gull Coot Moorhen Tufted Duck Shoveler
  5. skatebirder

    Last Swallow of the year

    Five over Southampton this morning.
  6. skatebirder

    Bunting (?) seen in France

    Well if it is, it ain't a juvenile now 😁
  7. skatebirder

    Birds you could watch for hours and hours...

    Swifts for me. Any kind of Swift.
  8. skatebirder

    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2020 edition)

    Blackcap in Lancashire, if you're still missing one.
  9. skatebirder

    Arundel, West Sussex

    A Kestrel, hovering.
  10. skatebirder

    Non-Leather Hiking Shoes?

    I have some Ethical Wares Ranger boots, which have lasted well. I tried their Kathmandu walking shoes, but found them liable to keel over, so I stopped wearing them to preserve my ankles. Columbia peakfreak outdry shoes are non-leather, waterproof and very comfortable for walking, but I don't...
  11. skatebirder

    Firecrests and Black Redstarts this winter

    Firecrest numbers around Southampton seem fairly high (I saw five yesterday without really trying). We had a couple of Black Redstarts on the local patch at the end of last year, but none since Christmas.
  12. skatebirder

    little owls

    I used to see Little Owls in several areas of my local patches around Southampton, but haven't seen one for several years now. It seems strange that Great White Egrets are now far more common on the patch than Little Owls...not that I'm suggesting any correlation!
  13. skatebirder

    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2019 edition)

    More for the UK list: Firecrest Goldcrest Goosander Tufted Duck Shoveler Jay
  14. skatebirder

    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2019 edition)

    Blackcap on the garden feeder this morning. Nice start to the year.
  15. skatebirder

    Last Butterfly of the year, 2018

    Another Red Admiral in Hampshire on 17th Nov
  16. skatebirder

    Last Butterfly of the year, 2018

    Two Speckled Wood, a Red Admiral and a distant White sp. for me today.
  17. skatebirder

    eastern Canada mystery bird

    Clark's Nutcracker perhaps?
  18. skatebirder

    Winter trip - Cirl bunting, Bewick swan, firecrest?

    There are lots of Firecrest in Hampshire, especially around the New Forest and Southampton. I have seen them in my urban Southampton garden, and there are quite a few which winter on Southampton Common and the Old Cemetery... unfortunately they don't always appear, and they move around a bit...
  19. skatebirder

    Uk, mystery visitor

    Going out on a limb here...how about a Jay? Normally you'd notice the blue in the wing, but you never know.
  20. skatebirder

    Best chance to see Cirl Bunting in Devon

    I'll second that. You don't even need to leave the car park to get good views. David
  21. skatebirder

    The Vyne, near Basingstoke

    In a normal year, there should be a few Swallows around, but they are quite late in arriving this year, along with just about all other migrants. I too have seen one Swallow in March in Hampshire this year. Hopefully the rest will follow shortly! David
  22. skatebirder

    Birding Southampton - mid-June 2018

    Looks like you have a good set of alternatives there Joost. I'd forget the "9 to 5" bit - in late June you'd be better off starting at 6am - all the birds'll be asleep by 9! I'd suggest Keyhaven/Pennington over Blashford (unless MJH likes sitting in crowded hides filled with sullen...
  23. skatebirder

    The British List: A Checklist of Birds of Britain (9th edition)

    But still surely far more trustworthy than anything read in the Daily Mail....
  24. skatebirder

    Birding Southampton - mid-June 2018

    MJH, It isn't the best time of year for birding in the city, but you should be able to find 35-40 bird species on Southampton Common in late June, plus a few more at Lower Test Marshes (which will probably require a bus ride or two. Although, as Joost mentioned above, public transport isn't...
  25. skatebirder

    Greetings from Hampshire

    Hi Will. Welcome to Birdforum. Hampshire has lots to offer and even Southampton itself comes up with good birds now and then. Keep on checking those Goldcrests, one day one of them will be a Firecrest! David