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  1. Tired

    So, is there no such thing as binocular "screen protectors"?

    I have a screen protector on my phone. It's a thin layer of some sort of glass, with a film so it won't shatter into dangerous pieces when it breaks. I've had to replace it several times, and otherwise would have had to replace the phone screen. My camera has a screw-on lens cover. It's...
  2. Why all the shouting?????

    Why all the shouting?????

    Maybe it's just that these birds always look confused and upset, but this guy gave the impression that he was wondering what he had done to deserve being shouted at by half a dozen angry jays. I doubt they have the cognitive ability to understand that jays are living, thinking entities capable...
  3. No, seriously, what did I do?????

    No, seriously, what did I do?????

    He raised one foot like he was thinking about trying to grab something, then simply sat there, looking around, and slowly tucked it up to his breast. I don't know if he had any plans with that foot, or if he was just trying to figure out what to do about the several jays screaming at him.
  4. Go Away!

    Go Away!

    This was a very upset titmouse. In all fairness, I would be upset too, if a giant bird had killed and was eating another human. He did take a moment to look down at me, but seemed to decide I was much less important than the main problem. (There was a hawk in the same tree, eating lunch. I think...
  5. Tired

    Sandpiper (or sandpiper-like bird) ID help in Texas?

    I'm pretty sure the little guys are Least sandpipers, I have them from other angles and they have yellowish legs. They were a delight to watch! So cute and small. And I've seen and identified the greater legs before. I just couldn't figure out what the others were. This is a good spot to...
  6. Tired

    Sandpiper (or sandpiper-like bird) ID help in Texas?

    That helps a lot, thanks. With those (and some other things) in mind, pectoral sandpipers look right.
  7. Tired

    Sandpiper (or sandpiper-like bird) ID help in Texas?

    Seen about a week ago in Central TX, probing around a stretch of shallow water in a river. I know there's a Greater Yellowlegs, and I believe the little fellows are Least Sandpipers. But I'm really not sure what the others are. They're the medium-sized ones that are present, and not flying, in...
  8. Tired

    Can You Identify This Beautiful Bird? Sound Clip Inside

    Unfortunately, there aren't many seed feeders that bluejays don't like. Houses are a bit easier, you'd want something sized for a cardinal, but birdseed is birdseed. Maybe try some of the smaller seeds, like nijer, in a feeder that closes down if large birds land on it? There are squirrel-proof...
  9. Tired

    Central TX- suggestions needed on vague description.

    Definitely not black vulture, way too small. I think the white was a more even band than on those crows. Like the stripe on a nighthawk's wings, but complete, without the gap on each side that nighthawks have. Come to think of it, "bird with white bands across its wings and what looked like a...
  10. Tired

    Central TX- suggestions needed on vague description.

    I saw a bird yesterday that I'm trying to identify, but unfortunately didn't manage to photograph. It was by a shallow, slow-moving river and a large stand of brushy trees, and I saw it flying in a broad circle around the area before it vanished. It was roughly the size of a crow, and flew in a...
  11. Tired

    Hard to ID moth in SW Washington

    https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/84602-Zale-lunata, maybe?
  12. Tired

    Comment by 'Tired' in media 'Ruby-crowned Kinglet'

    Aw, look at the little darling! Lovely shot.
  13. Tired

    Leucistic Starling

    Look at that! Are you sure it isn't albino? The eye looks like it might be red. I wonder what the others think of it, and if it'll be able to find a mate. I assume starlings pick mates based on plumage, which I'm sure would put this one at a disadvantage.
  14. Tired

    Spanish Sparrow open doors

    That's very clever of the little thing. I wonder how the sparrows learned to do it? Birds are smarter than people think. Crows and ravens can solve complex puzzles, chickens can solve slightly simpler puzzles and even do some basic addition, and of course parrots are almost absurdly...
  15. Tired

    Has anyone ever heard of an Albino Red-Tail Hawk?

    As far as I'm aware, any animal can be albino or leucistic. If it has some melanin, it's leucistic, not albino. I don't know how to confirm which species of hawk it is, but it definitely looks leucistic- nice find! The feathers look a little tattered, which is common in albino and leucistic...
  16. Tired

    White heron Uk

    You may have seen a great egret. They're quite large, and are present in the UK, though unusual. You might like to look at pictures of great egrets online, and see if that looks about right, but there aren't many white birds of that size and shape. Welcome to the forum!
  17. Fancy Bird

    Fancy Bird

    Same heron, same day, as this photo. I forgot to upload this one. https://www.birdforum.net/gallery/yellow-crowned-night-heron-display-plumage.660454 He was showing off to another heron, which I assume was a female. Now and then he would dip like this and make a "bwoo" noise. I'm not sure if she...
  18. Tired

    Comment by 'Tired' in media 'Great Egret'

    Lovely shot. Do have to feel bad for the skink, though. Poor little snack food.
  19. Tired

    Why does the RSPB decline to take action on the destruction of bird nests?

    Does the RSPB have the resources and authority to investigate crimes and prosecute criminals? I'm not familiar with them, but a quick look at their website doesn't say they're any kind of enforcement agency. If you're asking why they aren't reporting it, I'd imagine it's because the police...
  20. Tired

    Comment by 'Tired' in media 'Not the look we saw yesterdy'

    My, that's a look. Some cartoon character's adorable animal sidekick is about to start yelling.
  21. Tired

    Comment by 'Tired' in media 'White Wagtail (Motacilla alba).jpg'

    Lovely bird! Nice shot.
  22. Tired

    Central TX sparrow ID- swamp? Lincoln's?

    Great, thank you. Sparrows are tricky. I'm still trying to get the hang of telling whether a bird looks slightly different from the picture in my guide because of variation in species, or because they aren't the same species at all. So many sparrows are differentiated from each other by things...
  23. Tired

    Central TX sparrow ID- swamp? Lincoln's?

    I saw this little cutie yesterday, and haven't been able to make an ID I'm sure of. Any thoughts?
  24. Tired

    Bird skeleton

    Can't help with the ID, but a neat find. If it's a species that's legal to keep in your area, you should keep it! So much of it is intact, and a skeleton in that state won't likely have any concerning pathogens on it. Bone doesn't hold any more germs than stone, and those bits of dried tissue...
  25. Tired

    Comment by 'Tired' in media 'House Sparrow'

    "Habitat: Everywhere" indeed! Though I think that entry field is meant to be the habitat where the specific photo was taken. Nice shot of that cute little face.