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  1. Vernon Lundy

    Yellow-billed egret (ardea brachyrhynchos)

    I see from my latest species update from HBW that Intermediate egret (ardea intermedius) has been replaced by Yellow-billed Egret (Ardea brachyrhyncha) across sub-Saharan Africa. Can anyone advise if intermediate does not occur in Africa and should be replaced by yellow-billed in my records for...
  2. Vernon Lundy


    (MY) LIFE'S TOO SHORT FOR TWITCHING Having recently spent untold hours looking through gates/peering over hedges/and numbing my buttocks sitting in hides I have come to the conclusion that life's too short for a septuagenarian to waste time 'twitching'. Invariably I have arrived too late or left...
  3. Vernon Lundy

    Stepe Buzzard

    Sniffing a possible future armchair tick, can I appeal to anybody to tell me if the common buzzards in Kazakhstan are all of the ssp 'vulpinus'? If so I can update my database and sit back and hope! I saw many on a trip there 1995 and only noted them as Common Buzzards, although my notes written...
  4. Vernon Lundy

    Ugandan Beetle

    Can anyone please help identify these colourful rascals for me please before I lose my sight and sanity staring at images? I have called them shield bugs just to put a handle on the picture
  5. Vernon Lundy

    Simple Adaptor

    Firstly let me say I am only a birder interested in capturing images of birds I have seen. As such I wanted a simple method of interfacing my compact camera to my telescope after having viewed the bird. Not wanting any kind of commercially available contraption I came up with the idea of a ring...
  6. Vernon Lundy

    Running ActiveX

    Does anyone else have problems running ActiveX before viewing commercial films? When I use this from windows internet explorer I end-up with a message 'Windows No Disk' which can be cancelled by repeayed clicks on the cancel button but can only be permanently removed by running HijackThis and...
  7. Vernon Lundy

    Say Hello

    Hi , As a forum Luddite I could only find posting a new thread would allow me to introduce myself. Is it me?:eek!: I am what is known as a wrinkly, though a 35 year-old looks back at me from the mirror!!! I am a world lister only recently with the money and time to visit countries only dreamed...