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  1. timwootton

    Killed in Latvia, Siberian Rubythroat

    Thanks for that. It does go a long way to explaining the circumstances and I share your obvious frustration that the 'stars had aligned' thus. You're quite right, they do sometimes. I'm still uncomfortable with the killing (and any ringer has bags; birds can be kept for many hours - preferably...
  2. timwootton

    Killed in Latvia, Siberian Rubythroat

    Thanks Jos - sorry if the tone of my first reply was curt - clearly this wasn't directed at you (but it may have been read that way). Thanks for bringing it to light and your subsequent actions. Hope you get more information. It's the end of the line for this unfortunate bird but the...
  3. timwootton

    Killed in Latvia, Siberian Rubythroat

    then quite clearly he should never be allowed to handle wild birds again. I find trophy ringing a tad distasteful, but to 'claim' a life in such a way is simply disgraceful.
  4. timwootton

    Ed's thread

    absolutely - major strides forward this year and really looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2014. Happy New Year!
  5. timwootton

    The Unfeathered Bird - A Review

    The Unfeathered Bird – Katrina Van Grouw This book is not an anatomy of birds, states the first line of the introduction to The Unfeathered Bird, by Katrina Van Grouw. What is it then? It is a beautifully illustrated book dealing with ornithology or it is a gracefully annotated picture book...
  6. timwootton

    Favourite Bird Artist

    it's a good discussion but like music, so subjective. It would be good to get a few critiques about the selected favourites.
  7. timwootton

    Favourite Bird Artist

    He's your favourite and that's the title of the thread. He's not mine, that's all B (: chill
  8. timwootton

    Favourite Bird Artist

    . . . absolutely. It's all about love, not technique - without that there's no content. Erm, In my humble opinion :)
  9. timwootton

    Newbie from Barnsley, England

    Welcome aboard - from a fellow tyke!
  10. timwootton

    Wader id please

    greenshank - lovely!
  11. timwootton

    Mr & Mrs Alan Dalton :)

    I'd like to propose a toast to the newly-weds; Mr Alan and Mrs Linda Dalton. As one of THE first contributors to this part of Birdforum and one of its most inspirational members it's perhaps understandable that he's allowed his thread to slip to page 75 (just two pages behind my own) - so...
  12. timwootton

    Two Two-Barred Crossbills, Stromness, Orkney

    from today - beautiful afternoon
  13. timwootton

    Rafael Matias: illustrations, drawings and field sketches

    Lovely work Raphael - the storm petrel piece is fabulous (love the sea).
  14. timwootton

    Wootton Art 2013

    Auctions ending today: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/sag63w/m.html?item=290931485047&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  15. timwootton

    Wootton Art 2013

    Thank you Leo - I like your work too :)
  16. timwootton

    Wootton Art 2013

    Thank you Stephen - cheers Colleen. Cheers Ed - looking forward to the project :) And finally (as the posting-spurt continues) my 'What's About' A4 illustrations are currently being auctioned on a well-known site. Here's a small taster:
  17. timwootton

    Wootton Art 2013

    Delighted to be illustrating the new Poyser monograph on 'The Eider' - best get looking for a bit of reference :)
  18. timwootton

    Wootton Art 2013

    SOC show finished and un-sold work collected, so back to the happy grind of eeking out a living from pushing paint around :) Aware of absenteeism, so I'll just put some images up from the past few weeks' efforts; 'Winter Sun - Waxwings' (shown at the SOC) - 22"x34", 'Heading Out: Gannet' (oil on...
  19. timwootton

    Finch call, Lancashire UK

    there was one singing in Caithness over the weekend, too.
  20. timwootton

    How to do (birds') feet?

    do what I do - stick to waders ;)
  21. timwootton

    Painting 101 - help needed!

    far from it - in fact, I think you've rescued the areas which I'd described as 'overworked' (shows how much I know, eh?). It's a really fine wee piece and should tell you that all you really need to be doing is just that; doing. The more you do the better it gets. I think . . .
  22. timwootton

    Painting 101 - help needed!

    It's lovely Dave (welcome back . . .again). I'd agree with Hanna in the respect that the background wash looks a tad overworked for the medium (watercolour) but I feel that's mainly due to the choice of paper above all else. I think for this kind of piece would benefit from a big and bold...
  23. timwootton

    Wootton Art 2013

    Cheers Gillian- cheque is in the post :) x
  24. timwootton

    Wootton at the SOC

    Great news!!! My framer has confirmed he can get the job finished by Friday! Not cutting it tight, you understand . . . . . .