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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. Grey wagtail1.jpeg

    Grey wagtail1.jpeg

    Grey wagtail
  2. Grey wagtail2.jpeg

    Grey wagtail2.jpeg

    Grey wagtail
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    R7 - Shipping Notice vs Backorder - first impressions from the lucky few

    I got my R7 on release day. I’ve had a couple of outings with it so far and very happy with its handling and the output. I’ve mainly used it on the RF 100-500 and RF 800 including with the 1.4 TC. I also have the R6 but wanted more reach with less cropping and this fits the bill. Images so far...
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    Is the 8x32 Victory SF really worth almost 2.5x the cost of the 8x32 Conquest HD?

    I’ve been a long time user of the Conquests. In the summer, I tried them against the 8x32 Victory and the EL and NL Pure at RSPB Titchwell. I spent quite a while comparing them and went away unconvinced that it was worth upgrading. They all had their subtle plus points and I think you should try...
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    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    A goldcrest and a nuthatch. In my garden, whilst (I was) eating my breakfast. Surrey/Kent border.
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    Where are the Goldcrests?

    Funnily enough, I saw a goldcrest in our garden yesterday, not seen one in our garden before although I have seen them on local walks occasionally. Surrey/Kent border UK.
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    New here, happened upon the conquest HD 8x32.

    Ah that must be it.
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    New here, happened upon the conquest HD 8x32.

    My extended eyecups lasted about 3 months before each one split and fell off. I didn’t abuse them in any way. Nice of them to send them free of charge but I fear on the basis of my experience, they were not up to the job.
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    Thinking about an Opticron MM4 Travelscope - but which one?

    I had the MM4 60 with SDL 3 eyepiece and it’s a great setup. In the end I changed to the MM4 77 simply because if I’m carting a scope, tripod and my camera gear around, I appreciate a bit more magnification and brightness in my scope for not much more weight. But the 60 is a great scope and very...
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    Opticron Aurora Review

    I reviewed the 10x42 Aurora on here a few months back and am still very happy with them. Build quality is excellent. I find the eye relief very good (which I did not in Zeiss Conquest for example). The only minor gripes are that the eyecups twist back in too easily and I don’t much like the rain...
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    Gitzo heads.

    I recently got myself a GFH2W and I’m really pleased with it, using it with a full sized scope. Only think I’d say is first I bought an ex-demo one which I sent back as part of the body was coming loose and I could not access the necessary screws to re tighten it. Just a bit of anxiety this...
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    First time scope purchase what size would suit??

    I’ve owned both. Neither is big and heavy, the main issue is you need a solid tripod for either. I switched to the 77 from the 60 and the overall rig is not much bigger or heavier than with the 60. I use the SDL v3 eyepiece and it’s a great setup. I have carried it around for half a day on a...
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    Kowa 883 vs 553

    You’ll need a decent tripod whatever scope you use. I thought I’d have a light and stealthy set up with a MM4/60 but found a suitable tripod was the more bulky thing and also switched to the 77 model scope. I put it all on a Scopac backpack and to be honest I can walk miles with it. If you can...
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    What tripod for Opticron MM4 60 Travelscope

    I have the Benro Wild 4 carbon which is a solid platform for the scope. The head is adequate but I have recently upgraded to the Gitzo GHF2W head which cost nearly as much as the tripod. It’s a total revelation - no ‘stiction’ and just so smooth and easy. Given that I don’t need the extra height...
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    leveling head for tripod with scope?

    I bought the Benro levelling base for my Benro tripod - it goes between the base and the pan/tilt head. It does add a bit of weight and size but I find it a quick way to get the head level for a nice even pan action. Some of the Benro tripods include it as standard. I bought it via eBay from a...
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    8x32 Conquests plus 10x42??

    Maybe check out my review of the Opticron Aurora 10x42 which I bought to complement my Conquest HD 8x32. I didn’t want the weight and bulk of the Conquests in 10x42 and the Opticrons are a bit cheaper too. Might be of interest, I’m very happy with them.
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    Opticron Aurora BGA VHD 10x42 quick review

    Here's the context. I've been using Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 for birdwatching for the last year or so with no real complaints. I wanted some 10x binoculars as I frequently visit large water sites and wanted a bit more magnification for days when I wouldn't take a scope to look at those birds which...
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    Hawke service - good experience in UK

    Just thought I’d give a shout out to Hawke in the UK. My Frontier EDX 8x32 had gone out of alignment - it was impossible to get the dioptre adjustment correct even though there is almost no difference between my eyes. I got a quick reply to my email enquiry and had them sent off, fixed and...
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    100 400 or 200 plus 2.0 teleconverter

    Don’t underestimate the difficulty of framing and tracking a distant bird at long focal length. The 100-400 has the advantage of being able to find a bird on a lower magnification and then zoom in. I use the 400mm end a lot and wouldn’t want to go out with much less. I’ve been very happy with...
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    Interview with OMDS COO Aki Murata

    Nothing specific but our photo club recently had a talk from an Olympus rep who mentioned that there was much technology used in phone cameras that could be brought across such as AI. Makes sense I suppose, I can do all sorts of clever things easily on my iphone that can be difficult to or even...
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    Binoculars £650 or less UK

    Thats about how much (£650) I recently paid for a pair of new Zeiss Conquest 8x32 here in UK although there was some kind of an offer on. I'm very pleased with them, worth a look.
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    Opticron 77m vs Swarovski ATS 65mm

    I tested both the MM4 60 and 77 with the SDLv3 and for whatever reason I found I got a better view in the 60mm version. That’s what I bought. I use it with a Benro Wild tripod and head and it’s a good combo, although the tripod is a bit bulky & heavy for a stealthy small backpack. I’m n the...
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    SDL v3 Eyepiece Now Shipping

    This is the Phoneskope adaptor I got for the SDLv3 C-3-C07-A) PSK C-3 Adapter for Opticron SDL v3, HR3, Zeiss Gavia & Celestron Regal M2 Item Number C-3-C07-A
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    Conquest HD 8x42 - Zeiss will be providing new eyecups

    I recently bought some new Conquest 8x32 in the UK. I emailed Zeiss UK about the longer eyecups, they put me in touch with their UK service agent who sent me a pair free of charge by return. They were very stiff to start with, I put the tiniest trace of WD40 on them and after a few uses, I have...
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    I have the Benro Wild 4, the taller carbon one that’s about £299. The aluminium one is half the price with the same head so may be better value. Pros: nice and solid, plenty of height, Arca Swiss plate that will accept generic plates from Amazon etc, works well as a photographic tripod. Cons...