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    City birding in Tallin, January 2016

    Hi all, I spent the last week of January 2016 in Tallin. It was a time of my winter holidays at university and I was in a group of other dominican brothers who are not specially interested in birdwatching. So I generally did not have many occasions for any special birding trips. When we came...
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    Estonia news

    Kaarel, do You know is harbour in Tallin worth visiting in January or it's better to skip it and look for birds on Paljassaare peninsula?
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    Question about birding on the route Helsinki-Rovaniemi, February/March

    Hi all, friends of mine plan to visit Finland and Norway in the last days of February / first days of March 2016. They take a ferry from Tallin to Helsinki and go to Rovaniemi, from where they head to Varanger. Does anyone knows some places near this route good for Capercaille, Siberian...
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    Which Sandpiper (Poland, 2nd August)

    Hi everybody, yesterday we filmed a sandpiper and we are not sure which species does it belong to. So far there are different opinions: 2 for Wood, 2 for Marsh and 1 for Green. I will be very gratefull for Your help in setting the ID of the bird. http://youtu.be/S7N1QqGBCx0
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    Split in first week of Septempber - where to go

    Hi all, in the first week of September i am planning to be in Croatia. We will leave in Marina, which is some 40 km to the east from Split. I will be very gratefull for any sugeestions about places worth visitng to watch birds (in radius of 100 km from Marina). I am aware that probably most of...
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    Birding spots near Bergen

    Hi all, in the end of September (22-29.09) I will be in Bergen. I want to see the city but also plan to go somewhere for birdwatching. I will be very gratefull for any tips - I will not have own transport, so the most wanted places are the ones with an access by public transport. Best...
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    Birding in Turku and around - when and where

    Hi all, I live in Poland but I am really interested in birding in Finland. In October I moved from Warsaw to Gdansk, where we have really good plane connection with Turku (S Finland). In September I spent nice week in Jurmo bird observatory and now wonder about next trips. My time and...
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    Estonia March 2009

    Hi, i think we will aplly to Your advice. Also from another source I have heard that not only Saaremaa but also Hiumaa can be very interesting in this part of year. I will be very gratefull for any news about Estonian birds in March. Best greetings Antek PS. I have also sent an email...
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    Estonia March 2009

    Hi all, I am also planning a short trip to Estonia during March (19-23) with my 8 friends. I have already been to Estonia and generally I know the places which we want to see. Our main target is to see Steller's Eiders on Saaremaa. Does anybody which place is the best to leave a car and go...
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    Wagtail, Hanko, Southern Finland

    Hi, yes, the lack of distinctive 'half-ring' around ear-coverts was the main reason why I think that it is not a pure Citrine. Here in Hanko I was given an issue of 'Lintumies' magazine from 1989. There is article about distinguishing young 'grey flavas' and young Citrine's (authors: Hannu...
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    Wagtail, Hanko, Southern Finland

    Hi all, I am sending the photo of quite interesting Wagtail. After consulting with Polish and Finnish birders I decided to leave it as unidentyfied on species level (probably it is a hybrid Motacilla flava/citreola). Nevertheless I think it's interesitnig bird.
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    siskin migration

    hi, i am now in Halias Bird Observatory in Southern Finland and for last few days we had very strong migration of siskins (up to 12 thousands birds daily). This stream has ended recently, so maybe a part of individuals seen by You are these ones? best regards antek
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    Estonia in Septembe

    Hi all, I am planning to go to Estonia for a week in second half of September (after two weeks in Finland :). I will travel only with public transport and if you know some interesting bird places which could be achieved in this way I will be very gratefull.
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    Interesting birds in Warsaw - website

    Hi all, recently we have launched the new version of website of Warsaw Local Group of Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (OTOP). You can find it here: www.wgotop.pl Unfortunately, it's whole in Polish, but here: http://www.wgotop.pl/news.php You can find interesting bird...
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    Exakta 20-60x70mm

    Hi all, I can translate: czesc Slawku powiem krotko to nie jest dobra luneta, ale niestety, jezeli nie masz 2000 zl to trudno dostac cos sensownego. Jeden z moich znajomych powiedzial ostatnio, ze lepiej miec nawet kiepska lunete niz zadnej. Slawek Parniewicz "HI Slawek, to put it...
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    Gull ID

    Yes, they are. It is the first record for Poland. When I saw this bird I thought it was some kind of melanistic Larus ridibundus. Week later my friend also saw this bird and he informed other people in Poland, that there is Laughing Gull in the mouth of Vistula river. I am a little bit...
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    Gull ID

    Hi all, I have question about this gull with black hood ID (northern Poland)
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    References about birds and windfarms needed

    Hi all, I am preparing to write my Bachelor's work about impact of windfarms on birds in Europe. I would be very gratefull for any information about English-written references concerning this problem in European countries. Please let me know about them at [email protected] Your...
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    August in Turkey

    HI, I have a question about birding in Turkey in August near Burdur and Isparta - does anyone know something about interesting birding places around these towns? I would very gratefull for e-mail: [email protected]
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    Question to feathers collectors

    HI, I have not typical question. I was sent a meil by a young feathers collector from Poland and he asked me do I know anybody from southern Europe (Spain, Turkey, etc.) who has some feathers of Walllcreeper Trichodroma muraria. This boy met some another feathers collector who gave him a lot...
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    Pelagic birding in North or Baltic Seas?

    I was on Helgoland 7 years ago at the begining of October. The wind was so strong that it was hard to walk :) On the island there was almost nothing despite some individuals of eideers or black cormorants. From the ferry the most interesting birds we saw were Gannet and Merlin. In Poland...
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    Mystery Nuthatches

    So rather Common Nuthatch than Rock. Thanks a lot for your help - of course any other comments are welcomed :)
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    Mystery Nuthatches

    Hi all, do you have some ideas what kinds of Nuthatches are on these photos? Pictures were taken not long time ago in south-western Anatolia, Turkey. http://img301.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img3978cs3.jpg http://img301.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img3976mm7.jpg I am waiting for your...
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    Hi from Poland

    Hi all, great greetings from Poland. This is my first post here and I hope there will be more :)