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    korea: wishlist...

    Hi again, still to prepare my spring trip (27/4-11/5/2017), I look informations for some species (list below). I know that some are now rare/localised in the country but if someone can help... It will be my first time in Eastern Asia, so many species to see :-) in two weeks, I think to visit...
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    Seonyudo Island access?

    Hi to all, I make a birding trip next spring and read that seonyudo island and sinsido are normally accessible by car from end 2016. If right, has anybody experiment spring migration on these islands? Are they worthwhile or too close of the continent? Also is spoon-billed sandpiper...
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    canadian bird ID...

    Hi to all, can somebody put a name on this bird? Was seen in may 2016 at Point Pelee (Ontario - Canada). Very quiet bird staying on its branch, high in the tree. It seemed all grey (gray); also on the upperparts with a broad base bill, pale legs, white eye-ring, ... Thanks Xavier
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    Ural Owl

    Hi all! planning a family trip in april 2016, mainly based at Sibenik. I look informations about possibilities of twitching Ural Owl... Are there organised trips "at nest" with a local birdwatcher? Also, I read there is a "coastal population". Has Somebody an idea of the range of this...
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    Beidahe + happy island may 2016??

    Hi to all, I plan a 10-days trip in may 2016 (Happy island, Beidahe, Great Wall, Beijing area) but received 2 bad news: - Jesper Hornskov guide no more in this area (and is not available in may 2016) - the area seems not as good as before; due mainly to huge works So, I have 2 questions...
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    River Warbler in Lubljansko Barje

    Hi to all, on july 2nd, I heard a River Warbler (Locustella fluviatilis) in early morning (5:25-5:45) in Lubljansko Barje. I suppose it's a regular rarity in these wonderful marshy area!!?? exact location, between Lipe and Tomiselj (xy: 45°58'46.23"N 14°28'48.91"E) Maybe still singing...
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    birecik: recent news about safety?

    Hi to all, has anyone been birding recently in Birecik area? Is there a safety feeling? are the birding sites accessible? is there a safe place to spend one night? thanks
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    warbler subspecies

    Hi to all, just coming back from a one-week trip in Cyprus, I have questions/notes about some warbler ssp... comparison are made with NW European birds - Blackcap: some birds are clearly greyer. Following Shirihai (Sylvia Warblers - Helm), they probably refer to ssp "dammholzi" - Common...
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    Black Flamingo Akrotiri Salt Lake

    Hi, the bird was still there on 9th but distant in a group of ca40 flamingos Xavier Vandevyvre
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    Ketupa on june 3rd. Anyone??

    Hi to all, we are 3 Belgian birdwatchers booking a boat trip to try and see the Brown Fish Owl in Turkey (lake Oymapinar). As the price of such a trip is relatively expensive (550€/6p; 650€/8p), we try to divide it ;-) So if anyone interested, we booked on june 3rd via: [email protected]...
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    escaped pheasant

    Hi to all, any idea for this bird? I think a female Lady amherst but can an hybrid (or another species...) be safely excluded? picture taken in The Netherlands (Strijen) last WE by François Stocman
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    Which lanius ssp?

    Hi all, I have a doubt about a shrike's ID bird seen mid-september at Yasmina Hotel (Erg Chebbi Sand dunes). The rump shows extensive pure white; also could it be ssp. leucopygos or an aberrant elegans? No picture of the white wing pattern; but it was extensive; covering primaries and (at...
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    Sand martin Larache

    Hi to all, FYI, On september 11th 2014, I observed 9 (at least) Brown-throated Martin (H. paludicola) at the Larache marsh area. Exactly feeding around the of greenhouses of the "institut technique agricole de Larache". Breeding at this location is already known (since 2007/2008) and...
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    where are the desert's birds in september?

    yes, seems a good reason for "social birds". For more "individual birds" (wheatears, desert warbler, coursers...) this explanation is less convincing. Thanks Xavier
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    where are the desert's birds in september?

    Hi to all, just coming back from one week spend in Morocco (especially for dragonflies and birds), I was really astonishing by the lack of birds in the desert area (Merzouga). I spend 2 full days in the Merzouga region and saw nearly none of the desert specialist (courser, wheatears, larks...
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    Zeiss after-sales service?

    Hi I plan to buy Zeiss Conquest HD 10x42 but I heard very bad echoes of the after-sales service! :C Any (bad/good) experience, comment...? Reading some other thread about this bins, they look "long-awaited" and with a very good ratio "quality/price"! Xavier Belgium
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    Blue Swallow

    Waouw! Critical situation!! :-( I suppose that KZN site is Creighton & surroundings?! X
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    Blue Swallow

    Hi, I plan to try and see Blue Swallow at Kaapsehoop (Blue Swallow Nature Reserve) end of October but I heard that they are not on their breeding grounds before december! Right? Another question: where they spend southern winter? Xavier
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    Bushwillow park (karkloof)

    Hello, in preparation of a full month's birding trip in october-november; probably more questions to come ;-) knows somebody this small park? http://www.bushwillowcaravanpark.co.za/contacts.html What about the birds? Are specials present like Forest Buzzard, Cape parrot, Bush Blackcap...