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  1. Garganey

    Pool Hall Fisheries Area

    Hi, I have seen a few good local records for this area recently, I know the area roughly just wondering how to access the site, parking etc or is the area mainly the private area of the fisheries ? Thank you
  2. Garganey

    sheepwash urban park

    Hi Laurie, thank you for the info, never even seen Rattlechain, will pop over in the week and have a look, been to Sheepwash a few times always thought the site had great potential but unfortunately always had that menace of flytipping and local yobs loitering, will post anything of interest on...
  3. Garganey

    sheepwash urban park

    I see where the junction is, so you go up the right hand fork, does that track lead all the way around the lagoon clockwise ?
  4. Garganey

    sheepwash urban park

    Hi, never been to this site, where does the track start ? end of Macdonald Close ??
  5. Garganey

    All your Texas info required please!!

    Keep an eye open on F Book for the odd rarities too, Greater Pewee near Houston, Bear Creek Park, been there a while.
  6. Garganey

    All your Texas info required please!!

    W G Jones Sure you have seen this, apparently the staff are very helpful and dawn and dusk are best times to get them, some other good birds there too.
  7. Garganey

    All your Texas info required please!!

    There is a stack of information regarding Texas birds, I think best to pick out your targets and concentrate on those. I too will be there in April, cant wait going to be great.
  8. Garganey

    Bumble Hole & Warrens Hall LNR

    Thanks for the information Yamyam, Wheatears had gone or were hiding, still worth a look though saw c20 Redwings a Sparrowhawk and a Goldcrest as you said earlier lots of Blackbirds and not one Ousel amongst them. Also popped over to Brantley Lane nr Upper Ludstone to see four Full summer...
  9. Garganey

    Bumble Hole & Warrens Hall LNR

    A good three hours spent Yamyam, where were the Wheatears ? Might pop up this pm if still about.
  10. Garganey

    Pied flycatcher?

  11. Garganey

    Norfolk birding

    Hope the WTE stays around for a bit, should be over there friday, anyone know of a reliable site for Black Redstart in NW Norfolk, seen them in a few places before i.e Holme, Heacham etc but not for a while.
  12. Garganey

    Pied flycatcher?

    Here is the article, gets stranger the more you read it !!
  13. Garganey

    Withymoor - Amblecote, Stourbridge.....

    Goosander's still at Mary Stevens Park today, hiding under the trees in the snow flurries. Spotted this in Express and Star, seems very strange, have a look in the letters page "Still the thrill of spotting bird species rare to British skies" pg 9
  14. Garganey

    Trying to find out what bird makes this sound

    could be an insect ?
  15. Garganey

    Channel Billed Cuckoo !

    Hi Pshute, yes I read that too, I will take a trip to that area on one or more days in Jan, I usually go to the Royal NP, will have to make a detour. Thanks.
  16. Garganey

    Channel Billed Cuckoo !

    Dear All, thanks for all your replies, I will have a good look around in January and let you know.
  17. Garganey

    Channel Billed Cuckoo !

    Dear all, does this bird exist, I have tried for ages to find one with no clues at all, any ideas where I can try again around Sydney ?
  18. Garganey

    Loud Bird In Brisbane, What Is It??

    http://www.garden.canberrabirds.org.au/sounds/cuckoos/commonKoel.mp3 Enjoy
  19. Garganey

    Identify bird from sound

    http://www.garden.canberrabirds.org.au/sounds/cuckoos/commonKoel.mp3 Love Koels.
  20. Garganey

    Strangest ways you have had a lifer

    Pee'd on an American Woodcock in Canada, it was not impressed !!
  21. Garganey

    Birding near Bergerac

    Hi all, any ideas for any birding spots around Bergerac ? Should be staying near there in July.
  22. Garganey

    Lincolnshire Birding

    Many thanks, will try to see the Laps and Shorelarks at Donna Nook while my pals admire the seals.
  23. Garganey

    Lincolnshire Birding

    Thanks for the info, looks like I may get wet !!
  24. Garganey

    Lincolnshire Birding

    I am taking a couple of days holiday in Lincs around Sutton on Sea, would some one be kind enough to let me know the best local spots for birding at this time of year. I shall be around Donna Nook first day and finish towards Gib Point. Thanks
  25. Garganey

    Birding in New Zealand

    New Zealand Cheers, hadn't got round to the trip reports yet. Kaikoura seems like a must do to me.