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  1. LzyPhotographer

    2nd Annual Wings & Wildlife Festival Of Southern Nevada

    You Are Invited To The 2nd Annual Wings & Wildlife Festival Of Southern Nevada in Laughlin, Nevada, March 11-15, 2010 Visit http://www.WingsandWildlifeFestival.org for more information, festival catalog, and to register Activties 31 Field Trips 14 Seminars 5 Nature Walks Special Kids Fest...
  2. LzyPhotographer

    2nd Annual Wings & Wildlife Festival - Ted Floyd Keynote

    You Are Invited To The 2nd Annual Wings & Wildlife Festival Of Southern Nevada in Laughlin, Nevada, USA: March 11-15, 2010 Visit http://www.WingsandWildlifeFestival.org for more information, festival catalog, and to register Activties 31 Field Trips 14 Seminars 5 Nature Walks Special Kids...
  3. LzyPhotographer

    Wings and Wildlife Festival of Southern Nevada

    Big news... our 1st Birding Festival in Southern Nevada, USA. If you're looking for a vacation, come to Nevada. The festival is being held only 90 minutes away from Las Vegas. The Southern Nevada Birding & Wildlife Trails Partnership would like to invite you and your members to attend our...
  4. LzyPhotographer

    Dark morph Fer. Hawk??

    Taken today in Amargosa Valley, 90 mi North of Vegas. This is, without a doubt, the most gorgeous hawk I've ever seen.. Thanks, Maureen
  5. LzyPhotographer

    I'm so pretty! Guess who I am? LV, NV

    Greetings from Las Vegas, NV! This bird landed on a bush near my car, so I was able to get some nice shots. But no amount of coaxing (ie: pleading) would get it to turn around and face me completely. I think I see some stripes on the upper chest, tho not enough to tell me anything. Also, the...
  6. LzyPhotographer

    LBJ - Las Vegas, NV (Corn Creek)

    Taken the other day out at Corn Creek, DNWR - about 25 mile N of Vegas. The one bird, taken in the morning sun, well, it looks like a sparrow of sorts. The other bird, in the foliage, looks like a bunting. Maybe Lazuli, but the breast is more colored than I expected, so maybe it's a young...
  7. LzyPhotographer

    Flycatcher and Warbler - LV, NV

    Are you getting tired with me yet? LOL Don't worry, this will be the last two for a couple of days.. 1 yellowish flycatcher and 1 black & yellow warbler - and no decent pics. If you can look at birds #1 and #5 and take a guess...
  8. LzyPhotographer

    Blue-headed Vireo? LV, NV

    Blue-headed Vireo? LV, NV -Updated pics What are the odds that this is a Blue-headed Vireo? Shot today, about 8000 ft up near Mt. Charleston. Thanks! Maureen
  9. LzyPhotographer

    More pics of the Vireo - LV, NV

    http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=123017 I got some pics today of what I hope is the same Vireo as yesterday. Taken up about 8000 ft. Does this swing the vote one way or the other? Thanks! Maureen
  10. LzyPhotographer

    Gray w/white eye ring - LV, NV

    This one was hanging out between a flock of Bushtits and Chickadees, at about 8000 ft. It didn't strike me as being much different in size, so my first thought was maybe a Gnatcatcher. But the beak seems kind of long for that, and it's a strange purple-ish gray color. Any ideas? Thanks, Maureen
  11. LzyPhotographer

    Vireo - LV, NV

    I guess this is a Vireo, but it's a little more yellow-greenish than what I'm used to seeing. Warbling Vireos are browner, or so I thought - could this be something else? Taken today, up around 8000ft. Thanks, Maureen
  12. LzyPhotographer

    Thrushes - LV, NV

    Taken up in the Spring Mountains.... about 8000 feet. I cannot say, for sure, that all 3 pics are of the same bird. The last two pics are definitely of one bird. Thanks in advance, Maureen
  13. LzyPhotographer

    Little gray colored Flycatcher - Las Vegas, NV

    Hi, Got this today up at Mt. Charleston... about 8000 ft. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Maureen
  14. LzyPhotographer

    Pinyon Jays - Las Vegas, NV

    A first for me... if they're both Pinyon Jays. Taken today up near Mt. Charleston. Thanks in advance! Maureen
  15. LzyPhotographer

    Warbler Woes ...Las Vegas, NV

    I saw something today that I'm thinking is a Nashville Warbler. If so, it would be my first. The pics are here and it's bird #3. http://www.lazyphotographer.com/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=127 I also need to ID the other birds, so far I'm leaning towards a female Lazuli Bunting...
  16. LzyPhotographer

    Thrushes R Fun - Las Vegas, NV

    Hi, I've got a series of shots of 4 birds, at 2 pics per bird. The pics were shot at 3 separate locations and on different days, but all about 7500-8000 ft in the Spring Mtns. I'm guessing that they all are Hermit Thrushes at various ages, but I could be all wrong. Take a peek and let me...
  17. LzyPhotographer

    Flycatcher - Las Vegas, NV

    Taken today up in the Spring Mountains near Mt Charleston, at about 7500-8000 ft. Lovely family unit.. any idea what they are? My best guess would be Cordilleran. Thanks, Maureen
  18. LzyPhotographer

    I know it's a Kingbird, but what kind? - Las Vegas, NV

    Got these a week ago at a local park with a pond. I know it's a Kingbird, but what kind? Thanks in advance.. Maureen PS: Flycatchers coming soon, Oh boy!
  19. LzyPhotographer

    Thrush? Mt. Charleston (Las Vegas, NV)

    From this past week... taken at about 8000 ft. More pics here: http://www.lazyphotographer.com/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=123 Thanks for your help!
  20. LzyPhotographer

    Sapsucker? Las Vegas, NV USA

    Hi. It's me again. ;) Found these pics when cleaning files off my PC today. The closest I can find in the books is a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, and I think that would be another good "find" for me. What do you think?? The gallery is here...
  21. LzyPhotographer

    Las Vegas, NV - unknwn LBJ in the desert

    Got these the other day out at Corn Creek/Desert Wildlife Refuge (North of Las Vegas). They were running around the edge of the dirt road... So far there's been guesses from Sparrow to Horned Lark to Pipit. Two separate birds: one is in horizontal pics and the other is in vertical pics...
  22. LzyPhotographer

    Who ate the birdie in my friend's backyard? NV, USA

    A friend, here in N. Las Vegas, sent these to me today. It looks like a Merlin to me, but I've been wrong before. Any guesses? Thanks! Maureen
  23. LzyPhotographer

    If you were going to eat a Hawk - which one? NV, USA

    Got shots of a Great Horned Owl sitting on a kill. This was soooo cool to see: GHO and brunch! I'm guessing that brunch used to be a Cooper's Hawk - what do you think? We went back a couple of times looking for leftovers, but couldn't find anything other than a little piece of meat. Even...
  24. LzyPhotographer

    Some Warbler - LV, NV

    Taken this week at Corn Creek, NW of Vegas. Can anyone tell what this is? A female Common Yellow-throat, maybe? Thanks! Maureen
  25. LzyPhotographer

    Sapsuckers & Woodpeckers - NV, USA

    Taken this week at Corn Creek, NW of Las Vegas. Figured you were getting bored, so I thought I'd try a different colour scheme for a change. ;) Been looking at the books *and* even wearing my glasses while doing so. I came up with Lewis Woodpecker, Red-naped Sapsucker, and Red-breasted...