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    Plese help ID bat sonograms

    It seems that forgetting to mention the recording place is something I always do... sorry about that. Sonograms where recorded in SE Romania, at the edge of a village, near a pasture, on 3 or 4 April 2024.
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    Plese help ID bat sonograms

    Hello, I have started to play with and ANABAT SD2. I have sonograms, but I cant tell the species :) Here are 2 sonograms, I assume the first is a Nyctalus leisleri and the second a pipistrellus kuhlii. Any chance I am right?
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    Unknown bunting, SE Romania, January 2024

    I do not have any ideea what it could be...
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    Water Pipit? SE Romania, December 2023

    Anthus spinoletta, or something else?
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    Meadow Pipit? SE Romania, 01 november 2023

    I am having a hard time with this pipit... Could it be an Anthus pratensis?
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    Steppe Buzzard? SE Romania, October 2023

    Could this be an Buteo buteo vulpinus?
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    Common Linnet? SE Romania, October 2023

    Are these two Linaria cannabina?
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    Which Sandpiper? SE Romania, June 2023

    Hello, I am having troubles identifying this sandpiper. It is a Wood Sandpiper or a Marsh Sandpiper? The thin bill makes me think it is an Marsh Sandpiper...
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    Lycaena tityrus and Lycaena dispar? SE Romania, august 2023

    Did I correctly identify the species?
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    Hen Harrier or Montagu`s Harrier? SE Romania, August 2023

    Five visible fingers made me think is was a Hen Harrier, but after checking Collins guide, i believe it is a Montagu`s Harrier
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    BUtterfly ID please, SW Romania, june 2023

    My English is not that good... The idea is if I have I'd the good
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    BUtterfly ID please, SW Romania, june 2023

    Please help me ID these butterflies!
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    Common Buzzard, or Long-legged buzzard?

    I forgot to add those informations in the title...sorry SW Romania, June 2023
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    Common Buzzard, or Long-legged buzzard?

    I believe that it is a common Buzzard, but I do not know how to exclude juvenile Long-legged Buzzard...
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    Common Buzzard? SW Romania, April 2023

    Common Buzzard or something else?
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    Lesser Purple Emperor or Freyers Purple Emperor

    Thank you! I forgot to mention that it is from SW Romania
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    Lesser Purple Emperor or Freyers Purple Emperor

    Hello, can someone tell if this is Apatura metis or Apatura ilia?
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    Wheatears ID

    Please help me confirm these IDs first picture Oenanthe oenanthe - picture taken in June 2022, NE Romania (Vaslui county) second picture Oenanthe isabellina - picture taken in late March 2023, SE Romania (Constanta)
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    Eastern Stonechat? SE Romania, 05.06.2023

    Ok, so in your opinion, what species can be the one i took pictures with?
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    Eastern Stonechat? SE Romania, 05.06.2023

    Ok, now i am really confused :) African stonechat - Wikipedia "In the past S. torquatus usually referred to the entire "common stonechat" superspecies and some sources[4] still keep it that way, but all available evidence strongly supports full species status for the European (S. rubicola) and...
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    Eastern Stonechat? SE Romania, 05.06.2023

    so, with the white patch on hindneck it can be rubicola, but without the black underwing coverts it cant be maurus? Collins says that this characteristic "can still be difficult to judge". What about the lenght of the primaries? To me, they look a little more longer than the european one...