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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    I’d help required

    I live in Alberta Canada require help I’d
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    Help ID this guy

    I would guess Merlin
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    Swarovski CTH First Impressions

    Thanks for your reply Alexis, I have just finished up on mating my (BTX 95mm/1.7 extender/Swaro BR) with 3 heads that I thought might fit the bill, Manfrotto 502 and 500 plus Leofoto BV-10....the BV-10 comes in choice of AS or Manfrotto but the Swaro Rail has several options on the bottom to...
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    Swarovski CTH First Impressions

    Using with Btx 95mm....Not worth it at all for one MAIN reason....no definitive locking devices for swivel or panning (even the 101 has a single lock-all) which for me is important when transporting over my shoulder, the scope invariable moves around, don't know how Swaro missed this...I am now...
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    No Hook? solution

    Just wanted to share how I solved the lack of hook(not sure why they don't have one seems silly not to?) on my 055 3section CF. This is a connecter to a standard lightning rod that is available at any hardware store and a section of bicycle inner tube (so's not to damage column) inexpensive and...
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    Hello from Canada

    A warm welcome from myself as well...you and your husband are located in an interesting area with having a close proximity to the Rockies and the eastern grasslands giving you an interesting mix of birding to explore, you will have lots of fun. Michael
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    Swaro DH101 or Gitzo GHF2W

    Looking to see if anyone can comment on using the Swaro balance rail with CTH head....I have just taken deliver of a BTX for my 95mm (currently have 101head) and 055 (3 section Carbon fiber) looking for as lightweight setup that I can achieve without compromising safety and overall balance...
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    Changing from straight view to angled?

    Hmmmmm....now that looks really clever and simple thanks for that. I will report back. Michael
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    Changing from straight view to angled?

    Thanks for the comments, I should add that the current viewing is conducted at a Golden Eagle Migration site in the Canadian Rockies. The few visitors to the site that bring angled scopes have difficulties in locating raptors high in the sky, I feel it is because when looking in the sky with no...
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    Changing from straight view to angled?

    Currently own STX 95mm, thinking of moving to BTX....how big a problem would move to angled view present? Been using straight view 25+years. Looking for any and all opinions, Thanks Michael
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    Nikon EDG 7x42 vs EDG 8x32

    thanks very much, Michael
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    Nikon EDG 7x42 vs EDG 8x32

    Does the EDG Bino line up come with Horn (wingcup) Eyecup or is it an add on? As shown in this pdf Brochure below
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    Does the Head Rest help on the NL 8x42?

    YES....on my NL's 10x42 this is how I avoid blk outs, I have suffered blk-outs on all Binos I have owned, I am also considering the winged eyecups to further help with accurate eye placement, is anyone else using the winged eyecups? The other benefit to the winged eyecup is they come with an eye...
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    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    You MUST first push the pin firmly (till you hear it click) thru the plastic grommet BEFORE you try to attach it to the mounting spot, Michael
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    Clarify how eye relief is measured????

    Thanks for clearing this up for me, it seems for my eye structure I suffer from blk-outs on all optics I have owned over the years, for me the further away from the eyepiece ocular the better, the pic shown is the STX and it has as you can see not a lot of movement in the eyecup adjustment, I...
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    Clarify how eye relief is measured????

    So the effective eyerelief in these two photos is 8mil?
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    Clarify how eye relief is measured????

    Just wanted to clarify how eye relief is measured, is it the distance that the eyecup moves out from the body? Thanks Michael
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    NL Optical Construction

    Just wanted to chime in on this thread, I have the NL12x42 and comparing with EL10x42(age?10?) & EL10x42SV(1 1/2 yr old) I will keep this to the focusing mechanism....the EL has a bit of play in either direction, as well a slight different resistance in either direction, when grasping the wheel...
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    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    Sorry need to edit that 6's look like 8's they were 3800 at Nature Expert out of Montreal...even better pricing at Pelee Wings in Leamington but they have no stock on 10's or 12's they have 8's I think 3500 and change
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    I bought EL 12x50 for $2149.95 New!

    If you are a hunter? There is no question about it NL's 12x42 all day long...I just purchased 12x42 for raptor viewing and I can see how these little beauty's will be the go to binos for hunter's, NO question about it! Michael
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    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    Update to my predicament: was in fact able to find stock of one pair of NL12x42 w/FHR and...bear in mind that I am moving from 25 yr old model (factory refurbished 2yrs ago) SLC 10x42 WB habicht (formerly using EL SV 10x42) PROS 1) I have to agree with most NL user's just holding these for the...
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    Warbler ID help

    I feel that it is not a Tennessee as they do not have a eye-ring I am leaning to a 1st year Nashville (that distinctive Grey hood)or maybe Orange crowned Michael
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    Comment by 'Albertabirder' in media 'What's my name?'

    I would say Summer Tanager? Michael
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    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    Well so much for the seed that sprouted in my head regarding getting the new 10x42 or 12x42 NL's in this Country...nothing possibly till end of Oct to mid Nov. so in proper lingo that probably means Dec/Jan and to boot I just recently sold my one and only bin's on the word of my supplier that...
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    Full Allbinos review of the NL 12x42

    Hello Jan, is the FHR adjustable? Thanks Michael