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  1. kim

    Identity please

    Taken on Dee estuary at a distance
  2. kim

    Identity please

    Stuck at home thought I would move from birds and try and understand the insects in my garden. Sadly my knowledge is pretty awful, Can anybody help please.
  3. kim


    Am pretty hopeless at insects so I have just labelled this wasp, would be grateful for a more precise identification please
  4. kim

    Common Blue

    I have identified this as Common Blue but I would be grateful for confirmation. It was taken yesterday in my garden (Cheshire) It was very tiny.
  5. kim

    Which computer

    For many years I have used Windows and at present I am still on Windows 7. I have an HP computer which is pretty good but I am thinking of changing in the near future to Apple. I know Word and such like, will not be available but will I still be able to use Photoshop and similar products. I...
  6. kim

    7dmark 2 EF 300mm F/2.8 II EF IS L

    I have the 7d with the 300mm f2.8 lens which I have had for a couple of weeks. My normal lens is the 400mmf5.6. With the 300 I use a tripod and the results are so variable. Close up bird images are really fabulous with great depth of field, accurate colour and really sharp. But if I take birds...
  7. kim

    Tripod head change

    I have a Canon 7d Mark 2 and have just changed my lens to a more heavy Canon 300mmf2.8 and find my current Manfrotto ball head inadequate. I would be grateful for any suggestions or recommendations which would be more suitable for my current set up. Many thanks, Kim
  8. kim

    Small or large Skipper

    Could someone help please .. I find it very hard to identify these butterflies. IO do think it is a female?
  9. kim

    Tree/shrub identity please.

    Took this primarily to catch a Chiff Chaff but I would like to know the identity of the tree/shrub which it was perching in
  10. kim

    Photoshop CS3- eraser

    I use CS3in photoshop and when doing some minor sharpening I use layers to sharpen and then the eraser tool to sharpen the areas which I feel need this process.For some reason I cannot get the eraser tool as a circle and it just appears as a sort of cross. I haven't left the capitals on so am...
  11. kim

    Sizing difficulties

    Could someone please advise when using A4 paper how to select the image to be of a different size. I want to print on A4, images which only take up approx 2/3 of the paper. Many thanks, there is probably a very simple explanation but in set up I can only find paper size.
  12. kim

    small or large

    Cannot tell the difference between Small White and Large White. Have put this down as a Small but am not confident. Can anyone help please
  13. kim


    Took several pictures of Tern in flight this week and am puzzled by a slight halo effect on the head.. or is it my imagination? It is not editing, this is taken before and just one of many. Exposure Time = 1/2000" F Number = F7.1 Exposure Program = Aperture priority ISO Speed Ratings = 400...
  14. kim

    Keep or chuck!!

    Couldn't make my mind up about this one, was just taken on Skomer on a very hot day. Love it or hate it!!
  15. kim

    ID please

    Taken from some considerable distance. Unedited straight out of camera. Taken near Little Haven, Wales UK Is it a female Stonechat Many thanks Kim
  16. kim


    I am having problems with my website, Does anybody know of a person who will give on site help with Dreamweaver in the Cheshire area. Thanks Kim
  17. kim

    identity please

    It seems obvious but would someone confirm...taken on Frodsham Marsh , Cheshire
  18. kim

    Typing errors

    Until a couple of days ago, whenever I typed on Bird Forum, or anywhere else for that matter if I made a spelling error a red line would appear under the offending word. For some reason this has disappeared .. and I miss it. Could anyone give me an explanation, or even better, tell me how to...
  19. kim

    Shag or Cormorant

    Not quite sure .. thought it was a shag with squarer head but ...
  20. kim

    Shutter Actuations.

    Can any one tell me how to know the amount of actuations a Canon SLR has taken, I have tried on the web, one site was recommended but when I tried to download, my Kasperksky gave me a warning not to do so.!! I contacted Canon but got a short reply saying it was confidential, which surprised me...
  21. kim

    What is this UK bird?

    Sorry about the poor quality, it flew over my house in Cheshire very high in the sky? I am used to seeing Buzzard and Sparrowhawk but I haven't a clue as to what this could be
  22. kim

    Hover or Wasp? Cheshire

    Another ID please
  23. kim


    Could anyone identify this for me please. Cheshire insect - taken at midday today
  24. kim

    website expert?

    I am having some problems with my website and would appreciate some assistance and wonder if there is anyone in the Chester area that could give me some technical help. I am happy to pay for this of course.:t:At the moment I am using dreamweaver, but would also consider setting up a new site...
  25. kim

    Raptor - id please

    ID please, taken just after dawn over high moorland N Wales. Sorry about the quality - had to use very high iso. Not edited - just cropped