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  1. P

    Could I get an ID please

    Thank you Lou I should of said loudest .Just finished a 12 hour night shift .Was very tired
  2. P

    Could I get an ID please

    I can hear this outside and have no idea
  3. P

    Female Chaffinch ?

    First I apologise for the terrible photo but I literally grabbed the camear and shot before they flew off . Its a male but is the other a female ?
  4. P

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Bullfinch'

    I was wrong .I have just compared two photo's and can now tell the difference.Think there mat be a pair out there as I type theres a Chaffinch but the other with it is a brown colour ?
  5. Bullfinch


    I sat and sat and finally got this
  6. P

    Crows intelligence

    http://news.sky.com/story/1232467/clever-crows-have-childs-reasoning-ability I have just seen this on Sky news and thought others may find it interesting
  7. P

    Could you ID this sound please uk garden bird

    Andrew I had an idea it might be but it seems so loud for a little bird like that .I can hear it with the windows closed as if it was almost in the room . Thank you for that .
  8. P

    Could you ID this sound please uk garden bird

    I can hear this constantly for most of the day .
  9. Green finch

    Green finch

    This is the first Green finch I have seen in my garden . A few months ago I put up a home made Squirrel feeder because he was a regular visitor.I have not seen the squirrel since about 4 weeks before . this morning when i was filling my feeders i dropped a few sunflower hearts on the base...
  10. P

    Which birds can I attract

    I am really lucky in that we have plenty of trees for the birds to live in.It sometimes has its downside when they wake during the summer at silly oclock in the morning . I may invest in another tube feeder or swap one out from seed as I have a few seed feeders already out
  11. P

    Which birds can I attract

    thank you Michael
  12. P

    Which birds can I attract

    Oh and I forgot the Different tits of which there are lots of coming too
  13. P

    Which birds can I attract

    I live right next to a park in the Stockton area. The regulars I get are as follows Robins,Starlings,House sparrows,Blackbirds and Magpies. I also usually get in smaller numbers a pair of Collared Doves and a pair of Wood Pigeons. The newest additions have been a pair of Goldfinches and up to...
  14. P

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Our first Bullfinch'

    He was in and out.Very rare we get them in our garden but the niger feeder is going down very slowly so someone is eating from it and the tits and usual garden birds never go near the feeder for niger.
  15. P

    Am I a Tit of some kind

    brilliant thank you .never seen them in our garden before .that and today we got a bullfinch
  16. P

    Am I a Tit of some kind

    but which variety of tit ?
  17. Our first Bullfinch

    Our first Bullfinch

    Apologies for the not best quality but This wee fella was not around that long and it was taken through a window. I just had time to get my camera and snap it before it was gone . Never seen one before today.I knew it was a finch though .So well done me.
  18. P

    Am I a Tit of some kind

    Hi Im a little stuck with this one . He came today and was in and out very quickly hence terrible photo. I think he is a tit but cannot pit a type to him as his tail is longer than the usual blue coal and greats I get .
  19. P

    identity please ?

    Thank you .I thought it was a Juv not a female but I got the species right .
  20. P

    identity please ?

    Is this a blackbird It came during the bird count and was there and gone before I could get a look at it I think its either a juv or a female when it moved its tail went upright
  21. P

    Seen in Scotland ID please

    I was in Scotland last weekend and as we were leaving the caravan site to come home I spotted this little fella.My wife was driving at the time and I managed to nap this on my phone . Could someone please identify it for me please . http://www.flickr.com/photos/57024139@N02/10058553336/
  22. P

    Wood of Cree, Dumfries and Galloway

    I am in the area at the back end of next week or beginning of week after .hoping to get some birding in
  23. P

    What is this

    I got it but ran to answer front door before hitting send . thanks for the replies .