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    Song Sparrow

    Russell Greenberg and Raymond M. Danner Climate, ecological release and bill dimorphism in an island songbird Biol Lett 2013 9: 20130118...
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    Sparrowhawks responsible for House Sparrow decline says scientist

    Sparrowhawk recorded all year in 2010 too, according to locals: http://www.regentsparkbirds.co.uk/ (see the 'Bird Reports' section, though that Honey Buzzard photo just above the species account looks a bit suspect?!) ... D
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    Gray Hawk

    Corrected now - the photo is certainly of a Grey Hawk using the ID criteria in the paper, and the same picture - credited as being from Belize - is also used in the paper. Sorry about the typographical switch-over! D
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    Undescribed cuckoo species

    Now changed, though our resident Swedish speaker says the difference is about the same as that between English and Geordie! ;)
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    Common Merganser and Goosander

    One hopes they qualify or justify the use of the term 'seaduck'!
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    Paper at bottom of page here
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    Only for academics, it seems. however, pre-pub available here: http://osc.hul.harvard.edu/dash/sites/osc.hul.harvard.edu.dash/files/webform/quicksubmits/Lee_etal_2011_SystBiol_accepted.pdf D
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    Australo-Papuan robins

    more direct download ... here: http://www.nrm.se/download/18.632e8fa71321f81e5f280004641/Christidis+et+al.+MPEV+2011+Petroicidae.pdf
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    Here's what they say in the paper: "Morphological variation (plumage patterns) was assessed through examination of skin specimens belonging to all Psophia taxa housed at the AMNH and MPEG collections." They don't publish any analysis, per se, not even in the supplementary data. "Our data...
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    Eastern Stonechats

    For confusion's sake you might also get stuck into this thread and its references: http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=142480 Unfair, I know ... D
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    Taxonomy: New name needed for unwise Homo?

    Damion, when he finally dies (which he will soon): http://darwinawards.com/stupid/stupid1999-23.html
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    Redpoll Taxonomy

    Thanks - been after this forever. Without paying, of course. D
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    Redpoll Taxonomy

    David Sibley's blog (http://sibleyguides.blogspot.com/search/label/redpolls) has much cumulative wisdom on this species complex across the Atlantic, including this spot on statement: "So we need two different approaches to identification. The traditional conservative approach is fine if we...
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    Redpoll Taxonomy

    I don't know if his work has been developed or still holds up (and it would be interesting to know), but Troy (1985) recommended lumping Mealy and Hoary Redpolls in North America, and suggested merging the Old World forms too: http://elibrary.unm.edu/sora/Auk/v102n01/p0082-p0096.pdf Certainly...
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    Red Knot

    pdf of the latter here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1689500/pdf/32EBMDCGF30XD17K_265_2063.pdf
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    Excellent - thanks!
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    Hi Peter Your link doesn't work for this paper - do you have a pdf? Cheers D
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    African Chaffinch UK/ Africa

    If anyone's interested in this kind of thing, the North African population could have arisen from 'character release': http://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/2027.42/75575/1/j.1095-8312.1984.tb01679.x.pdf Or the Western European birds could be occasionally expressing ancestral characteristics...
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    Reptiles in Israel

    Thanks Mario. I've found an Israeli checklist now, but it looks like I'll have to get cracking on Google Scholar, then!
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    Reptiles in Israel

    Hi - can anyone here recommend the best field guide for northern Israel? I've only got the Collins European guide, and have a feeling that this may not be adequate! Cheers D
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    Birding in Cadiz Province

    John - A belated thankyou for directing me to site 'a' when I bumped into you at the Bolonia Roman ruins in April - an hour there eventually produced a male Spanish Sparrow among the many Housies. The other interesting thing about this site is that the sparrows that nest underneath the bridge...
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    So not only are there hybrids and much intraspecific variation in Ficedula, but they can all look like each other too!
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    Rufous Shrike-Thrush

    collection protocol An interesting paper, for once about a species that I have actually seen! It's disconcerting to notice though that 174 birds were "euthanized" to collect blood samples from the wing vein. It has to be asked (again) if this is really necessary in this day and age, when blood...
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    Wild parakeets face a UK cull (Earth Times)

    By "hinted at ..." I meant devastatingly invalidated, of course!
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    Wild parakeets face a UK cull (Earth Times)

    It has been claimed from the middle Pleistocene at West Runton, but both Yalden and Albarella and a recent paper by John Stewart have hinted at doubt on the identification. I have papers tucked away in a box somewhere, but source abstracts at least are available via Google, of course ...