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  1. Mcnswiss2

    Rock thrush or Blue Rock thrush

    In Mallorca ..today...both birds are there
  2. Mcnswiss2

    Eagle ID

    Any ideas..Turkey I think it was a Steppe Eagle
  3. Mcnswiss2

    Mallorca 2

    Meadow pipit?. Sorry crap photo Thanks for help
  4. Mcnswiss2


    Possible white rumped sandpiper? We think its a Dunlin Cheers
  5. Mcnswiss2


    Sorry another bad set of photos Marsh Harrier? Or Honey Buzzard? Thanks for any help Mike
  6. Mcnswiss2

    Switzerland ..Young bird

    Any ideas..Pipit? Cheers Mike
  7. Mcnswiss2


    Just does not look like young spotted flycatcher... Any thoughts on young pied? Thanks
  8. Mcnswiss2

    Egyptian Vulture

    Mallorca Its strange but tail wrong..is it just a griffon ? Cheers
  9. Mcnswiss2


    Any chance a young Squacco? Mostly likely young Cattle Egret Cheers Mike
  10. Mcnswiss2

    Mallorca...Young plover

    Many Kentish and Ringed Plovers around but these looked special Any idea? Thanks Mike
  11. Mcnswiss2

    Bad Photo 3 Switzerland

    Probably young Starling but hard to tell Any thoughts? Thanks Mike
  12. Mcnswiss2

    Switzerland Young bird

    Probably Whinchat or Alpine Accentor? Any help appreciated Cheers Mike
  13. Mcnswiss2

    Swiss bad photos part 2

    After the last attempt, 3 bad photos from Switzerland Possible Honey buzzard, Golden eagle and Griffon Vulture. I think i start a forum for worse photos Cheers for any help Mike
  14. Mcnswiss2

    Swiss land

    Sorry for bad photos Any guess...Bearded Vulture, Golden Eagle? Cheers for any help Mike
  15. Mcnswiss2

    Young Redwing

    From Switzerland White stripe over eye Any guess? Cheers Mike
  16. Mcnswiss2


    Sanderling ot Little Stint Cheers for any help Mike
  17. Mcnswiss2


    Any help with this bad photo? Linnets and serins were around. This bird had the nice warm colours of yellow hammers but I couldnt get a good photo Thanks for any help Mike
  18. Mcnswiss2


    Yellow legged gull or lesser blackback gull Thanks for your help
  19. Mcnswiss2

    Hawfinch? Mallorca

    Any thoughts on the bird on the left? Looking ar size and color, possible Hawfinch? They have been seen recently in Mallorca Sorry for bad photo
  20. Mcnswiss2

    Grebe in Mallorca

    Sorry for the bad photos Which Grebe do you think this is? Cheers Mike
  21. Mcnswiss2


    Curlew or Whimbrel? Cheers
  22. Mcnswiss2

    Moustached warbler

    Seen in Mallorca Any help? Cheers
  23. Mcnswiss2

    Lesser or greater yellowlegs.USA

    Lesser or greater yellowlegs. And geese Sorry was being attacks by mossis at the time And what about the geese flying over? Thanks
  24. Mcnswiss2

    Washington USA..Murre id

    Can anybody help Cheers Mike
  25. Mcnswiss2

    Usa Washington

    Can you help with these please? Cheers Mike