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    removing scratches and dust from scans

    The software you are referring to was usually part of the drum scanning set-up, where the slide was cleaned, then spun over the drum, and it removed all artifacts. There is desktop professional scanning software, but that's expensive. Dust is inherent with this process. Cleaning might help...
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    Good processing pics for sharpness

    Mono's right here. Too many people over-sharpen in an effort to cover up bad technique. Sharpness is dictated by the enlargement factor x resolution and the media used – print, web, etc. Ideally if you know the finished size of your image, you size to 100% then sharpen. The complications that...
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    Capitalization of Common Bird Names?

    Decision has to be down to the editor on what is acceptable, it's his\hers party. Personally, I like lower case, unless a proper noun – Arctic tern and add plural (s) for birds – redshanks, black-tailed godwits, but not for snipe or grouse. I also like to put into italic only the first...
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    scotland trip

    Paul, do you think you're trying to jam-pack too much into a tight time period? Traveling time across Scotland is always under-estimated, plus I don't want to jinks it but the weather could send all the birds running for cover. You can hire a guide on Mull for 2 days, with a wish-list, the...
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    Fujifilm X-T2 for bird photography

    I have the X-T1, which is brilliant. I use this camera over all the others I have. I find that with the 400mm it gives me a reasonably chance to get most things, if using the converter then I use the tripod and release. In good light autofocus is as good as any mirrorless I've used. Not as...
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    Safari - 100-400mm II + TC or 150-600mm Sigma/Tammy

    As Cliff said, lots of very fine dust. Zooms tend to suck the stuff in unless sealed. As you have the converter, perhaps a straight 300mm might be the answer? Those large zoom lenses just seem to be a hindrance, especially in a crowded bus, full of people moving about. You get knocked, your...
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    Osprey's in Scottish Borders

    I certainly think this idea is worth exploring. I would go back to the RSPB and suggest a breeding platform being erected, if you have the room. You'll need their advice on this and the possibilities. They may give you some financial backing for this, or approach your local Bird Society for...
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    Swarowski Service second to none

    They are a fabulous company, Nikon take note!!!!!!!! You could do the same if you try. My 20 year's scopes with them at the moment, along with the 20-60 eyepiece. They are going to sort it all for me. Some years ago I went to the factory, and mentioned I had another slight problem, they...
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    Autumnwatch 2016 to be broadcast live from RSPB reserve Arne

    It’s a difficult balancing situation for the BBC here; they are making a popular programme for the masses that has a wide appeal for all ages and interests. Continuous persecution mentioning and foretelling the possible survival chances for the eagle probably will not linger long in the memory...
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    Hi Matt, I’m afraid this is the major problem with photographing birds at mid-day, especially if they are damp as well in the summer period. Bird’s plumages are reflective. The sun is at it highest so the contrast goes through the roof, the haze also makes the bird look out–of-focus. Ideally...
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    Springwatch 2016

    The simple answer is if you don’t like it…. then don’t watch it. I’m sure there’s something more suitable on Freeview for those who find the programme ‘boring’. The clue is in the title – Springwatch, and it’s aimed at what people can see within reason within the UK and I think the BBC does a...
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    Fujifilm 100-400mm

    It does, but every lens is the same, sharpness falls away at the outer edge. Centrally it is sharp and that's important, as your image isn't going to fill the full frame. This lens looks good, ideal combo for travelling and walk-a-bout without the weight issues. The XT-1 image quality is...
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    The new Nikon is here

    I think with any of these optics it’s a compromise between weight and quality. I wouldn’t dismiss the new 1” sensor just yet and hopefully it will be a lot better than those in the V range. The one problem I have with this type of camera is the optical range of the lens. Nikon have tried to...
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    Anybody using the XT-1

    I have the XT-1. It is brilliant, light and an ease to use. I use it for close-ups, butterflies, plants and general shots, and it is very good, I can't fault it. It's expensive along with the lenses, it can't match the big Nikon, nor should it. If you own Oly lenses, then I would go down that...
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    Using Refine Tool (CS5)

    Not easy as Mono wrote: Two things to decide. 1. How much time and effort you are prepared to put into the post production. 2. Is it really worth it? By that I mean you can spend hours fiddling around for the image to be finally reproduced 2 inches x 1 inch, and all that work is meaningless...
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    New Nikon 300mm f/4 VR

    Keep both going Jim? I can't fault my XT-1 Fuji images, not quite up to my D800 results. With the new 100-400mm coming out, it makes things a bit more interesting. Likewise the new Leica, never used that system but people do rate it. Unfortunately I didn't rate the Nikon 1 System at all...
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    A good selection of birds are within the harbour at the moment. Most raptors except Hen Harrier. The weather makes their hunting more intense. All the grebes except slavonian, Chichester's the best bet. Great Northern and rarer Red throated in around the entrance along with a Shag. A Great...
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    Have you had a good year for Hobbies ?

    Although the New Forest pairs are down in Hampshire, breeding pairs have increased elsewhere, thoughout the Meon Valley from Whiteley northwards, along the Sussex/Hampshire border from Idsworth to Woolbeding and beyond to Fernhurst and Petworth.
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    Issue with Nikon D7000, 300mm f4+1,4 TC

    It sounds that by tightening you have damaged the TC thread or the locking flange, I would refrain from using this TC on the Nikon, otherwise you could damage the camera mount and risk the contacts with other lenses. If you have a magnifying glass look carefully at the inner locking flange...
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    Can't tell if my lens is broke or if I'm rubbish

    What you are after is an even light, a ‘modeling’ light, if you look at the latest images there’s heat and light reflection off the bird’s feathers, as these were shot in bright sunshine. Whereas the Stonechat, although the light wasn’t good, it gave you detail, because the light hitting the...
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    To Jump Or Not?

    Yes, agree, keep the Canon gear. I recently bought the Fuji TX-1, and it was a toss-up between the Oly and Fuji, I chose the Fuji because it suited me more than the Oly. I wanted to carry a lighter camera that had a decent sensor without the bulk of the Nikon gear. The results from this camera...
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    GH4 and other mirrorless vs Nikon D4s

    I have the Fuji XT1, although this camera is no match for the D800, it is fabulous. I like the EVF, having never really used one before, it is different for someone like me, I'm a lot slower with the Fuji, but maybe that's a good thing, I'm almost going back to film days, where I'm...
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    Got a 300mm f2.8...........what next 5 or 600mm

    You didn't say what camera you have, if the D800, then that 300mm F4 or F2.8 combo Steve wrote is going to be all you need. The 600mm is going to give you wonderful shots, but as Helios has written it's heavy, very heavy and you have to buy a very good tripod even with VR. I did see on Sunday a...
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    First camera and lenses - Nikon d3100?

    Hi Sarah, I like the suggestions so far, Steve’s suggested the V1 with adapter, but I personally find the balance awkward with such a small camera. The bridge camera is an option for you, Nikon are about to launch a new model, although I’m not a great admirer of these huge zooms, it might be...