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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    Yes, I've been digiscoping with it (handheld phone & STC/tripod) with varying success/quality - mostly aiming for record shots though so these are good enough for me. Depends how close the birds are etc! Enjoying using it and it works well for the birding I do. Sometimes wish I could still...
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    A question about the Swarovski ATC

    Added Threadlocker blue when attaching the plate and it's working well - hasn't untwisted and feels secure
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    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    The ATX 65 (and other similar size/weight scopes) do seem large given smaller scopes are available. It is also heavy - heavier than the MM4 77 and not much lighter than the ATS 80. Not everyone wants to carry such weight all the time, especially if they might not need higher magnification much...
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    3 Legged Thing tripods for birding & travelling?

    Thanks John, I guess the centre column in particular is a bit odd and effectively always extended due to the multi-sections (or at least higher than "normal" tripods), and the tripods with backwards folding legs wouldn't work with birding heads. Currently only use the centre column in calm...
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    3 Legged Thing tripods for birding & travelling?

    Thanks Daniel, I'll look into those. I'd be using my Swarovski STX65 so would need a stable enough tripod, but something more compact would be handy. Had been looking at 3 Legged Thing Bucky as it looked a good height and compact, but maybe legs too thin. c40cm, maybe up to 50cm when folded...
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    3 Legged Thing tripods for birding & travelling?

    I've been thinking about getting a travel tripod to make it easier when travelling by bus/train/ferry, as my current tripod is good but long. Even walking sometimes it would be handy to have the tripod in my rucksack if the journey to a site isn't a birdy area. Originally gave up looking at...
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    Good Clothing?

    Regarding coats, would definitely recommend one that's windproof as well as waterproof - agree windproof layers make a big difference. Also found coats with underarm ventilation zips helpful to prevent overheating or cooling down too much/too quickly, and if you're likely to use a rucksack...
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    Self-found - Stonking or Subtle?

    Just to clarify, I enjoy birding a lot and ultimately proving (or not) a rarity doesn't take away any joy from birding or biological recording overall. Probably didn't explain myself well enough. Patch birding is my main thing and there's so much more to it than the occasional rarity. Even on...
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    Self-found - Stonking or Subtle?

    Don't really have a preference - almost all my birding is on patch, and being in Hampshire, any rarity/scarcity will do! Blyth's Reed and Greenish Warblers (both would be 1st for Hants) are two I've been searching & hoping for as patch feels like a suitable location if/when they do appear. That...
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    Sanday, Orkney, October 1st-13th 2021

    Enjoyed reading this - thanks Steve, and glad you had a good trip. The 'live' text updates were both pleasing and gripping too!
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    Sanday, Orkney, October 1st-13th 2021

    Good stuff! Look forward to seeing how you get on.
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    How long should Zeiss service take?

    In case anyone's wondering, Brexit currently seems to be adding on big delays to repairs - mine took about a month to reach Germany earlier in the year and are now on their way back but have been on their way back since end of May. Been without 'em since end of January (condensation issue)...
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    Suppression vs reporting; birders’ obligations during lockdown.

    Ah, now the solution to that is to go birding in the rain
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    Twitching and suppression

    Mostly agree with you (vast majority of my local patch is only visible from footpaths), however, can't deny feeling bad after putting out news about geese which were visible from a public footpath, only to discover some trespassed which was disappointing. The concern there is that it or similar...
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    What did you miss in 2020?

    Spring seawatching. Would usually spend hours seawatching locally especially April/early May so missed most skuas, little gull, black tern etc. Thankfully the rules in lockdown 1 meant I could still walk through part of my local patch (part of it was closed) so still enjoyed spring in a way but...
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    Zeiss SF 8x32 vs Swarovski SV 8x32

    I've got an older model of the 10x32SV (whichever model was around in 2013) and had the 10x32FL since mid-August. Not an expert with optics, but personally think the Zeiss are better. Main things I've noticed- the image is brighter & prefer the colours of the Zeiss, they are easier to hold...
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    Best digiscoping camera?

    Quality of photos from phone scoping varied, but occasionally even distant/cropped photos were ok. Should add that so far I've been doing it hand held and that's how I'll start with the camera too.
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    Best digiscoping camera?

    Just come across this and notice the thread was resurrected earlier in the year. I've been digiscoping with my phone & STX which works ok ish, though digital zoom obviously means some photos aren't good. Been meaning to source a small camera for a while (one that could fit in the bag my bridge...
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    10x32 viable alternative to 10x42?

    Fair enough. Other than cost, main reasons for not wanting a second pair of larger bins is the extra weight and IPD Range (the latter rules out many larger bins for some people, including me). I quite like the extra magnification and personally find them comfortable to use, even around sunny...
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    10x32 viable alternative to 10x42?

    Yes - another vote for 10x32s. They've been my only bins for years and are good, even ok in lower light depending which model you choose. Was using an older version of the Swarovski ELs and they were good, but recently gave in and switched to the Zeiss 32SFs. Personally think they've even...
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    Changing from straight view to angled?

    Straight scopes work fine for digiscoping - I just handhold my phone for it. Switched to one after a decade or so of angled scopes, and it's better (for me, anyway).
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    Where are all the 8x32 SF reviews? After all the speculation...

    Thanks Lee - I don't tend to have my hands resting on the rainguard so I'm puzzled too, but agree the old Zeiss rainguard is brilliant. Noticed it for sale on the SW Optics website a few years ago and rather glad I did! Was out bird surveying today, instead of my usual pre-office walk, so got...
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    western France: today Rustic Bunting ?

    Agree with Reed Bunting and Meadow Pipit. Meadow Pipits also have white outer tail feathers
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    Where are all the 8x32 SF reviews? After all the speculation...

    A few more thoughts - also enjoying the fact that these aren't flat field. Sometimes the view through the ELs felt too flat and odd, whereas the 32SFs do feel more "realistic" and 3D which is so far good. Personally haven't noticed an obvious difference in colour hue, maybe because I've not...
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    Where are all the 8x32 SF reviews? After all the speculation...

    For what it's worth, I've been using the 10x32s for c6 weeks. First impression was how bright the image was - it felt brighter than my 10x32 ELs (not the latest model - whichever ones were around in 2013). Haven't done a proper comparison / test with them but noticed some differences. The...