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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. J

    Garden / Yard List 2023

    Black Redstart (Warwick,UK). Delighted to see this in my new garden. Awful photo (phone cam through a window!) but I had great views of it for 5 minutes. I've seen them in France, but a first for me in the UK.
  2. J

    Tucklesholme Nature Reserve

    Just off the A38 South of Burton on Trent, near Barton under Needwood for those not familiar with the location. SWT page here. There are paths on either side of the lake, but no circular walk, so it's a bit of an out & back stroll on well made paths. A nice first vist Kestrel, Tufted duck...
  3. J

    UK Jay Migration

    Blue Jays? I'm guessing you meant Jay [Garrulus glandarius] the uk has resident and migratory populations. Resident populations responding to food availability will move and be seen in different environments, which can give an impression of migration. My garden is visited at the same time each...
  4. J

    Manfrotto XPRO Fluid Head experiences

    Model MHXPRO-2W. There's little BF opinion on this Manfrotto head, just one brief thread. It would appear to suit my needs for use with my Swaro 65 (no digiscoping): 1. Relatively lightweight (~700g without qr plate) 2. Moderately priced (£100 max) head. 3. The head has the correct...
  5. J

    Redwings Today

    I had the first sizeable flocks on Thursday (14th) here in S.Derbyshire. No Fieldfares yet though.
  6. J

    Anyone with a Hawks vision?

    Likewise. In fact that is quite clear, along with 483 in the later two photos. The letters "EU" are legible on the top line, and what is probably an "M". So "EUM" as part of the text, which may be BTO British Museum marked ring? Further information on these rings, here and here, HTH Maybe...
  7. J

    willow warbler uk

    Mimicry amongst Chiffchaff and WW is a fairly common occurrence IMO. At my local patch [Drakelow] there has been a CC regularly observed which includes WW notes, and occassionally larger song tracts. A couple of related links: -Iffy Chiffy -Forum thread "Do WW mimic..." HTH
  8. J

    Birdhouse destroyed by who?

    +1 for woodpeckers. I've seen this before, and once the behaviour has been learnt/suceeded then it can become commonplace, whilst in a different area it may be seldom seen.
  9. J

    Tree Bee recording

    Well done to those who've sent records :t:. It's not my project, but our local "bee-man" mentionned it to me so I thought I'd spread the word as he's not on the forum. It's also an easy way to get any children in your household involved in something nature related. I think the project is...
  10. J

    Tree Bee recording

    The BWAR (Bee, Wasps and Ant Recording Society!) are seeking sightings of the Tree Bee [Bombus hypnorum]. "...BWARS is continuing its long-term mapping project in 2014, in which we are plotting and monitoring the spread of Bombus hypnorum in Britain..." It's a distinctive bee, so no tricky...
  11. J

    Bumblebee I.D. Guide.

    The Bumblebee Conservation Trust have an excellent website. Under the Identification heading start with the Common Bumblebees and take it from there. No real need for a dedicated fieldguide IMO for those with just a casual interest, given the number of species. HTH
  12. J

    Annoying Ads

    Which anti-virus/security software are you using? Firstly check that the Ad Blocker or Anti-Banner setting is turned ON. If that doesn't work then you may need to download a malware/adware removal programme. There are a number available FOC, but check your security settings first. HTH
  13. J

    Conquest HD 8x42 - Zeiss will be providing new eyecups

    Thank you for the replies gents. I look forward to reading some appraisals of the new eyecup in due course.:news:
  14. J

    Conquest HD 8x42 - Zeiss will be providing new eyecups

    Has anyone received the new and improved eyecup yet? Any further news and opinion would be most welcome. Many thanks in advance.
  15. J

    Dark-adapted pupil diameter as a function of age medical study

    Watson & Yellott's 2012 paper is a useful resource for those interested in this area, giving a review of previous approaches and developing a "unified formula for light adapted pupil size" [Link- pdf format- Journal of Vision] The paper in post #1 uses an eye adapted to 1 lux. However, small...
  16. J

    The Birds of Derbyshire

    It's arrived! Well packaged and in perfect condition. First impressions are that it is very nicely produced. Top quality printing on heavyweight gloss paper, with numerous maps/table/graphs etc. It's going to take a long time to work my way through this.:t:
  17. J

    The Birds of Derbyshire

    The publication date is showing as 31st January in several places so those who pre-ordered should be expect a delivery shortly?
  18. J

    Bird of the year?

    Perhaps more prosaic than some of the rarities mentionned above, but my shortlist would include: -Flock of Black Tailed Godwit in perfect light (stunningly beautiful), -Common Cranes at Slimbridge (fingers crossed for successful breeding in 2014), -Rutland Osprey ... ...but my "winner"...
  19. J

    Useful/interesting birding websites

    The Bird Browser was started this year by a birdforum member I believe. It has a broad range with a useful list of recommended websites, articles and a nice clean design. Well worth a look.
  20. J

    External hard drive recommendation.

    Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and Buffalo Technology are all well regarded brands, I've owned at least one drive from each without any complaint. Decide on the size/capacity and then look for the best value IMO. 1. Decide on which physical size (2.5" portable drive or 3.5" desktop drive-...
  21. J

    PC for HD video editing

    Some idea of budget would be very helpful in attempting to answer your initial query. Something functional can be had for around £500, whilst performance machines will be upward of £1k (ex. monitor). I thought the same until I assembled my first PC a couple of years ago. It's pretty...
  22. J

    The Birds of Derbyshire

    Bump: The deadline for the pre-publication offer has been extended to Dec. 8th, so there's still time to make a postal application. [See the DOS link in post #1]. Publication has been delayed until January apparently, hence the extension, but it does mean I won't be finding it in my huge pile...
  23. J

    Firefox...which plug in's/add ons do you recommend?

    Fair enough! I was generalising, and as you point out it's still available via CTP etc. Having uninstalled Java 18 months ago I've not had one occassion to need it. Keeping it updated and only using via known sites provides some protection, although 7u45 still has vulnerabilities, and no...
  24. J

    Insulating insoles

    A friend of mine has Raynaud's and swears by aerogel inserts. A quick search shows they are available in the UK, costing £16-20, marketed as Toasty Feet. [Possibly cheaper elsewhere?] I find starting off with warm feet really helps, otherwise I just never get warm on really cold winter's days...
  25. J

    Which laptop processor and processing programme?

    Big is impressive, but not always better. The integrated graphics on the computer's CPU will limit you to something like a 24" monitor, and of course there's always a budget consideration. In the real world ,and on a budget, there are plenty of good quality 21-23" monitors that will be a huge...