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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Dusk light performance relative to weight, NL Pure 10x32 vs 10x42

    NL 8x32 640 grams & 150 metre fov NL 8x42 840 grams & 159 metre fov I know which I would pick.👍 If only I had the luxury of your problems 😀
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    New Swarovski product announcement in January 2024...?

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    New Swarovski product announcement in January 2024...?

    Mmm let's see shall we
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    Swarovski prices going up 7%?

    Swarovski greed will shoot themselves in the foot. Just look at the companion Nomad, an extra grand for a wooden box and bit of bling. Zeiss is looking more and more appealing.
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    Curio Whoopsie!

    Personally I don't like the design. I prefer the CL over the Curio.
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    Curio Whoopsie!

    Totally agree. I was thinking of getting one but have changed my mind now.
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    Swarovski ATC: which lightweight tripod?

    I was having a lot of trouble with the scope loosening on the tripod so I fashioned this. The U bracket at the front prevents the scope from loosening as it can't rotate on the base plate. The small screw at the back can be nipped up if required to touch the bottom of the base plate thus...
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    Traded my NL 10x42 for a NL 10x32

    I found the 10x42 the best in use including eye placement & comfort. The 10 &8x32 I found just as bright but the 42 was just better for eye placement
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    An interesting comparison.

    This is why the Swarovski ATC is a game changer. I don't know I'm carrying it sometimes just like my EL's. I agree not as immersive as binoculars but an excellent companion to supplement the binoculars to make an hike a lot more enjoyable.
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    Problem with green coating of EL SV 8x32

    OMG, whoever decided to change the armouring to be more biodegradable needs sacking. Swarovski will lose some brand loyalty customers over the armouring issue.
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    Veiling glare: a bird club's unanimous verdict on my 8x32 EL FP

    I have the 8x32 el and have never experienced any glare but I have winged eyecups on them if that makes any difference who knows. Best binoculars I have ever had.
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    Viewing the moon to gauge stability with/without the Forehead Rest when using 8x42 NL's.

    I give up. Let's get back on thread. Kind regards 👍
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    Swarovski eye candy...

    Peak design carbon travel tripod, very lightweight and staple. Packs away to the size of a water bottle. I highly recommend. https://m.dpreview.com/articles/1994841706/hands-on-with-the-new-peak-design-travel-tripod
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    Swarovski eye candy...

    My lightweight backpack set up. 8x32 EL ATC 56 Nikon Z6
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    12X42 NL Pure resale value

    You don't half talk some crap. Just admit when you are wrong you muppet. What a clown you are.
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    Swarovski EL vs Zeiss Victory SF

    Not so sure, thinking I need that bit more magnification. I used an opticron 10x42 previously and much prefer the bigger image. I'm also a little concerned about the armour issue. I think I might have to give the Zeiss SF10x32 another look.
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    New Product for Birdfair 2023

    That's disappointing to hear. Was hoping an upgrade to the spotting scope range might have been revealed.
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    Enjoying the EL’s in their natural environment…

    Enjoy would love to visit myself. My El's and yes I love mine too. And yes mine are 8's also. Just need the swarovski atc 65 to compliment them. Thanks for your pics really good photographs and photographer. It's nice to sit back and relax in the evening looking at the photos you've taken that...
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    Enjoying the EL’s in their natural environment…

    Ah see post #4 hinge hanging loose.:oops::D
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    Problem with green coating of EL SV 8x32

    You'd need to take a second mortgage on your house then. Seamless Titanium isn't as expensive as you think, especially if bought in bulk. There are also other materials that are stronger than magnesium alloy, just look at some of the materials being used in firearms. They also don't need...
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    Problem with green coating of EL SV 8x32

    Rubber armour isn't as effective as some think. My old opticron bga classics didn't have a dent in the armouring after 10 years of use. However, when I threw something on top of them in the boot of my car it still managed to disform the housing of the objective lens overhang out of shape. Hence...