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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Interesting birding day Western CO, East UT

    I just returned from vacation in Colorado. My last day we drove from Craig, CO to Dinosaur National Monument to take my son to see the fossils and petroglyphs. The drive out included typical roadside birds: a red tail hawk, magpies, ravens. I spotted what I think was a nighthawk. The body was...
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    Leica UVHD+... all I can say is that the view is simply "DELICIOUS"

    The compactness of the UV is a highlight too, probably similar height to your 8x32 SF. Great write up. I’ve tried several mid-tier glass, then worked up to Swarovski, but my eyes favor Leica. I don’t have any UV+, but a 8x32 UV, a 12x50 HD and 10x42 Trinovid (2012-2015). I recently picked...
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    Common Gallinule chicks

    Finally got my digiscope setup out. The chicks were ushered away before I came back.
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    Common Gallinule chicks

    I found another pair at the canal across the street. They only had a couple babies. The first pair had four, last night I saw 3 and thought they lost one, but this morning I saw 4. The parents really chase the chicks around to keep them in line.
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    Frigates at Dania Beach FL

    I haven’t been to the beach much since moving a little farther inland and the pandemic last year. Yesterday my son and I went to Dania Beach and was fortunate to see two frigates circling overhead most of the afternoon. They are truly an enjoyment to watch as they fly so effortlessly. They...
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    Comment by 'AGPank' in media 'Happy Day 2'

    Such a beautiful bird
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    Alpha binoculars

    New to my Noctivids, but it’s my favorite to date. I’ve owned Meopta HD, EL SV, FL, SLC, Ultravid HD, and 2012-2015 Trinovid. I wish the Noctivid kept the UV diopter adjuster, the one they used is good, the UV is just better in my opinion. I feel like the Leica provides a truer rendition of...
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    Comment by 'AGPank' in media 'Cooper's Hawk'

    Look like he’s taken an interest in what your doing there too. You captured a great moment.
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    Comment by 'AGPank' in media 'Common Nighthawk.jpg'

    Camouflage at its finest
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    Comment by 'AGPank' in media 'Crested Caracara taking off.jpg'

    Nice to see them expanding their range. I had only known of them in Florida. I used to see them north of Lake Okeechobee. Great photo too. Makes me want a real camera, I mostly digiscope with my phone on a spotter and shots like this are impossible.
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    Trinovid 10x42 (2012-2015 edition) impressions

    I bought a pair of the 10x42 when they first went on sale. It was my first pair of Leica’s and I really enjoyed them. Like others noted my only negative on them is the CA control. I later found another 8x42 and bought them for my dad. I don’t think he’s taken them outside, he says they are...
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    Great unexpected bird outing

    I returned home to Craig Colorado last month. On our first day back I took my son down to the Yampa River hoping to see the otters that were there earlier in the year that my mom told me about. This short morning adventure turned into a productive bird outing not long after getting out of the...
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    First time noctovid user

    I picked up a used pair, excited for them to arrive.
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    Common Gallinule chicks

    Last year I started seeing common gallinule at the canal across the street. They had 4 babies this year and they are as cute as anything I’ve seen. Tiny fuzzy bodies and all feet. I need to work on better pictures. I’ve just snapped on my phone as I drove by.
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    Zeiss SF 8X32 after 8 weeks of use...

    Great thread. I have a pair of EL SV 8x32 (non-field pro) that I enjoy and use mostly. I use them for birding and archery hunting. I've really enjoyed them, but I am interested in these SF's. More and more I like the 8x32 platform, as it's just a great blend of useful magnification, size...
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    Swallow ID help - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    I work near Fort Lauderdale airport and was out watching some military jets about to take off and I spotted this swallow on the fence. I didn’t get a great picture with just my phone and no binoculars today. I don’t see a lot of swallows and if I do, they are flying so fast it’s hard to ID...
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    Raptors on I-595 Fort Lauderdale

    I’ve been noticing several ospreys along I-595 in the evenings. Yesterday I saw a swallow tail kite. I’ve been seeing more in town the last year, a great sight for birders.
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    Bird species seen just the once in your yard/garden.

    My house does well. nesting pair of cardinals blue jays mockingbirds muscovy ducks egyptian geese red shouldered hawk white ibis grackel cowbird painted bunting white winged doves collared doves zenaida dove great egret turkey vulture black headed vultures ravens pileated woodpecker swallow...
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    Painted Bunting - South Florida

    I’ve only had a few sightings in my years in South Florida. Last year I saw a pair of painted buntings at the new house, but I’ve never been able to get a good picture. This morning I was admiring a cardinal in the trees and trying to get my 6yo son to see him. A few minutes later I saw this...
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    Leica service on Ultravids. Upgraded optics?

    Has anyone ever reached out about upgrading an Ultravid to an HD+? I have a pair of 8x32 I picked up and would consider upgrading if they can do this.
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    Phone adapter opinion please

    I used the Phonescope for awhile with decent success. they were very helpful even custom making something if needed. over time and switching phones I learned how to remove the base piece and re-glue to different cases. in the search for something better Im trying a Novagrade adapter that...
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    Garden/Yard List 2020

    Yes, just moved to Weston, west of Fort Lauderdale
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    Garden/Yard List 2020

    2020 is the first year in a new house. Highlights for the year: Swallow tail kite flying over Osprey flying over Visit from broad wing hawk Great egret Ibis Painted bunting Pileated woodpecker Typical feeder / visitors are always welcomed. cardinals Muscovy ducks blue jay mockingbird grackle...
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    New for 2020 Meopta Meopro Air Binoculars

    Did the squash this line? I don’t see it on the website anymore.
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    Meostar B1.1 plus

    I’m disappointed the 8x32 isn’t HD. They offer hd in the Cabelas version. A few minor tweaks and I think they could have a best-in-class 32 bino. With the last several years of alpha innovations Meopta appears to be satisfied with “good buy” status and staying relatively unknown. I see what...